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Dec. 15, 2015

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Happy Holidays!

Greetings, Tennessee FBLA chapter advisers!
During my transition into my new role as the CTE specialist and state adviser for Tennessee FBLA over the past several weeks, I have been so fortunate to encounter so many chapter advisers who have shown me a tremendous amount of support in my new endeavor. Whether you have called or emailed me just to send your congratulations or to offer your help, it is truly heartfelt, and I do not take it for granted. Your patience and understanding during my onboarding process are genuinely appreciated, and I couldn't thank you enough!
In the meantime, I know you have been keeping your students motivated, using FBLA materials as your instructional tools, and preparing your students for our rigorous competitions in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for giving your students a caring mentor who leads by example. Your students are lucky to have an altruistic chapter adviser who cares about their entire educational experience inside and outside of the classroom. Your dedication to this wonderful organization is humbling to see in action. I certainly count your commitment to FBLA as one of my many blessings this year!
As you are finalizing grades and preparing to leave your schools to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends, I want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season! I look forward to the opportunity to #CONNECT with you at your regional conferences! Happy holidays!
Warmest regards,

Steven J. Mitchell

The Regional Conference Registration Deadline Is Almost Here!

The 2016 Tennessee FBLA Regional Leadership Conference online registration portal will be open until 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. After the Jan. 5 deadline, additions may not be made, but deletions may be made through 5 p.m. (CST) on Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016. Please register your participants before you leave for winter break to avoid last-minute problems when you return to school in January.

If you have changes to make, that is fine. Simply log back into the registration system, make any changes/adjustments, and click "Finished Registering" again. You can click "Finished Registering" as many times as needed between now and Jan. 5, 2016.

Your chapter will be financially responsible for all participants entered into the registration system as of 5 p.m. (CST) on Jan. 7, 2016.

Region 1 Leadership Conference *LOCATION CHANGE*

The region 1 leadership conference location has been changed to First Baptist Broad Church. Please make the necessary adjustments to your travel plans and arrangements as soon as possible. Contact the conference coordinator, Tanika Lester, if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your immediate attention to this update.

Region 4 Leadership Conference *DATE CHANGE*

The region 4 leadership conference date has been changed to Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. Please make the necessary adjustments to your travel plans and arrangements as soon as possible. Contact the conference coordinator, Elouise Jones, if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your immediate attention to this update.

Required CTSO Release Form

All 2015-16 conference participants must have a signed CTSO Release Form on file before participation can be granted. Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the form. All forms can be turned in at the registration table at your regional conference. Attendees without a signed form will be sent home from the conference and will be unable to participate.

State Leadership Conference (SLC)

This year, our state conference will be held on April 10-13, 2016 in Chattanooga, TN. More details will be released soon. In the meantime, please continue preparing your chapter members to do their very best at your regional conference.

Tennessee FBLA Membership Update

There is still time to heavily recruit new chapter members before winter break! It's not too late to submit your chapter membership roster or add additional members to your chapter membership roster before the holidays! We can still reach our goal of exceeding 7,000 members in Tennessee FBLA if we put our best foot forward as a state. Here's an update of our state's numbers as of Dec. 14, 2015:
FBLA Chapter Chapter Members
Adamsville Senior High School 26
Alvin C York Agricultural Inst 10
Arlington High School 54
Bartlett High School 43
Bearden High School 40
Beech Senior High School 51
Benton County Career & Tech Center 14
Bolton High School 8
Booker T Washington 7
Bradford High School 18
Brighton High School 37
Bristol Tennessee High School 8
Campbell County High School 25
Cannon County High School 38
Carter High School 14
Cascade High School 6
Centennial High School 51
Central High School 32
Central High School 14
Cherokee High School 19
Chester County High School 24
Clarkrange High School 12
Clarksburg High School 7
Clarksville High School 14
Clay County High School 46
Cleveland High School 20
Clinton High School 11
Cocke County High School 11
Coffee County High School 122
Coffee County Middle School 23
Collierville High School 14
Columbia Central High School 23
Community High School 18
Cookeville High School 40
Coopertown Middle School 21
Copper Basin High School 2
Cordova High School 63
Cornersville High School 41
Cosby High School 3
Covington High school 31
Craigmont High School 57
Culleoka High School 20
Cumberland County High School 37
Dekalb County High School 175
Dickson County Senior High 54
Dobyns-Bennett High School 43
Douglass High School 14
Dresden High School 20
Eagleville High School 28
East Hamilton Middle High School 166
East Hamilton Middle School 75
East Hickman High School 15
East High School 12
East Robertson High School 71
Elizabethton High School 41
Farragut High School 14
Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School 35
Forrest High School 34
Franklin County High School 89
Gallatin High  School 16
Germantown High School 12
Gibbs High School 9
Giles County High School 66
Gordonsville High School 51
Greenbrier High School 62
Greenfield High School 47
Grundy County High School 13
Halls High School 21
Halls High School 15
Hamilton High School 12
Hampshire Unit School 16
Hampton High School 21
Hancock County High School 19
Happy Valley High School 11
Hardin County High School 63
Hardin Valley Academy 19
Hendersonville High School 152
Henry County FBLA 62
Heritage High School 5
Hickman County High School 7
Hillcrest High School 107
Holloway High School 8
Houston County High School 35
Houston High School 17
Humboldt High School 8
Huntingdon High School 14
Huntland High School 48
Jackson County High School 20
Johnson County High School CTE 29
Karns High School 5
Kingsbury High School 17
Lawrence County High School 20
Lebanon High School 32
Lewis County High School 50
Lincoln County High School 49
Livingston Academy 72
Loretto High School 40
Loudon High School 8
Macon County High School 51
Marshall County High School 119
Martin Luther King Prep High School 14
McEwen High School 70
McKenzie High School 34
McMinn Central High School 21
McNairy Central High School 47
Merrol Hyde Magnet School 35
Midway High School 19
Milan High School 12
Monterey High School 45
Montgomery Bell Academy 9
Montgomery Central High School 29
Moore County High School 8
Morristown-Hamblen East High School 18
Morristown-Hamblen West High School 26
Mt. Pleasant High School 6
North Greene High School 14
North Side High School 7
Northeast High School 12
Northwest High School 12
Oak Ridge High School 14
Oakdale School 5
Oneida High School 11
Ooltewah High School 36
Perry County High School 16
Pigeon Forge High School 5
Polk County High School 32
Portland High School 25
Powell High School 38
Power Center Academy High School 26
Raleigh-Egypt High School 31
Red Boiling Springs 52
Richland High School 13
Ridgeway High School 57
Ripley High School 10
Riverside High School 25
Rockwood High School 7
Rossview High School 27
Saint George's Independent School 19
Santa Fe High School 43
Science Hill High School 43
Scott High School 8
Scotts Hill High School 57
Sequatchie County High School 11
Sequoyah High School 76
Seymour High School 9
Sheffield High School 12
Shelbyville Central High School 83
Smith County High School 43
Smyrna High School 88
Soddy Daisy High School 48
South Fulton High School 19
South Gibson County High School 32
South Greene High School 7
Springfield High School 52
Station Camp High School 21
Stewart County High School 85
Stewart County Middle 19
Stone Memorial High School 8
Sullivan Central High School 34
Sullivan North High School 6
Sullivan South 5
Summertown High School 16
Sweetwater High School 15
Trezevant Career & Tech Center 8
Trezevant High School 2
Trousdale County High School 42
Tullahoma  High School 60
Unaka High School 7
Unicoi County Vocational School 12
Union City High School 18
Union County High School-Maynardville 16
Van Buren High School 18
Walker Valley High School 89
Warren County Senior H. S. 21
Washburn High School 11
Watertown High School 59
Waverly Central High School 101
Wayne County Technology 14
West High School 12
Westmoreland High School 57
Westview High School 35
Westwood High School 6
White County High School 18
White House Heritage School 67
White House High School 40
White Station High 38
Whitehaven High School 206
William Blount CTE High School 35
Wilson Central High School 14
Tennessee FBLA Members
as of 12/14/15

Tennessee FBLA Membership Campaign Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following chapters for participating in our 2015-16 membership campaign and reaching their chapter goals by Dec. 1, 2015!
FBLA Chapter 2015-16 Tennessee FBLA Membership Campaign Award 2015-16 Other Membership Recognition:
Club 50 & Club 100
Arlington High School Level 3 Club 50
Cordova High School Level 3 Club 50
Cumberland County High School Level 3  
Dekalb County High School Level 3 Club 100
East Robertson High School Level 3 Club 50
Forrest High School Level 3  
Franklin County High School Level 3 Club 50
Gordonsville High School Level 3 Club 50
Johnson County High School CTE Level 3  
Livingston Academy Level 3 Club 50
Marshall County High School Level 3 Club 100
McNairy Central High School Level 3  
Ridgeway High School Level 3 Club 50
Saint George's Independent School Level 3  
Science Hill High School Level 3  
Scotts Hill High School Level 3 Club 50
Sequoyah High School Level 3 Club 50
Smyrna High School Level 3 Club 50
Stewart County High School Level 3 Club 50
Trousdale County High School Level 3  
Waverly Central High School Level 3 Club 100
White Station High Level 3  
Whitehaven High School Level 3 Club 100
Bartlett High School Level 2  
Campbell County High School Level 2  
Cookeville High School Level 2  
Dickson County Senior High Level 2 Club 50
Dobyns-Bennett High School Level 2  
Eagleville High School Level 2  
Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School Level 2  
Giles County High School Level 2 Club 50
Greenfield High School Level 2  
Hampshire Unit School Level 2  
Hancock County High School Level 2  
Hardin Valley Academy Level 2  
Houston County High School Level 2  
Lawrence County High School Level 2  
Lincoln County High School Level 2  
Macon County High School Level 2 Club 50
Monterey High School Level 2  
Ooltewah High School Level 2  
Powell High School Level 2  
Shelbyville Central High School Level 2 Club 50
Springfield High School Level 2 Club 50
Walker Valley High School Level 2 Club 50
White County High School Level 2  
White House High School Level 2  
Wilson Central High School Level 2  
ACCTC/ACHS Level 1  
Adamsville Senior High School Level 1  
Bearden High School Level 1  
Brighton High School Level 1  
Bristol Tennessee High School Level 1  
Cascade High School Level 1  
Central High School - Memphis Level 1  
Cherokee High School Level 1  
Clarkrange High School Level 1  
Clarksburg High School Level 1  
Cleveland High School Level 1  
Clinton High School Level 1  
Cocke County High School Level 1  
Columbia Central High School Level 1  
Cornersville High School Level 1  
Douglass High School Level 1  
East Hamilton Middle High School Level 1 Club 100
East Hickman High School Level 1  
Gallatin High  School Level 1  
Halls High School Level 1  
Happy Valley High School Level 1  
Hardin County High School Level 1 Club 50
Hickman County High School Level 1  
Holloway High School Level 1  
Huntingdon High School Level 1  
Huntland High School Level 1  
Jackson County High School Level 1  
Kingsbury High School Level 1  
Loretto High School Level 1  
Loudon High School Level 1  
McMinn Central High School Level 1  
Midway High School Level 1  
Milan High School Level 1  
Morristown-Hamblen East High School Level 1  
Northeast High School Level 1  
Oak Ridge High School Level 1  
Oakdale School Level 1  
Oneida High School Level 1  
Perry County High School Level 1  
Ripley High School Level 1  
Riverside High School Level 1  
Rockwood High School Level 1  
Rossview High School Level 1  
Santa Fe High School Level 1  
Scott High School Level 1  
Sequatchie County High School Level 1  
South Gibson County High School Level 1  
South Greene High School Level 1  
Station Camp High School Level 1  
Van Buren High School Level 1  
Watertown High School Level 1 Club 50
Wayne County Technology Level 1  
Westview High School Level 1  

Regional Officer & Scholarship Applications

Regional Officer and Scholarship Applications can be found at here. Both applications are due by Jan. 15, 2016.

Curriculum Connection

Are you looking for new tasks to use in your classroom? If so, check out these tasks written specifically for your classroom standards, located on the TNCore website.

2016 Tennessee Conference on Volunteerism and Service-Learning

The 2016 Tennessee Conference on Volunteerism and Service-Learning will take place Sunday, Feb. 28 through Tuesday, March 1, at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee.  This year, Volunteer Tennessee will bring together service leaders from across the state to share best practices and methods within the areas of service-learning in higher education and K-12 settings, nonprofit management and volunteer management, and national service programs.
As CTSO advisers who actively engage your members in a variety of community service projects each year, you and your members are encouraged to participate! A call for workshop and showcase proposals is now open.  Workshops typically last one hour and fifteen minutes and include ample opportunities for dialogue, interaction, and small group activities.  Showcase exhibits will have a display space in our exhibit hall to demonstrate successful service-learning and volunteerism projects and implementation.
The Calls for Proposals can be accessed here:
Workshop Proposals:
Showcase Proposals:
If accepted, lead presenters for workshops will receive complimentary registration to the conference.  Co-presenters of workshops and any showcase exhibitors will need to register for the conference.
Proposals are now being accepted through Friday, Jan. 15, 2016.  Registration for the conference will open later in December 2015.
For more information or questions regarding the conference and workshop/showcase proposals, please contact .
For the latest updates on the 2016 conference, visit the Volunteer Tennessee website ( or the Conference Facebook page (

The Tennessee FBLA Website

The Tennessee FBLA official website ( is currently being updated to reflect new exciting information and event deadlines. In the meantime, please email with any questions that require immediate attention. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Region Conference Date Conference Fee What the Conference Fee Covers Conference
1 Thursday,
Jan. 21, 2016
$25/person Conference registration & lunch First Baptist Broad
*New Location*
Tanika Lester
2 Wednesday,
Jan. 20, 2016
$15/person Conference registration Union University Lori Harris
3 Thursday,
Feb. 18, 2016
$15/person Conference registration & optional lunch for $7.00 First Baptist Church, Clarksville Connie Baggett
4 Friday,
Feb. 12, 2016
*New Date*
$15/person Conference registration Middle Tennessee State University Elouise Jones
5 Thursday,
Feb. 11, 2016
$15/person Conference registration & optional lunch for $7.00 Fairview Church, Lebanon Megan Davis
6 Tuesday,
Feb. 16, 2016
$15/person Conference registration Forest Mills Church of Christ, Manchester Rita Young
7 Thursday,
Jan. 28, 2016
$15/person Conference registration East Tennessee State University Robin McKamey
8 Thursday,
Feb. 4, 2016
$15/person Conference registration First Baptist Church, Cleveland Becky Brady
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