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August 25, 2014
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This week, get up to date with several strengthened recidivism-reducing strategies recently funded by a large grant in Oakland, CA. In international news, read an in-depth account of one famous woman's incarcerationin a Russian penal colony. Are conditions in these work camps "satisfactory"?

You will also find updates on two different bipartisan reform bills making the rounds in Congress - one is even featured in our video of the week. Will the two parties agree on prison reform?

Finally, for those in the DC area, make sure to mark your calendars for a US Sentencing Commission briefing taking place on September 3rd. Also returning on the 3rd is the Center For Prison Reform weekly call-in from 2-2:30PM EST. There will be no call-in on August 27th. All are welcome; dial (605) 562-3140 and use the participant code 408388#.

Edwina Rogers
Edwina Rogers
Edwina Rogers
Executive Director
Center For Prison Reform

S. 1410

What makes the Smarter Sentencing Act so smart?

Want to know why this bill is racing to the top of the class? This bipartisan legislation currently co-sponsored by 32 US Senators could save money, reduce mandatory minimums for minor offenses, and correct a longstanding racial injustice behind bars.
Oakland Receives Grant to Fight Recidivism

Oakland Receives Grant to Fight Recidivism

Oakland, CA was recently awarded a two million dollar grant to aid in their recidivism and policing efforts. Some of the money will be used for job, housing, and medical assistance to released inmates, keep an eye on the Ceasefire initiative, a new community policing and service providing program.

US Sentencing Commission Briefing September 3rd

US Sentencing Commission Staff will be holding a briefing for the sentencing advocacy community on their priorities for the 2014-15 Amendment Cycle. Find out how to register yourself or others in your organization, and get to know the Commission's new priorities.

Work in a Penal Colony

Forced Labor in Russian Prisons

One woman's story in a Russian penal colony: activist and musician Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's story is one of harsh conditions, long hours, and labor violations. She is not alone in her accusations. Are Russia's working inmates (30% of the prison population) subject to the "slave labor" Tolokonnikova describes?

Video of the Week

Another bipartisan bill making the rounds is the REDEEM Act, co-sponsored by senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rand Paul (R-KY). How did two freshman senators come together across the aisle to create legislation that will ease penalties on non-violent juvenile and drug offenders while lowering costs in the prison system?