Spring 2016
Message from the President

Dear EFPT Friends and Colleagues,

Springtime is the season for new beginnings, and EFPT is happy to announce a few to you. First of all, the work of MENTA WG has been exceptionally productive this year and we are looking forward to welcome some new member NTAs to our EFPT map of Europe at the next Forums. Congratulations to all involved in this process which is so vital to the growth of EFPT!

Furthermore - as what is probably our most ambitious plan this year - we wish to present to you our new EFPT Connecting European Trainees (CET) program. Thanks to our NTA coordinator GM Mircea Radu, who has been working behind the scenes to prepare everything, we are now ready to invite all member NTAs to join us in this new step for EFPT, which will greatly impact on our functioning as an association. Most importantly, it will bring EFPT closer to you! Have a look at this video to find out more what it means and how it will affect your NTA.

Finally, I wanted to reflect on those unfortunate events that have occurred in several places throughout Europe recently. While they had been aimed at causing fear and suffering in all persons affected by them, the empathic response and the show of solidarity, support and celebration of all things that connect us that ensued from it have demonstrated how resilience is in the nature of all life on Earth, including ourselves. Spring is for new beginnings, and we are ready for them.

At the same time, I am personally very much looking forward to hear many new ideas and meet many new faces at our upcoming EFPT Forum in Antwerp!

Warm regards,

Message from a collaborating organisation

ESCAP is the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Read more and find a link to their Viennese Workshop (29th June - 3rd July) here.

Three new national trainee associations

This time we get to hear from FYR of Macedonia, Poland and Spain! Read more here.

Exchange report

Anna Rebowska from the UK participated in the EFPT exchange programme and went to Gothenborg in Sweden. Read about her experiences here.
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