Summer 2015
Message from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure, an honor and a privilege to welcome you in Porto, where the 23rd Forum of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees is taking place, between 22 and 27 June 2015.

This period has been very successful, fulfilling and rewarding, and I am delighted to present you the plentiful achievements, such as the new website, the official EFPT video, the EFPT Calendar, the 4 EFPT Newsletters, a new flyer, an EFPT Signature, and finally a reference of EFPT on Wikipedia. We have participated in debates about hot topics, promoted psychiatry training in numerous conferences and also in publications. We have created an EFPT institutional sponsorship application form and we have used our EFPT statements effectively, having signed the call to action on human resources for health, and attending a meeting at the European Parliament about “Mobility in the EU”. We have promoted mobility and research opportunities, by expanding the EFPT Exchange programme and promoting a List of EFPT publications in our website and Newsletter.

We have liaised with other organisations to achieve our goals: with ECNP proposing the Research Internship project and with The Lancet Psychiatry – for a focus group upon the Commission on the Future of Psychiatry. I am delighted to say that we have established relationships with WHO and IFMSA. We have created an EFPT template presentation and have organised for the first time an EFPT Stand at EPA, giving flyers, pins and pens, and making a competition with an EFPT frame for the “Best picture” and the “Best video”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all EFPT members for your dedication, enthusiasm and hard work over this year, to improve psychiatry training and mental health, while joining forces within EFPT. Working in this endeavour has been a remarkable illustration that together, sharing ideas and working them through, we can shape the future of psychiatry.

We have arranged to organise the 23rd EFPT Forum in line with the interest of trainees and EFPT’s plan, with a 3 days pre-forum course on leadership and professional skills, and we have increased significantly the Forum bursaries, directly supporting trainees.

I hope you profit as much from this EFPT Porto Forum 2015 and you have the opportunity to network, enjoy and learn with each other.

Best wishes,
Mariana Pinto da Costa
EFPT President
On behalf of the EFPT Board

Message from a Working Group 

Dr Duccio Papanti, Chair of the Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders (PSUD) Working Group,
introduces this newest of the EFPT Working Groups, outlining their aims and calling on members to support them in their survey and their group.
Message from a National Trainees Association 

Messages from the two Portuguese NTAs:
Sérgio Saraiva, President of the Portuguese Association of (Adult) Psychiatry Trainees  (APIP) talks about the growth of their trainee organisation and the various ways that they are supporting trainee initiatives in Portugal. 

Dr Maria Laureano, President of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) Organisation of Portugal (ANIPIA)outlines this trainee association that is only 4 years old!  
Message from a Collaborator Organisation

Dr Matt Muijen, Programme Manager Mental Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe, 
describes the WHO experience, particularly around the pressures of migration and unequal resources throughout the world. 
Message from an EFPT Exchange Participant

Would doing 3 exchanges be an addiction? Dr Andreea Cazacu, originally a Romanian trainee and now based in the UK,
describes her multiple participations in the Exchange Programme, including Croatia, Portugal and Turkey, confessing that these definitely inspired her confidence to migrate as a trainee. 
Message on the EFPT Porto Forum 2015

Welcome to Porto, where the 23rd Forum of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) is taking place between 22 and 27 June 2015.

The EFPT Forum is starting on June 22 at 19h00 with a Welcome Reception at Museum “Casa do Infante” (Henry – The Navigator) with the lectures from Professor Norman Sartorius and Professor Sir David Goldberg on “Happiness and Mental health” followed by a Welcome Cocktail that has been kindly prepared by the users from Hospital de Magalhães Lemos - AFUA (Associação de Familiares, Utentes e Amigos do Hospital de Magalhães Lemos).  The Forum will take place in different venues according the days – check the Programme and the app carefully.

Don’t forget to register at the Hospital visits taking place on 23rd June, and the Courses/Workshops of the Scientific Programme of the Porto Forum 2015 on 25th-26th June.

We hope you enjoy Porto!

EFPT Publication

Check out an interesting article by Dr Alex Nawka at al on "Mental health reforms in Europe: challenges of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe: a trainee perspective " published in Psychiatric Services.  
EFPT Calendar

Use the following link to access the calendar.  
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