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November 8, 2015

Hey Presidents... 

TOMORROW, the City Council is having a joint meeting with the School Board at 5:30 at City Hall. They're talking demographics and facilities! Then move the party over to the Shoreline Center and hear about the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation, negative lunch balances and individual school improvement plans!! Woo hoo!!

City Council Meeting
5:30, Room 303, Shoreline City Hall
Joint Meeting with the Shoreline School Board. On the agenda: Promoting Shoreline Project; 2015 demographic study; 2015 facilities study; Joint Use Agreement, RADAR Program

Shoreline School Board Meeting
7 pm, 
Board Room, Shoreline Center, 18560 1st Ave NE
On the agenda: Shoreline Public Schools Foundation Report; Review of New Procedure 8200P, Negative Meal Balances; School Improvement Plans

Free Skating at Highland Ice Arena
Wednesday, November 11, 9:30-6 pm

We are inviting all students and families to our annual Veterans Day Free Skate. Admission is free for everyone, bring your own skates or rent a pair for $4.00. Flyer for your fridge!

LFP PTA on Wednesday 11/12
A reminder that LFP PTA Presidents have extended an invitation to all of your to come to their meeting on Thursday to hear their guest speaker presenting on biased messaging. See the whole invitation below in the calendar. Thanks Marley & Silje!!

Council Meeting 10/29

If you missed the last Council meeting, you missed some great stuff! Here are the draft minutes (thank you Kendahl!)

Brookside was our first You Rock presentation, and Annthea knocked it out of the park. They've done surveys, created a communications committee, attended Leg Assembly (and gotten jazzed about that experience!)... our conclusion is that not only is Brookside doing great things, but Annthea herself totally rocks.

Jeff introduced the McCleary resolution, and we will look at passing that at the next Council meeting. We did vote to take a No stand on I1366 (Eyeman's initiative) and a Yes stand on Prop 1 (3 abstentions).

Linda Shaw and Anika Anand from the Seattle Times Education Lab gave us an overview about what they're doing and how they're trying to engage readers. 

Mark your calendars (they should already be marked!) for these Council meetings: November 23, we will pair the meeting with Money Matters for Boards, and we ask that you please invite your Boards to attend. This will count for training, but is also critical information that a lot of Board members need and are missing.

January 25, we will be inviting local partners in to network with you. There have been requests for Shoreline Cares (basic needs), Turning Point, the Arts Council, and Hopelink. Send us your ideas if you think of a partner that everyone should know.

Membership Awards!

Brookside PTA 6.12.15 Bronze
Echo Lake PTA 6.12.20 Bronze
Shoreline Special Needs PTSA 6.12.215 Bronze
Highland Terrace PTA 6.12.25 Bronze
Lake Forest Park PTA 6.12.40 Bronze
Meridian Park Family Association PTA 6.12.45 Bronze, Silver
Shoreline Children's Center PTA 6.12.5 Bronze Silver
Parkwood PTA 6.12.55 Bronze
Ridgecrest PTA 6.12.60 Bronze
Melvin G. Syre PTA 6.12.70 Bronze, Silver
Einstein Middle PTSA 6.12.75 Bronze
Kellogg Middle PTSA 6.12.85 Bronze, Silver
Shorecrest High PTSA 6.12.95 Bronze 

Congratulations to everyone! Nicely done!!

We will look at having a spring training on PT Avenue paired with a membership bootcamp... start thinking about what's going well for you and what you think you'd like some input on. We'll ask everyone to bring your membership forms and do a little brainstorming!

Youth Mental Health

On Saturday, I attended the Youth Mental Health First Aid class at City Hall, which was run by the Center for Human Services. So happy to see Marley Banker from LFP too!

This is a really important topic, for so many reasons. I am not yet sure how PTA fits into this in a productive way, but I would love to get our collective brains working on it. Consider:
  • The single most important protective thing for a youth's mental health is that they have AN ADULT in their life that is supportive and paying attention. Sometimes it is us as parents, and sometimes it can't be. How can we educate other parents that simply by asking kids how they're doing (and getting our kids to do the same thing), and paying attention to the responses, we can affect outcomes in tremendously positive ways?
  • Substance use or abuse is sometimes not a sign of experimentation, but a coping mechanism for something going sideways in a child's life. How can we educate other parents to engage these kids rather than shield their own from a "bad influence?"
  • Cutting and self-harm is not only not uncommon, but not a mental illness... and not always a bad thing (oddly). That behavior may indicate a mental illness, but might also be a temporary coping mechanism.
  • Talking bluntly (but non-judgmentally) about suicide is one of the things that makes the biggest difference in a person's choice about whether to go through with it or accept help (and yes, it feels very awkward to speak the words, "are you considering killing yourself?")
  • Mood swings from depressed to happy might actually indicate a truly suicidal individual rather than one who is "coming out of it." The mood change may be because they've made a plan.
If you can go, or get someone else to go, to the December training, I strongly encourage you to do it. This class is usually $150, and you get a pretty impressive book.

Outside of that, I would love to hear from you all about what you think our parent community would respond best to: a speaker series, workshops, materials...  We've done an OK job on bullying and we're starting to address social-emotional learning. This stuff goes hand in hand. Time to get educated so we can get our young people early help when they need it!

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Saturday Dec. 7, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Shoreline City Hall Council Chambers
17500 Midvale Avenue North
A free education/training opportunity for adults who live and/or work in the city of Shoreline. Tanya Laskelle is certified by The National Council for Behavioral Health to provide Youth Mental Health First Aid courses to prepare communities with the knowledge and skills to help youth who are developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training is a public education program, which introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention and most importantly—teaches individuals how to help.
Register by contacting Tanya Laskelle at or (206) 631-8836
Sponsored by Center for Human Services & City of Shoreline
More info:  Visit

Council Nominating (keep reading!)
Holy cow. We are getting to the point that we need to think about this. I need TWO THINGS from you all...

One - I need 3 people to say yes to the nominating committee this year. Hopefully we'll be able to collectively send potential candidates to the committee for persuading.

Two - I need people to consider taking on a Council role. This board will fully retire, as we are all on our 2nd year in our current positions. Some of us may be willing to change to a different position, but to be a healthy organization, we need new energy/eyes!

We will see if we can elect a nominating committee at the November meeting, which would give us plenty of time to introduce candidates to Council if need be. Please consider taking this on!!
Hotel Reservation
Book by 12/5 for a chance to win 3 day convention pass!
The WSPTA office invites you to consider making hotel reservations early. This is due to a large annual soccer tournament which is during the same dates as convention and hotel rooms are filling up quickly. When you make your reservation, your credit card will not be charged until you check into your room. Click here for hotel information.

Do you have people who might be interested in going to Convention but don't want to make the drive? Let's talk about that - this is a great time to work out some carpools... or rent one big vehicle!!

Social Media Resource
Even in elementary school, we are seeing kids on social media. Here is one resource to share that helps navigate that whole thing a little bit. This page in particular will introduce you to apps you've never heard of, and will tell you about some that you've heard of but had no idea how potentially dangerous they can be for kids (really, a bad calculator?).

It is very difficult to keep an eye on your kid's online presence, and even if you have made sure you're Facebook friends with them, there are so many other ways to get around us.

On the flip side, Josh Ochs also has recommendations for high schoolers - how to manage an online presence in a positive way. Consider that if all of a kid's social media is locked down and a college or employer does some typical research and finds nothing, that throws up red flags too.

Safe Smart Social. You can sign up for emails and webinars too.

How can Council help you? Give us your ideas, your feedback, your needs, concerns, and triumphs.


11/9, 7 pm: School Board Meeting
11/11: Veteran’s Day

11/13: Reflections Artwork due to Council
11/15: IRS Forms due

Important to know:
FedEx discount code: 0520882103!

You Rock
October: Brookside, Parkwood
November: Shoreline Children's Center, Einstein
December: Kellogg, Special Needs
January: Echo Lake, Lake Forest Park
February: Syre, Briarcrest
March: Highland Terrace, Shorewood
April: Cascade K8, Shorecrest
May: Meridian Park, Ridgecrest

Mark Your Calendars

Monday 11/9, 7 pm: School Board Meeting
Wednesday  11/11: Veteran’s Day

Friday 11/13: Reflections Artwork due to Council
Sunday 11/15: IRS Forms due
Wednesday 11/18: PTA & the Law, Bothell
Monday 11/23, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room
Wednesday 11/25: Early Release Day
November 26-27: Thanksgiving Break
Training Opportunities
Other training opportunities (you can attend in any Region, if there is a location and date that is more convenient for you):
Confirmed Region Conferences
Includes PTA & the Law
Region 8 Director: Lily Salas
*11/12 | Bellingham | 5:00pm - 9:00pm | TBD

PTA & the Law Training
(Region 6 will likely hold 3 more)

Region 2 Director: Jane Dulski
11/5 | Mercer Island | 9:30pm - 12:30pm | Register 
Region 4 Director: Espie Badillo Dilorio
11/10 | Chehalis area | TBD | TBD
Region 5 Director : Kristi Shafer
1/9 | TBD | TBD | TBD
Region 6 Director: Janice Kutzera
6-9 pm, Eastside FourSquare Church, Bothell
12/1, TBD, Seattle
January: Shoreline

Region 7 Director: Mary Levesque
11/16 | Coupeville | 5:30pm - 9:30pm | TBD
(co-hosted with Region 8)
Region 8 Director: Lily Salas
11/16 | Coupeville | 5:30pm - 9:30pm | TBD
(co-hosted with Region 7)
Region 9 Director: Tania Skinner
11/10 | 5:30pm - 9:30 pm| SeaTac| Register *NEW*
Region 12 Director: Connie Andrews
10/20 | Moses Lake | 5:30pm - 9:00pm | Register 
11/5 | Walla Walla | TBD | TBD

Other Events

How to Engage Families in Creating Healthier Schools - Webinar
Monday, November 9
10:00 am - 11:00am | Webinar Registration
November is Healthy Lifestyles Month! Join NPTA in an hour-long webinar that will cover:
- Strategies for engaging families in school health
- Real-life example from a local PTA School of Excellence and Healthy Lifestyles: Energy Balance 101 grant recipient
- How to use the CDC's Parents for Healthy Schools Toolkit

Tele-Town Halls on K-12 Education
Leaders from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and educators from Washington school districts are hosting five tele-town halls in October and November to build awareness and understanding of Washington's K-12 learning standards and assessments.
Join any of the conversations live and ask questions:
November 10 | 12:00pm
Central and Eastern Washington


Intentional Conversations: Preventing Prejudice and Biased Messages 
 Most of us want to raise our kids to be free of prejudiced thoughts and actions, but even careful parents might be unintentionally giving their kids biased messages. 

Join us on November 12th at 7:00 pm in the LFP school library to hear Larry Nicholas, MA, LMHCA speak on this topic.

Mr. Nicholas will discuss how children learn prejudice, how to respond when children notice differences in others, and how to avoid sending biased messages.  Bring your partner and join us for a lively discussion—FREE CHILDCARE provided!
“With a disarming sense of humor, Larry navigated a challenging topic and successfully challenged us to see the biases that color our everyday perceptions. A discussion that could easily be sidetracked by defensiveness was instead one of the best discussions for our group this year.”
Derek Stanley-Hunt
Founder, Seattle's Progressive Preschool

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Hello Friend of the Family Support Department at Center for Human Services,
As a leader in your neighborhood, I wanted to share with you an opportunity for adults who live or work in the City of Shoreline.

The City of Shoreline is sponsoring 2 free trainings in Youth Mental Health First Aid. 
Youth Mental Health First Aid is a public education program which introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health challenges in adolescents, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention, and most importantly – teaches individuals how to help a youth in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge. 
There are two dates to choose from, November 7th or December 7th.
Please help me spread the word about this free training opportunity.  It is a great training for anyone who cares for or works with youth:  parents, teachers, youth group leaders, coaches, aunts, uncles & grandparents! 
To register, contact Tanya at 206-631-8836 or
Tanya Laskelle
Family Support Program Director
Center for Human Services
(206) 631-8836 office
(206) 402-2470 cell |
CHS - "Building a stronger family at a time"  - NOW CARF Accredited!


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