Autumn 2015
Message from the President

If you are receiving this Newsletter, it means you are somehow connected to the large family that EFPT has become over the last 22 years.  Just like you, I became involved with EFPT because I met someone who introduced me to the family. Later the same year, I went to one of the major international psychiatry congresses and met other EFPT delegates there. I was impressed by their commitment, passion and friendship across borders. They convinced me to attend the next EFPT Forum in Zürich. The rest is history.

As the EFPT's new president, I am honoured to build upon the legacy that has served European trainees in psychiatry for more than 20 years. Today, on behalf of the entire EFPT family, I am pleased to introduce you to the new EFPT Board and General Managers, and to offer our vision for EFPT in the upcoming year.

Firstly, we will continue to invest in the
Working Groups, of which we currently foster 7 under the EFPT banner: CAP, Exchange, MENTA, Research, Psychotherapy, Positive Image Promotion, Substance Abuse and the newly established WG on Involuntary Treatment. Throughout this year you will get to know them and their projects and hopefully become inspired by their work.

Secondly, because we believe that the
National Psychiatry Trainee Associations make up the backbone of EFPT, the theme that will drive the 2015-2016 EFPT year will be our closer connection to the NTAs. The EFPT's success is very much connected with the success of your national trainee association, and we are very excited to hear more from you! For this purpose we have appointed a new NTA coordinator General Manager (Mircea Radu from France), who will be our primary link to your national associations  throughout this year. If you are president of one of our member NTAs, you will receice an email from him soon with more information.

A wise person once said that “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” (Anatole, France). My dream for you is that you may be encouraged by the EFPT's core values on your journey to success: Fun, Friendship, Inspiration and Collaboration. So, move forward with passion and determination and know that we are here to help you succeed.

What is your dream for EFPT?

Livia De Picker
EFPT President 2015-2016
Message after EFPT Porto Forum 2015

The EFPT Forum 2015 was held in Porto and highlights included:
  • Pre-Forum Leadership Course
  • Forum App
  • Scientific Programme
  • E-poster sessions
  • Social Programme
Mariana Pinto da Costa gives an outline of this unforgettable Forum.
New board and general managers

The general assembly in the Porto forum elected a new board of seven people, and also four general managers are elected, all to follow this years action plan: Increasing the strength of the national trainee associations (NTAs) and working groups (WGs).

The EFPT website contains
photos and contact details of the board members and general managers.
In Memoriam: Pedro Montellano (1968-2015)
EFPT would like to join those throughout Europe’s mental health patient and public policy community that are commemorating GAMIAN president, Pedro Montellano, in response to his unexpected death two weeks. A tireless advocate for European patient rights, Pedro was enthusiastic about and committed to establishing close collaboration between GAMIAN and EFPT. We feel honored that he was present with us at the EFPT Forum in Porto. His inspiring message for us was that whoever you are, you are important: "DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH THAT WHAT YOU HAVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE".  Undoubtedly Pedro will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Condolences can be sent to GAMIAN.
New working group on involuntary treatment
At this year’s EFPT Forum in Porto a new working group was initiated focusing on involuntary treatment in psychiatry. This topic is gaining increasing importance in many European countries. Reducing such involuntary treatments, including mechanical restraint, seclusion and forced medication is considered a common goal.
Message from a National Trainees Association

Norway is a quite new member of the EFPT family. Read more about it here.

Upcoming events in psychiatry

Every year psychiatrists from Europe and all around the world come together in a number of important events where they exchange ideas, make links for future collaborations and get fresh inspiration for future meetings. More EFPT participation in these events will amplify our voice as trainees and improve the visibility of our Federation. We wanted to keep you updated about some of the important upcoming events. Please have a look at the educational and professional activities listed below, most of which have scholarship programmes or travel grants that facilitate the participation of trainees. Follow us to hear about more upcoming opportunities!

  • 24th EPA Congress will take place in Madrid, Spain, between 12-16 March 2016, with the theme “Towards a Common Language in European Psychiatry”. The Early Career Psychiatrists’ Programme has very close links with EFPT and offers reduced fees, scholarships and invaluable networking opportunities for young psychiatrists. Scholarship applications are open till December 7th and you can submit your research for the Research Prize until November 2nd. Oral Communication and poster applications are now closed, but check the Congress website regularly for updates on late-breaking abstract submission deadlines!
  • The World Psychiatric Association International Congress will take place in Istanbul, between 6-10 July, 2016, with the theme “Integrating Clinical, Community and Public Health in Psychiatry”. Participants from around the world are welcome to submit their proposals and abstracts by November 1st. The scientific program includes key note lectures from renowned professors of psychiatry and other branches of medicine. A special fellowship program will be provided for early career psychiatrists, which you can apply to until December 1st. Check out the website and watch the Congress video on YouTube for more details.
  • Prepare your abstracts by November 15th to apply for the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN) Fellowship Award and to participate in the 112th annual meeting of the JSPN on 2-4 June 2016, in Chiba, Japan. Early-career psychiatrists from Asia and around the world are encouraged to apply for the Award and recipients will be presenting their approach to a case vignette or the situation of women’s mental health in their country. Learn more about the award and find the chance to attend a congress from another part of the world!
  • ECNP has organized a number of educational activities for young scholars. One of them, the ECNP School of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology, which will be held in Venice, between 3-8 April 2016, is now accepting applications. Apply online by December 1st and be ready to meet the experts in the field of paediatric neuropsychopharmacology.

We hope many of you will meet eachother at these events and we are curious to hear your experiences! For other events not listed here, follow our website and social media pages, @EFPTrainees and EFPT on Facebook.

Ekin Sönmez
EFPT President-elect

Message from an EFPT Exchange Participant

How is it to be an Irish trainee - in France?
Using video to promote psychiatry

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is pleased to announce the return of Medfest! Medfest is a medically themed film festival run by Psychiatry trainees which aims to increase interest in Psychiatry and to inspire others through the use of film. The concept originated in UK, but has also traveled overseas and to every continent in the last two years. As the sixth year is currently being planned, the Medfest organisers are keen to get interested parties on board and make this edition the best one yet. So if you would like to consider hosting an event in your area between February-April 2016, read this message from Medfest 2016 lead David Bell to find out how to embark on this exciting campaign together with Medfest.

Moreover, EFPT is also working to promote psychiatry trough the medium of video. “Psychiatric Clichés” is a set of four promotional videos created by AFFEP (Association Française Fédérative des Étudiants en Psychiatrie) for the EFPT RPIP WG in 2014. The videos aim at dispelling the usual myths and prejudices related to psychiatry and psychiatrists. Because we want their impact to be as large as possible, during the summer,
RPIP WG has been working on distributing the Clichés videos in local languages and they are now available with Romanian and Russian subtitles, chair Pavel Alfimov reports.
EFPT publication
Franziska Baessler, Florian Riese, Mariana Pinto da Costa, Livia de Picker, Olga Kazakova, Athanasios Kanellopoulos, Roland Grassl, Thomas Gargot, European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees, Marisa Casanova Dias Letter to the editor: Becoming a psychiatrist in Europe: the title is recognized across the European Union, but what are the differences in training, salary and working hours?
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