EFPT Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2018
Message from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

Get a hot cup of tea or a hot cup of chocolate or even something stronger if you like, sit or stay wherever you feel comfortable, and enjoy this entertaining piece of the winter edition of EFPT newsletter.

First, I want to thank our new editor, Dr. Nikola Žaja for putting his debut together.

Second, I want to summarize our fruitful face to face board meeting which just happened in Brussels at the beginning of December. With such a professional organization as EFPT already is, it is very important to control the finances carefully. Believe me or not, but the way we grow fast, we really need to think about sustainable budget. We went through our accounts in detail and we want to continue to keep the organization economically healthy. We want to save the money where we can and invest them in priorities, such as bursaries for active trainees, funds for working group projects, promotion, etc… The meeting was overall productive, there is a good chemistry between us.  

Third, the timeline for the Porto Research Award in 2019 is set! We have a very distinguished and respected jury invited this year again. The prize money is great. And the space to present in the official program at the next EFPT Forum in Prague is also included. Please, read more about this great opportunity created by the former president of EFPT Mariana Pinto da Costa few years ago. 

Forth, is the collaboration with the Section of Psychiatry in United European Medical Specialties (UEMS), which stays strong and our joint project Test Your Own Training (TYOT) keeps going. Former president Livia de Picker promoted it very well in past years and our external relations General Manager, Anna Szczegielniak, will take care of it further. The project brings many possibilities in the future, both practical and possibilities for publication, so the data are very important. Therefore, we still call for more answered questionnaires online. Please share the link again in your National Trainee Association (NTA), in your hospital, even a small talk with your colleague about it can help to bring more answers!

Fifth, I must tell you a short story. Me and the past president Howard Ryland, were once presenting at a Young Psychiatrist Network Meeting, promoting EFPT and we had like 6 or 7 people in the room (including us). We were overlapped with some keynote speaker in the next room, some big fish, so everyone was there. But two participants at our presentation were from Bulgaria carefully listening. They never heard about the association, but since then, we've kept in touch. They've spent a great time at the EFPT Forum in Bristol, created their NTA afterwards and plan to run for the EFPT full membership in Prague. They are doing a brilliant job and they can be inspirational for others. This also means it is worth to promote us to small audiences, even individuals. Go and read their true story today. I hope countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo are hearing me now. We are looking for you, join us. And the cherry on the cake, Iceland, that is my goal in 2019, I hope I will find at least one Icelandic trainee to get in touch with.

Sixth, is the waiting time. We are waiting to be announced who will be our official representative in Junior Member Advisory Board within the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP). It is a proof how important and influential is the voice of EFPT in such recognized research organization.

Seventh, is the announcement of the Leadership and Professional Skills Course lead by Professor Norman Sartorius. I do not think that this event needs too many words, because it is already well known. The Course will be in Vienna (from the 7th -10th July 2019), just before the next EFPT Forum!

Last, but not least. The dates of the upcoming EFPT FORUM are 10th- 14th JULY 2019. The amazing city of Prague, the heart of Europe is prepared to host you. On behalf of the local organizing committee I warmly invite you to join us. You will never be the same person after experiencing this! Please check our webpage regularly in order to see how the preparations go. 
Take care all, have a great and relaxed Christmas time.
And above all, may the coming year be a great success for you.

Pavel Trančík
EFPT President
(Pictured: EFPT board 2018-2019, December Board Meeting, Brussels) 
Welcome from the New Editor
Dear readers!

Welcome to the new edition of the EFPT Newsletter, and my first as an editor. Many thanks to the outgoing editor, Sean Naughton, for his excellent work and advices given to help produce this Newsletter. I will do my best to continue the work of my predecessors in delivering news and knowledge from the psychiatry world to psychiatry trainees in Europe, and beyond.

If you have an interesting topic that you would like to share with our colleagues, feel free to contact me. Also, follow us on social media to receive up-to-date information from the EFPT.
Kind regards,
Nikola Žaja
Zagreb, Croatia
The CAP Working Group Presents: A Sleeper Hit in the Making
Working Groups

We are proud members of the European psychiatric community and enjoy the shared representation under the EFPT umbrella. CAP trainees not only have the cutest patients, but also one of the most interesting WGs in the Federation.
Closing the Very First Decade of Research and Opening the Next One!
Working Groups
In the last 10 years EFPT Research Working Group made over 60 presentations of different original study projects on variety of psychiatric congresses worldwide and published 11 research articles, comments, reports and letters to the editor. And it’s only the beginning!
The EFPT Psychotherapy Guidebook Story
Working Groups

Trainees in psychiatry are curious doctors and most at some point wonder – what psychotherapy really is. When we study it, it is most likely studied from a specific point of view of ‘masters’ who teach it from their perspective, limiting the scope of the therapy. There are so many kinds of talking therapies out there and what better way to explain and discuss them in a peer-to-peer relationship than a trainee exchanging ideas about experiences in the particular therapy with a fellow trainee. 

Colleagues from our Psychotherapy Working Group started to discuss the idea of creating a free guidebook on Psychotherapy written from trainees for trainees. Find out more about our EFPT Psychotherapy guidebook story...
Greetings from Bulgaria!
National Trainees Associations
We are glad to introduce the newly founded Bulgarian Young Psychiatrists’ Association (BYPA). BYPA is an independent, non-governmental organization founded by a group of enthusiastic psychiatric trainees and early career psychiatrists in 2018. The idea of creating such an organization in Bulgaria is not new, but it took quite a lot of time to make it real. The inspiration for development of association of psychiatric trainees in our country is definitely closely linked to interactions with EFPT members. Read more…
Announcement: The Call for Group Funding

Dear members of EFPT Working Groups,
The time has arrived to celebrate the work you have all achieved in 2018, and prepare your funding requests for your 2019 projects. In January, the EFPT Board will start asking for reports of your work this year, and for projects you would like to be funded next year, so start thinking over the Christmas period! The final deadline for the reports and funding requests will be 1st March 2019. The Board is looking forward to reviewing them! 
Do You Remember to Test Your Own Training? #TYOT
Have you ever wondered how your own training compares in relation to the European standards? Have you ever wanted to check where does your own experiences place you on the “Tripadvisor for psychiatry trainees”? If yes, don’t worry anymore! We want to remind you about amazing Test Your Own Training (TYOT) online tool that will easily allow you to do so and much, much more :)
We had the pleasure to introduce the TYOT to all EFPT members in 2017 as a result of a project that was initiated in autumn 2015 by the EFPT together with the UEMS Section of Psychiatry. Although guidelines to ensure the quality of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe are provided, we’re well aware that the training conditions across the continent vary much from each other (especially in terms of duration of the program, availability of the supervision, presence of psychotherapy training, etc.), not always allowing trainees to fully develop much needed skills.
Don’t ask yourselves anymore whether your training program meets the standards - check it and share your knowledge with your fellow colleagues!
Exchange Programme Keeps Flourishing
EFPT Exchange 

Who can present the benefit of experience than the trainees themselves? Let‘s travel to Bristol with Zsófia Nemes from Hungary, who went on the EFPT Exchange Programme to Bristol Severn in April 2018 and won the EFPT bursary as well.
EFPT Porto Research Award: It’s Happening Again!
This December we’re opening the application process for all those interested in competing against the best young researchers across the continent for the EFPT Porto Research Award! After very successful two editions, we can’t wait to choose and meet in person (secretly we hope that the winner will join us all at the EFPT Forum in Prague…) the new psychiatry trainee working and developing research project of the highest quality and impact who, as a winner, will join Dr Iryna Frankova from Ukraine and Dr Daniel Lindqvist from Sweden, awardees of the previous editions. The Jury, consisting of the biggest stars on the psychiatrist firmament, such as Prof. Norman Sartorius or Prof. Stefan Priebe, will judge the applications based on the quality of the research work done, the extent to which the work shows the potential impact of the project, the trainees’ involvement with the project, and the intrinsic merit of the applicant.
The EFPT Porto Research Award has been established to encourage psychiatric trainees to conduct research and contribute to the engagement of psychiatry trainees in the field, not to tell them they’re not professors yet. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your work assessed and recognised at an international level. In addition, you can gain funds for the next great research challenge that is always awaiting us around the corner (or for the great vacations after the whole research work that you’ve done since you decide how you spent 1.000 EUR given as the Award).

As of today, the applications are officially opened! Please keep an eye on the website for more details! Don’t miss FAQ section - it may be very useful for preparing your application :)

Upcoming Events

See the calendar of upcoming events. If you want to promote your event, we can help.

And don't forget to note 10th - 14th July 2019 as the date for the Prague EFPT Forum!
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