Center For Prison Reform CPR Newsletter
August 15, 2014
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Does it help prisoners reintegrate with society to have more family contact? What if they are given back the right to vote? This week, see the research and learn how the FCC is getting involved in prison phone rate reform.

You will also find a troubling study on sexual assault in prisons, and in our video of the week, watch a panel discussion on the changing climate of America's crimininal justice system moderated by PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown.

Edwina Rogers
Edwina Rogers
Edwina Rogers
Executive Director
Center For Prison Reform

Prison Visits

Family Time: Does It Help Prisoners?

Does allowing more prison visits reduce recidivism? Minnesota's Department of Corrections published a study showing that some visits are more beneficial than others, but some may even increase the odds of reoffending upon release. What type of family visits do you think help or hinder a prisoner?
FCC Votes on Prison Phone Reform

FCC Slams the Big Business of Prison Phone Charges

Prisoners who make many phone calls tend to reoffend less. Yet making money from phone calls is a big business, and when costs go up, phone calls become too expensive. The FCC is now stepping in, saying that the prison phone industry has grown out of control in many states. Can the FCC make things right?
Restoring the Right to Vote

Wyoming Says: Let Them Vote

Being unable to vote, even after their time has been served, marks prisoners for life and makes rehabilitation harder. So how about giving it back? New legislation in Wyoming may do just that for non-violent first offenders. Learn what studies say about the affect of voting rights on recidivism.
The Shame of Our Prisons

How Real are Claims of Rape?

How is exposing prisoners to high risk of rape different than torture? Prison officials often dismiss victim reports as attention seeking. Now two new Bureau of Justice studies show that prison rape is real, and occurring at alarming rates among adults and juveniles. Even prison staff are implicated.
Reform debate

Video of the Week

No one disputes that prisons are overcrowded. But what should be done? This PBS NewsHour video features some surprising suggestions from Bill McCollum, former attorney general of Florida, Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative, and Pat Nolan of the American Conservative Union Foundation.