EFPT Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019
Message from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,
I am very excited that there has been such interest in registration for 27th EFPT Forum in Prague.

Thank you!

Local Organising Committee worked on the balanced social and professional program, check the final result here...

We have two great workshops prepared on Saturday, July 13th, just be aware that the registration is set on a first-come, first-served basis. Do not forget to register upon your arrival (July 10th). Space is limited at these two events by max. 25 participants for each workshop.  Even if you do not fit in, there is a parallel, and very interesting, Child and Adolescent Training Day, so I actually think, you will have dilemma what to choose.

Just a few days ago Prof. Norman Sartorius promised one more session for motivated researchers – an interactive seminar on the first official day of the Forum. Enjoying such a person can be a life-changing experience.

The Forum has its tradition in three main activities where each country participates. Please keep in mind that each country prepares “Country Report”, “Poster presentation” and a performance for “International Night”. You can find here all the details related to each task.

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, I am ready to say that we will take care of your physical health in Prague too. We can call it a complex “psychosomatic harmonisation”. Please have a look at our short video...
The weather is so hot all around Europe, therefore I am happy if you are still reading these lines. There is not only Forum happening, also many of our colleagues work on great events and projects all the time. One of them is our promotion and activities at ESCAP Conference 2019 in Vienna! Join us.

I also want to congratulate to Dr. Adrian Chrobak from Poland – this year Porto Research Award Winner! Amazing work! Check his introduction...

For those of you coming to Prague – I am really looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards to everyone!
Report on the 2019 EPA Congress in Warsaw

EPA congress 2019 was a joyful event, there was a lot of friendly faces and a lot of opportunities to connect with psychiatrists from everywhere: Europe and beyond! Plenty of great sessions as well. 
EFPT was present in great numbers: many delegates, former delegates, observers, followers, working groups, former board members, board members were there. All the “community” managed to successfully run the booth EFPT had, facilitating the visibility of the organization. Read more...
The Winner of the EFPT Porto Research Award 2019

Adrian Chrobak, the 2nd year psychiatric trainee, PhD student at the Department of Adult Psychiatry, Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum and Master of Science in Neuroscience is the winner of the EFPT Porto Research Award 2019. Click here to read more about Adrian...
Exchange Application Period is OPEN
EFPT Exchange 

Have you ever wondered what training is like in different countries? Ever thought about how your favourite sub-specialty is practiced abroad? Have you pondered on how service delivery may be improved?

With great pleasure, we invite you to apply for the EFPT Exchange program, which is now open. Click here for more information...
The Course on Leadership and Professional Skills, Zagreb, Croatia (15-18 December 2019)
The Croatian Psychiatric Association and University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče are proud to inform you that the Course on Leadership and Professional Skills for Early Career Psychiatrists will be held in Zagreb from 15th to 18th December 2019 and is to be held and directed by Professor Norman Sartorius.
The Course is to be held the third year in a row and our continuing aim is to organize these workshops and lectures in once a year fashion, during the time of Advent. The timing for this Course is chosen due to a particularly beautiful atmosphere and various festivities that Zagreb offers during that time of the year. Read more...
EFPT at the ESCAP 2019 Congress in Vienna
ESCAP is going to hold its biannual Congress in Vienna between dates 30th June-2nd July. It’s going to take place in beautiful Hofburg and EFPT is going to be represented by our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Working Group!
As the CAP Working Group, we are planning activities to bring together attending trainees and turn this into a memorable experience for us all! Read more...
APA 2019 Annual Meeting in San Francisco: Veni, Vidi, Vici!
Research Working Group

Among more than 15 000 participants of the event in magical San Francisco, representatives of the EFPT Research Working Group were also present! Thanks to hard work and great networking skills, results of the studies conducted by members of the group were presented during two sessions: “Brain Drain: What is Psychiatrists’ Workforce Migration and What Can We Do About It?” and “Toward Youth-Friendly Mental Health Care: Reach Out, Engage, Win”. Read more...
Journey of an Independent National CAP Trainee Association 
National Trainees Associations
There are only few CAP trainees associations in Europe. ANIPIA, the National Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric trainees in Portugal was founded in 2011. Dr. Ana Moscoso, one of the founders of the organization and a predecessor of the EFPT CAP Secretary position, and Dr. Ana Teresa Prata, one of the former presidents of ANIPIA, shared their story about the starting and maintaining such an association. Read more...
Sustainable and Greener EFPT

In a few months the EFPT forum will take place. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn, network and shape the future of psychiatry. It will open you to a new world with a lot of European opportunities. What are your plans to get there? Did you buy your ticket already? Do you want to make your experience greener and more sustainable? Click here for more information...
Remember to Test Your Own Training? #TYOT
Have you ever wondered how your own training compares in relation to the European standards? Have you ever wanted to check where does your own experiences place you on the “Tripadvisor for psychiatry trainees”? If yes, don’t worry anymore! We want to remind you about amazing Test Your Own Training (TYOT) online tool that will easily allow you to do so and much, much more :)
We had the pleasure to introduce the TYOT to all EFPT members in 2017 as a result of a project that was initiated in autumn 2015 by the EFPT together with the UEMS Section of Psychiatry. Although guidelines to ensure the quality of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe are provided, we’re well aware that the training conditions across the continent vary much from each other (especially in terms of duration of the program, availability of the supervision, presence of psychotherapy training, etc.), not always allowing trainees to fully develop much needed skills.

Did you know that TYOT already has a nickname: The Trip advisor for Training.

Don’t ask yourselves anymore whether your training program meets the standards - check it and share your knowledge with your fellow colleagues!

Upcoming Events

See the calendar of upcoming events. If you want to promote your event, we can help.

And don't forget to note 10th - 14th July 2019 as the date for the Prague EFPT Forum!
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