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March 20, 2016

Hey Presidents... 

You guys are doing a terrible job on this to-do list. Please send in nominations for awards ASAP. Deadline is the day after the March Council meeting. Public shaming involved for any PTA who doesn't come up with a fabulous volunteer, amazing advocate, or spectacular organization to recognize. Maybe flogging. Maybe something worse.
Jenny Farnam: 
Lori Woodfield: 

LFP is the only PTA who has given us potential names to serve on Council next year. Please help us out!! Council exists to support Shoreline PTAs. Help us keep Shoreline strong (Region 6 has said they "never have to worry about Shoreline" - let's keep that true!!)

To do list for Presidents:
  • Nominate a person or organization for the PTA Council awards. Deadline is the day after the March Council meeting. There are no forms; simply email Jenny or Lori with the name of your nominee, the award, and why they should win!
  • Nominate at least one person from your PTA for a Council position. It can be big or small, but we need people to talk to! Retrieve the separate Nomination email and suggest someone who might be a good fit. Feel free to put caveats on your nomination (needs a co, would do it if___, etc)
  • Put in your requests for the Spring Dessert training options. That training day will count for officers for 2016-17 (NEXT year). Poll your boards and request your classes!
  • Check in with your awards chairs: have they made their selections? Have they ordered awards from State?
  • RSVP to Curtis for the PTA Appreciation Luncheon in April
LGBTQ family potluck
The first LGBTQ family potluck for the District will be April 7 at the Shoreline Center. All families are welcome and encouraged to attend (including allies!). If you would like to help plan, or know someone who would like to get involved, please email Scott Schiebler at See flyer below.
Proposed Calendar Changes
Please remind your members to attend a meeting about the proposed District calendar changes or to watch the video online and fill out the survey. There are 2 meetings left! Remind them also that, as this opens up conversation about the calendar, they can also comment on the start date... Here are two updated documents relating to that. Shoreline Late Start Op Ed; Shoreline Late Start Summary. Both are worth a read!
Events to Publicize

There are a couple of events coming up next week, worth highlighting.  They are on back-to-back nights, and are all about our kids and community:

On Monday 3/28 at the Shoreline Center, there is a presentation about Teens, Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Addiction. It is hosted by the 2 high schools and is open to the community. Hear from parents of kids who went through the struggle, and get information on typical hiding places for substances in your home.

On Tuesday 3/29 at City Hall, come for a public form on Sex Trafficking in King County. Hundreds of women and girls are sold for sex EVERY NIGHT in King County. Join us Tuesday 3/29, 7pm at Shoreline City Hall to learn what’s being done & how you can help. Parents and teens are esp. encouraged to come out.


At the March Council meeting, we will be looking at membership and ways to make a big impact, both for the rest of this year and heading into next year.

Please bring your membership forms and invite your membership chairs!! We will have Cindy Jensen running this training, and she is AMAZING. Get ready to leave energized and with a bunch of great ideas!!

More To-Dos
  • If you haven't already, elect your nominating committee. Hopefully you are already talking to folks about plans for next year. Advertise your spots to make it as easy as possible for your committee.
  • Talk about going to convention. If there is interest, we can try a Shoreline vanpool so that it's at least an entertaining road trip. Sounds like there will be a power point available soon to promote this Yakima event.
  • Congratulations to everyone for getting your Standards of Affiliation documents in! While you're thinking about it, make sure this is in the notes for next year's Board. Put a September XX deadline on it.
  • Best practices indicates a mid-year financial review. If you did one, make sure it's presented to the Board and that is reflected in the meeting minutes.
  • Charitable Solicitations is due May 31, but you can turn it in early. Why not get that off your plate?
  • Finish up your awards process. Make sure your chairs have everything they need and know how to order awards.
  • Check in with your officers to make sure everyone's done some training this year. If you are tracking it yourself, as President, or have someone else doing that piece, make sure your officers are emailing registrations or "proof" in case you are audited later. Remember that National PTA web trainings are an option (print off the certificate at the end).
  • Look at training options for the Spring Dessert and let us know what your incoming officers would like to see! Find the presentation list here.

Important Council Dates

Monday 3/28, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room (electing Nominating Committee)
Thursday 4/7: PTA Appreciation Luncheon (no Super coffee in April)
Monday 4/25, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room (Officer elections)
Wednesday 27, 6-8:30 pm: Recognition Dinner, Shoreline Room
Tuesday 5/17, 6-8 pm: Spring Dessert Training
Thursday 5/19: Superintendent Coffee, Sherrick Room 
Region Director Positions

Region Director nominations are being accepted for regions 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 15. Region Directors will be appointed to the WSPTA State Board of Directors for a one-year term for fiscal year 2016-17. S end completed form to byFriday, April 15Download the application here. Applicants are encouraged to self-nominate.
Issue Submittals - Help Decide WSPTA's Positions

Deadline May 1
Help decide WSPTA's positions and principles! These give long-term guidance to our advocacy and will be voted on by members atLegislative Assembly in October. Visit the Legislative Principles page for forms and information. 
Questions? Contact Duncan Taylor, Legislative Director.

How can Council help you? Give us your ideas, your feedback, your needs, concerns, and triumphs.


Monday 3/28, 7 pm: Council Meeting with Membership Training


Important to know:
FedEx discount code: 0520882103!


Mark Your Calendars

Monday 3/28, 7 pm: PTA Council Meeting, Alumni Room
Monday, 3/28, 7 pm: School Board Meeting


Training Opportunities

Still have officers who need training? Steer them to the National PTA e-learning page. Make sure they print off proof of doing an e-learning course for your records.

Other Events

"When Good Kids Make Poor Choices: Teens, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, and Addiction"
Monday, March 28 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Shoreline Room, Shoreline Center (18560 1st Ave. NE)
Shorewood and Shorecrest High Schools will host a FREE workshop for parents, staff and community members.
"When Good Kids Make Poor Choices: Teens, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, and Addiction" will feature a panel of parent speakers whose children struggled with addiction. They'll share their stories, discuss warning signs, recovery and what they wish they had known.

The event will also feature  a “Hidden in Plain Sight” exhibit, which gives examples of typical household items that could be used to hide or use drugs. For more information on the event, click HERE

Tues., 3/29, 7-9pm 
Shoreline Council Chambers

Please join Shoreline's Police Department, city officials, local business leaders, school staff, and fellow residents in attending a public forum, "Sex Trafficking in King County", Tues., March 29, 7-9pm, in Shoreline City Hall Council Chambers, Midvale Ave. 
This event features a presentation by REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade), an independent, Seattle-based 501c3 that provides pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade. REST actively partners with Seattle's Vice Squad, Seatac, Kent, and Burien police officers, Businesses Ending Sex Trafficking (BEST), Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS), Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, and others. It would be a great outcome to have Shoreline added to that list. 

A Q&A session with REST and the Shoreline P.D. will follow the presentation.
LGBT Family Welcome Dinner
April 7

Shoreline Center
Details TBA

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