EFPT Newsletter Autumn; 2017
Message from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure to present this autumn edition of the EFPT newsletter to you.  I would like to introduce our new editor, Sean Naughton, and to thank our outgoing editor, Morten Svendal Hatlen, for all the excellent work that he has done in developing the newsletter. 

The EFPT family continues to grow and at the last Forum in Istanbul we welcomed four new members, bringing our membership to 38 organisations in 36 countries.  It is amazing to see our membership map of Europe almost fully shaded in and to think that complete coverage is now within our reach!  Victor Pereira Sanchez, lead for the MENTA group will talk about supporting trainees to establish their own NTA and join the EFPT family. You will also hear from the French speaking trainees’ association in Belgium, who join with their colleagues from the Flemish speaking areas, to together represent all Belgian psychiatric trainees within EFPT.

The Exchange programme is central to EFPT’s activities.  Gustavo Santos from Portugal describes his adventures in the Netherlands.  You may also have asked yourself that most pressing of existential questions. Is there life after EFPT?  Former EFPT President Livia De Picker definitively answers with a resounding YES and talks about her experiences as an EFPT alumna. We will also hear more about a new initiative established last year, in collaboration with the Beck Institute, to support one lucky winner to complete their online CBT training and provide a discount for all EFPT trainees. 

I hope that you enjoy reading this edition and want to wish you a joyful festive season!

Howard Ryland
EFPT President 2017-2018

(Pictured: EFPT board 2017-2018, October Board Meeting, excl. Zetti Azvee) 
Welcome from the New Editor
Hello readers, you're very welcome to this Autumn Edition of the EFPT Newsletter, and my first as incoming editor! I would like to sincerely thank our outgoing editor, Morten Svendal Hatlen for all his excellent work on the newsletter these past few years, under his stewardship it has gone from strength to strength. I hope we can continue this trajectory, expanding our reach to the ever growing number of trainees that EFPT represents. So please feel free to share this edition with colleagues and friends, and encourage them to join our mailing list to keep up to date with all that EFPT is doing!

Kind Regards,
Sean Naughton,
Dublin, Ireland
MENTA: Beyond Europe
Working Groups

One of our newest working groups continues its mission with renewed vigour. With lots of important work still to do in Europe and beyond, read here about how MENTA is nurturing the next generation of EFPT members

Growing the EFPT Family
National Training Associations

Each year, EFPT's network grows wider. Amongst the associations joining EFPT this year is the Belgian Association for French-speaking Trainees. Read here their fascinating journey from trainees without an association, to full participants in EFPT in only one year! 
CBT Online
Collaborating Organisation

The Psychotherapy WG strives to improve access to training for European Trainees. Read more about their recent collaboration with the BECK Institute here! 

This year, one trainee will be offered access to Beck's online CBT course. Last year's winner, Olga Sidorova, share's her experience
with us.
Announcement: Beck Institute

Watch the website for the call for next year's competition in April. And European trainee's can avail of a special discount on course material through EFPT, don't hesitate to get in touch with your national delegate. 

New City, New Speciality
EFPT Exchange 

Find out how one Portuguese trainee journeyed to the Netherlands to discover an entirely new speciality!

Announcement: Porto Research Award
The EFPT Porto Research Award will run again next year after the successful awarding of the first prize to Dr Iryna Frankova from Ukraine.  The award was established as the result of a generous donation from the Local Organising Committee of the EFPT Forum, which took place in Porto in 2015. The jury for the award will include the highly distinguished Professors Norman Sartorius, Andrea Fiorillo, Stefan Priebe and Martina Rojnic Kuzman.  This is a fantastic opportunity to have your work recognised at an international level.  Applications will open in mid-December, please keep an eye on the website for more details.
Life After EFPT
Message from our Alumni

EFPT is all about connections, collaboration, and learning from other trainees. But what does life hold after EFPT? Find out here what former President Livia de Picker made of her EFPT experience. 


"Belonging", a Message from the DGKJP CAP Congress in Ulm
Message from our Members

Sarah Birkle reports back from Ulm about Germany's largest CAP Conference, where the theme of "belonging" was used to explore the difficulties facing children and adolescents across Europe. 
Announcement: EPA 2018

Don't forget to book your place for EPA, March 2018 in Nice, France. Have a look at our President, Howard Ryland and Past-President, Ekin Sonmez, speaking about the importance of attending as a trainee.
EFPT calendar

See and subscribe to our calendar for upcoming events. And don't forget to note July 21st - 25th as the date for the Bristol Forum!
Newsletter Editorial Board:

Sean Naughton - Editor
Howard Ryland
Anne Nobels
David de Freitas Pereira

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