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week 2 of 5

accept as true, real, hold an opinion, firm conviction

What does it mean to BELIEVE?
What is the opposite of BELIEF?


Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.
~ John 20:29

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talk time

We encounter truth and false statements every day. Sometimes we are sure about what is true, sometimes we are not. Talk about:

  • What do you believe or know to be true about Jesus?
  • When someone does not believe in Jesus, how do you gently show them the truth?
  • When you are unsure about something about Jesus, how do you find the truth?
  • How can we be sure Jesus is real? What does it mean to have faith?  
  • How do you think God might feel if we don't believe he is real and truthful?


O Jesus, I believe in you as my Lord and Savior. Help me to get rid of any doubts or fears I may have. Keep me strong in my faith and sure of my devotion to you. May I always look to you to help and protect me and lead me where you want me to go. Let my relationship with you continue to grow and develop. Amen.

together time
stories, activities, recipes and games 
Heroes of the New Testament
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Read about Heroes of the Old Testament HERE.
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As Christians, we test our beliefs with what is written in the Bible. Here are some faith basics that believers use in their daily faith habits.
These pages are sampled from I Believe © 2017 by Carol Geisler. Creative Communications for the Parish, a Division of Bayard, Inc., 1564 Fencorp Dr., Fenton, MO 63026. (800) 325-9414. Printed in the USA. Product Code TB1  
(use this object lesson to demonstrate our triune God)

God is 3 persons? How can that be?
Use an apple and see.

Have an adult cut open an apple. Peel off the skin, separate a piece of the flesh and remove the seeds. You see the skin, but the skin is the skin. You see the flesh, but the flesh is the flesh. You see the seeds, but the seeds are the seeds.
None are an apple alone, but together they are an apple. 

The Father is the Father.
The Son is the Son.
The Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit.
But together they are God.

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These activities are sampled from Together With Jesus By Lois Scheer and Sally Beck. © 2006, 2019 by Creative Communications for the Parish, a Division of Bayard, Inc., 1564 Fencorp Dr., Fenton, MO 63026. (800) 325-9414. Product Code TGJ  

sing along

The official lyric video for new single "I Believe (feat. Genevieve Bryant)" from John Burland's new album "All Are Welcome Here".

let it shine
Here are some ways to put your faith in action. This fish is a symbol that we believe in THE hero of sinners. His name is Jesus. Use the ideas below to make a craft to remind yourself and share with others in whom we believe.

Go back and read about the Early Christian Communities on page 14, in the flip book. 
How can we be a hero today?
Print out this page of fish. Cut them out. Decorate them, if you like. Attach string to make a mobile to hang in your room, post on your mirror or windows, in your car, on your T-Shirt or anywhere else that you can think of.
What can you create? Show us and others your ideas.
Share Your Photos
This craft page is an adaptation of the Heroes of the New Testament by Connie Clark. © 2018 by Creative Communications for the Parish, a Division of Bayard, Inc., 1564 Fencorp Dr., Fenton, MO 63026. (800) 325-9414. Product Code HRY  

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We hope you found this faith event to be a bonding experience for your group, but more importantly, that you were encouraged knowing you are never alone. 
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