EFPT Newsletter Winter/Spring 2019
Message from the President

Dear readers,
First, I want to wish you a wonderful spring time.
I would like to inform you in telegraphic messages and be as brief as possible:
  1. My thanks belong to chairs of working groups and your teams for handing in the annual reports and action plans. We received several applications for funding your activities and as I already promised you, the board will pay close attention to it and we will try to support as many as we can.
  2. EFPT officially confirmed again our agreement with EPA on cross promotion of our organizations and close partnership and we are getting ready for upcoming 27th EPA Congress in Warsaw. Our External Relations General manager is having a busy time now setting and planning our Booth at the Congress and we will traditionally organize a nice dinner/meeting for trainees in Poland. The whole Board of Directors has chosen EPA congress also as the best place to have our second face to face meeting.
  3. This could be considered as “selfish” promotion of me and our IT Secretary Charles So, but we would like to invite you to come and join us at EPA Symposium on “Digital Mental Health: hot topics”. Our presentation titled “Online and Offline opportunities for psychiatric trainees” is scheduled for April 7th, at 5pm.
  4. I want to remind you about the Porto Research Award, the application process is running and we are very much looking forward to collect your research projects. The Jury consists of real experts, who will be evaluating your work, something you can be really proud of if you apply: Prof. Galdersini, Prof. Sartorius, Prof. Priebe, Prof. Eliez and me as a lucky representative of EFPT. Mind that the deadline for application is April 10th, 2019.
  5. The Course on Leadership and Professional Skills represented by Prof. Sartorius and organized by Matthäus Fellinger and Johannes Wancata in Vienna, Austria is Schedule on July 7th – 10th, just before the EFPT Forum Prague 2019. We planned it together on purpose, so some of you can really enjoy a week that can really boost your psychiatric career. The deadline for application is May 5th and for more information, please visit this link.
  6. I want to thank the past president Howard Ryland for participating in this necessary review article, quite recently published in BJPsych International on recruitment in psychiatry, that references the EFPT statements (link here for the article).
  7. I also want to thank the president elect George Stercu for being active already with 23rd World Congress of Social Psychiatry, which is going to be held in Bucharest in autumn 2019 and hopefully his activity and plans with our EFPT symposium aimed on training will be accepted.
  8. I must say the time is running very fast. Six more months and I am done with my presidency. I still hope I will “change the World” and leave something unforgettable. In a positive way, obviously. If it is not going to happen, I would still be happy, because so far I feel satisfied with the results. But I already want to make you think about this position – being a President of EFPT. The election for the President will be a part of the Forum again. It is a responsible and exhausting job. But beautiful at the same time. You are part of very friendly community, part of a project which makes our training better and definitely improve the care of our patients. I just want to briefly announce that I am here, if you would be interested to ask me questions about it. You can also start mapping if your National Trainee Association and employee would be supportive in this job in 2020-2021. The Forum is approaching and this decision need enough time. EFPT requires good leaders due to growing professionalism.
  9. EFPT is eager to hear who will be selected for Early Career Advisory Panel in ECNP. We were informed there are some internal changes and the decision about applications is postponed, but we still hope in success of our EFPT candidates!
  10. The LOC announced the registration for EFPT FORUM PRAGUE 2019. The call for delegates and observers is here! (please click here to read more). The Forum website is close to be ready with 100% information. Hope you will enjoy it online and offline by being present in Prague in July from 10th to 14th!
Thank you all.
Pavel Trančík
Apply for Bursaries to Attend the EFPT Forum in Prague

The European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) provides bursaries to support the Forum attendance of participants from European countries who would otherwise find it financially difficult to attend. Bursaries include partial or full travel funds and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of EUR 500 and may also include a waiving of the delegate fee. Find out more...
European Psychiatric Association
Collaborating Organisation
The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) shares the EFPT vision of collaboration and cooperation among European psychiatrists, and endeavours to provide young psychiatrists with various opportunities to expand and enrich their knowledge and clinical skills throughout the year. Find out more …
EFPT Presence at EPA 2019 in Warsaw

The EFPT has been always an active participant of the annual EPA Congresses, both as an organization and through variety of activities undertaken each year by our individual members. This year we cordially invite you to visit us at our booth at the congress venue where you can, not only meet our members, learn about our projects, join some of them (yes! We're looking for active trainees from all over Europe to engage in our initiatives and make difference on a local level), but also take part in a couple of surprises waiting there for you! In addition, as every year, we organize a dinner (party) with the support from the Polish National Association of Trainees - if you want to learn about Warsaw from a different point of view that is presented in the Lonely Planet Guidebook, don't miss the opportunity and join us :) We promise that not only food will be great... Also, don't forget about ECP Quiz Night which will be a great networking event! (details here)
Stay tuned and follow our updates on our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.
Welcome, Moldova! 
National Trainees Associations

The Department of Young Psychiatrists and Trainees within the Society of Psychiatrists, Narcologists, Psychotherapists and Clinical Psychologists from Moldova was created on 7th June 2017 and became EFPT member in 2018. The Department also accepts psychologists and psychotherapists as members of the society in order to ensure better collaboration and working together on improving mental health in the country. Read more...
CAP Working Group: A Season of Reaching Out
Working Groups
CAP Working Group (WG) has been having a very productive season and is always looking for more people to share the enthusiasm and help the EFPT CAP community thrive. Working Group has established new connections all over EFPT and Europe and there are many exciting news to share with you...
Exchange Programme in a Nutshell
EFPT Exchange 

The EFPT Exchange program continues to offer international experience for psychiatry trainees since 2011, and it currently offers placements in 16 countries. The next selection period will open in June 2019. It will concern exchanges from August 2019 to January 2020. You can check existing exchange possibilities that are continuously updated on the EFPT Exchange website.

If you are still not sure about applying for the EFPT Exchange Programme, read the testimonial of Dr. Özlem Baş Uluyol who spent two weeks on EFPT Exchange in Zagreb, Croatia.
Brain Drain Follow-Up Study: We Want You to Join Us!
Working Groups

International migration of doctors and other health professionals is not a new trend, however a global wave of immigration to richer countries of highly qualified professionals in recent years has been in a spotlight due to growing shortages of healthcare workforce in all fields. This is why we’ve decided to conduct a follow-up study on the Brain Drain from the perspective of psychiatry trainees and early career psychiatrists. Are you interested to join our team and find out what are the migration trends among your colleagues? Are you interested to work on pan-European international research and publish an article in well - known journal? Read more...
The Course on Leadership and Professional Skills Development

The Course on Leadership and Professional Skills Development will be held at the Medical University of Vienna from the 7th – 10th July 2019. The training is led by Professor Norman Sartorius and Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft, two of the most prominent and influential psychiatrists and is tailored for 16 young psychiatrists within 2 years before or 5 years after the end of their specialty training. It's a great opportunity to enhance one's leadership and professional skills and to learn, for example, how to make presentations and posters, decide on priorities and read and write scientific articles. Click here for information...

Remember to Test Your Own Training? #TYOT
Have you ever wondered how your own training compares in relation to the European standards? Have you ever wanted to check where does your own experiences place you on the “Tripadvisor for psychiatry trainees”? If yes, don’t worry anymore! We want to remind you about amazing Test Your Own Training (TYOT) online tool that will easily allow you to do so and much, much more :)
We had the pleasure to introduce the TYOT to all EFPT members in 2017 as a result of a project that was initiated in autumn 2015 by the EFPT together with the UEMS Section of Psychiatry. Although guidelines to ensure the quality of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe are provided, we’re well aware that the training conditions across the continent vary much from each other (especially in terms of duration of the program, availability of the supervision, presence of psychotherapy training, etc.), not always allowing trainees to fully develop much needed skills.

Did you know that TYOT already has a nickname: The Trip advisor for Training.

Don’t ask yourselves anymore whether your training program meets the standards - check it and share your knowledge with your fellow colleagues!
EFPT Porto Research Award

Each year, more and more psychiatry trainees and early career specialists show interest in our award and look for suggestions on how to prepare a successful application. Since we believe in the importance of lived experience, we would like to share with you the tips from the previous year’s winner...

Have you applied for the Porto Research award, yet? Applications will be collected until 10th April 2019.  Don't forget, the winner of the EFPT Porto Research Award will receive 1.000€  and eternal glory. More information here...

Upcoming Events

See the calendar of upcoming events. If you want to promote your event, we can help.

And don't forget to note 10th - 14th July 2019 as the date for the Prague EFPT Forum!
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