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Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

We wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year from Bristol.

It’s that time again. The new EFN Newsletter is here! We now update our Facebook page every week so we have decided to issue the newsletter once every 6 months.  For the most up-to-date news about the national and international nursing world please visit us at Facebook and Twitter using the links below

The newsletter reflects some of our highlights from the last 5 months.  We thank you for your continuing interest in our work and for sparing five minutes of your precious time to read our news.
Thank you very much!


Graduates of 'English for Healthcare Professionals' in Raalte, Holland.
August 2014

 In August we delivered the final version of our brand new course: English for International Disaster Nursing to the Bundeswehr Hospital in Westerstede, Germany.  The course plan was very positively received by the Director of Nursing and the new handouts were sent for publication. 

 We also set the agenda for our English For Emergency Care course, which will be taught for the first time in October at the Northwestern Hospital in Sande, Germany.
Another workshop entitled English for Healthcare Professionals was taught in Raalte, Holland.  The attendees were a group of Dutch nursing students who are due to spend three months of their training period abroad in Ireland.  They are financially supported by the Erasmus program (EU Social Fund)
We received a number of other applications for our independent workshops, including one in Gelsenkirchen in September and one in Hamburg in November.  We are happy to be able to contribute to the colourful and vibrant world of international health-care and are delighted to have received further requests for courses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. 
Finally, Sarah and Magda were able to enjoy well-deserved holidays ☺!

September 2014

The third module of English for Midwives was taught in Karlsruhe at the German Confederation of Midwives. It gave us great pleasure to be a part of this joyful reunion of the midwifery group. 
Elsewhere, the first independent workshop in Gelsenkirchen was nearly completely full and the DRC Sisterhood Westphalia has asked that we work with them again in 2015.
Senior Education Nurses from Manchester wrote to us and asked for our help in supporting their local Overseas Nurses.  They have asked for more information about our organisation and what we do - of course this makes us very happy since we are overseas nurses too!
The first solid bookings for 2015 have already been made.
To relax and work on her tan, Sabine went on holiday ☺!

Nurses in Zurich attend the 'English For Nurses workshop on 10.09.2014, taught by Sabine (front left).

October 2014

This month was super busy. The schedule and planning for 2015 is already well under way and inquiries from new customers have already started to come in while we continued to deliver the Emergency courses in Germany. It is extremely satisfying to be asked back to teach courses next year. Another Military Hospital (Berlin) has booked us for our general care course English for Nurses in 2015.

English for Midwives module 4 was taught in Karlsruhe and is set to continue in 2015 as well as expanding into Berlin. The Berlin Midwives have given us tremendous support.
This month we undertook an epic tour, travelling through half the Republic to teach almost every single one of the 13 courses we now offer!  This has been an unbelievable time for us.  On tour were Sabine, Silke, Sarah and Steffi, while Magda oversaw the network from Bristol and made contact with our partners in Spain ☺


Sabine and Sarah teach 'English for Emergency Care' to doctors and paramedics in Sandersbusch, Sande.

Student nurses at the University Hospital in Hannover (MHH).  One of many stops on our October Mega-Tour! 

November 2014
This was perhaps our most eventful month. In addition to English for Nurses (and the other courses that are taught in English), for the first time we taught German for Nurses to 40 international nurses in Zurich. The original concept of English for Nurses has thus been translated back into our native German language – crazy but true! In June 2014 we had sent plans for 2 courses to Zurich, which focused specifically on the nursing process and general care.  They were really happy with the plans and the handouts and so booked us for 4 days in November.

Silke also taught the first independent workshop in Darmstadt, which was almost fully booked. The independent workshop in Hamburg was, once again, fully booked, which made us very happy.
In addition there was a reunion and meeting in Hamburg with the Care Expert Group. This group originally met in November 2013 in Bristol and took part during a Work Experience Exchange Program.
This month also saw meetings in Bremen with the DRC Sisterhood, The Albertine Academy in Hamburg and a meeting in Hannover with Dr. Edith Kellnhauser. All these meetings have given rise to a number of potential future projects.  Exciting!

Hands-on teaching in a relaxed and professional environment.  This time Katrin takes the lead in Zurich  

December 2014

December - typically a month where people begin to wind-down as the end of the year approaches… but that was not the case for us! There were excellent teaching trips in Europe to help expand our network.  Of course, we always remain ready for action (with our uniforms washed and ironed) since we are all still Nurses here in Bristol!  Just before Christmas we were invited by the BBC to take part in a radio interview. It’s a fascinating piece that can be heard on our website, along with other BBC radio pieces that we have taken part in recently.  Just click the link below!

English for Nurses BBC Radio interviews

Another exciting development has been planned for February 2015.  In addition to the workshops we teach face-to-face we also plan to hold meetings Online!  This is an exciting challenge for all of us – Nurses throughout Europe will be able to speak with us online and ask us questions.  As of March 2015, we will begin teaching online nursing modules and intensive care language courses – all LIVE from Bristol!  Stay tuned for further news on Facebook and our Website about our online content.  For now, we can reveal our first three courses offered online will be:

A.) Diabetes Care
B.) Stroke care
C.) Stoma care
Last but by no means least.... we asked Professor Jacqueline Filkins if she would be willing to become official patron of our organisation and we are delighted to say she has accepted! Ladies and gentlemen, our year really could not have ended on a better note than this. As they say in English: 'We are over the moon'. 

and finally....

teaching rooms throughout Europe get ready for English for Nurses 2015!

After such a successful year of writing, teaching and networking, everyone at 'English for Nurses' is very excited about what the future holds for us in the national and international nursing world! We are already looking forward to the next 12 months, which promise to be even more vibrant, colourful and active than the last.  
 If we hear anybody talking about “Boredom” our response would have to be “What’s that ?!”  
A heart-felt thank you to all of you that continue to support us in our work. With a lot of herbal tea, chocolate and our usual enthusiasm, we will be ready to start the New Year!
Best wishes from us,
Sabine Torgler (Bristol / UK)
Silke Westphal (Chepstow / Wales)
Sarah Davies (Bristol / UK)
Stefanie Monaghan (Bristol / UK)
Magda Coll Clavera (Bristol / UK)
Sandra Ludolfs Sullivan (Myrtle Beach / USA)
Heidrun Pundt (Bremen / Germany)
Katrin Steinsiek (Bremen / Germany)
Jana Steinbrück (Berlin / Germany)

the Bristol-based EFN team
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