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August 30, 2015

Hey Presidents... 

Happy Sunday! 

First, let me say that this is going out without the benefit of Kim's eyes. Apologies in advance for anything confusing, misspelled, or otherwise flat out incorrect...

So the good news is, of course, that there will be a vote this Thursday to hopefully accept the new teacher contract. Thank you to everyone who advocated on this issue - wherever you stand.

Don't forget about the Superintendent Coffee on Thursday 9/17 from 9:30-11! We will meet the new Public Information Officer (the new Craig) and talk about what you all want to hear about this year.

Another note about these emails: they are not going to your boards. However, there is a "subscribe" button on the bottom of them, and if you so desire, you can ask people to do just that. 

And a note about me... it happens, every now and again, when I believe I have written/said something which apparently has never made it out of my mouth or onto a keyboard. If you are expecting or hoping for a response to something and are not getting one, please let me know. It is ENTIRELY possible that I replied to you in my head and it stopped there. Give me a little bit of time (I do work), but PLEASE poke me if I'm being unresponsive!!

Teacher Compensation

This was obviously a hot topic the past couple of weeks, and there was (hopefully) a lot of research and education happening. If you were one of the people who attended the school board meeting, you heard some heart-wrenching stories of teachers who are simply not able to make ends meet.

Here is yet another way to look at teacher salaries, this one being a chart of certificated salaries in Washington State districts. It is not skewed by administration, paraeducators, etc. 

Teacher compensation is one of the many moving parts to the McCleary lawsuit and the conversation around basic education funding. If your board feels strongly about this, consider making it your focal advocacy point for the year. 

Read this new item from the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools and perhaps also consider asking the School Board for a similar resolution.


Leadership Resources

Try logging in!! On the Washington State PTA website, the leadership resource "button" is to the left. The user name is "growing" and the password is "together." 

This section of the website will take you to handbooks, group awards, policies, resources, training, leadership academy (everybody should participate!!), programs to go, financial resources, stuff about elections, and logos you can use.

You can consider doing a Kinko's run for your Board so that everyone has their handbooks at your meetings. Remember to use the handy-dandy FedEx discount code: 0520882103!

Back to School Event 
Thanks to everyone who came to work or supported this event in other ways. It was a completely crazy day, as North City lost power close to the beginning of registration. In a dark gym, our awesome volunteers were handing out backpacks, socks and underwear, and holding cell phone lights for professional haircuts. 

We did have some people who registered not show up (it took a long time to get anywhere yesterday), so if you hear of people who missed the event, let them know that they can go on the first night of the WORKS (the night of the first day of school), and they'll get set up with that backpack.

Super special shout outs to Lori Woodfield, Sarah-Ann Woodfield, Jenny Farnam, Lisa Sharatt, Kelly Namba, the Rotary, Hopelink, the City, the YMCA, the School District, Ronald United Methodist, Center for Human Services, Shoreline Community Care, and Turning Point. And all of the volunteers who show up to this thing every single year because it's what they do. (and yes, our Super was there handing out backpacks...)


Our first Region training has passed. If your board still needs training, you can exercise a number of options...

You are welcome to attend training in any Region, if the dates and location work for you.

You can wait until the next Region training, which will likely be in the Winter (for PTA & the Law).

You can request training to come to you - any of the Service Delivery Team members from Region 6 are available to bring any of the classes to you (except for PTA & the Law).

You can do online training. And there will probably be webinars coming.

The training requirement has not changed - every elected officer needs to attend a training every year, and one person needs PTA & the Law every year. There is no maximum - and you can keep track of what you are taking and get credit for it (Leadership Academy) and post it to networking sites (LinkedIn). There will, after all, be life after PTA...

Council Needs
Reflections Co-Chair/Volunteer Coordinator. Adrian did a fantastic job with the poster and program, and his heart is definitely with Reflections. But he needs help with organization, deadlines and volunteer recruitment (for the reception, for instance). This is relatively short-term, but the impact will be huge.
Membership Chair. We didn't have one last year, but it would be a nice thing to fill. 

How can Council help you? Give us your ideas, your feedback, your needs, concerns, and triumphs.


Back to School!!!

Partner with Pemco
Did you know? Region 6 is a Pemco partner. They will do things like this: 
Local Unit Sponsorship: We’ll provide matching dollars of up to $100 towards an existing program, event, or speaker presentation your local unit is conducting. 

This includes: Safety and Parent Education Programs, Community Service or School Support Events, and Guest Speakers at meetings.

They keep it low-key, but will help each local unit one time this year. See the flyer for details, other options, and contact information.

Mark Your Calendars

Monday 9/7: Labor Day
Wednesday 9/9: First Day of School
Monday 9/14 
School Board Meeting 7:00 p.m. 
Thursday 9/17, 9:30-11 Superintendent Coffee
Monday 9/28 School Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m. 
Monday 9/28, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Arden Room

Training Opportunities
Other training opportunities (you can attend in any Region, if there is a location and date that is more convenient for you):
Region 9:  9/12 | Auburn | 8:00am - 5:00pm  | TBD | Tania Skinner, Region Director 

Region 15: 9/19 | TBD | TBD | Karen Albers, Acting Region Director  
Region 11: 9/24 | Wenatchee | 5:00pm - 9:00pm | TBD | Amanda Shipman, Region Director 

Region 11: 10/3 | Yakima | 9:00am - 2:00pm | TBD | Amanda Shipman, Region Director  


Other Events


WAFCET and Everett Public Schools are proud to announce the:

United for Student Success
Family and Community Engagement Conference.

Saturday, October 10th, 2015   9 am to 3 pm
Evergreen Middle School  7621 Beverly Lane,  Everett, WA 98203


We welcome keynote speaker: Anne T. Henderson
Anne T. Henderson is a senior consultant with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and a founder of the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE).  S
he has tracked and written about  family engagement research for over 25 years. She is the co-author of the best-sellers: Beyond the Bake Sale and A New Wave of Evidence, and has written extensively about the connection between family engagement and diverse student achievement. 

Conference registration begins: May 2015.  Questions: 

CALL FOR PRESENTERS is now open please click on the link to submit your proposal:


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