EfN news January 2016
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Winter 2015-16 Newsletter

"English for International Disaster Nursing" - Sabine and Sarah with nurses and paramedics in Westerstede who have already done vital work in Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo & many other places. 


Dear friends, colleagues and supporters of our network,
Well, it’s time for our second Newsletter of the year and believe us, the second half of 2015 was anything but BORING – far from it, in fact! 

Below you can read all our news from both the national and international nursing worlds! Happy reading and please enjoy our adventure!  ☺ ☺ ☺


July 2015

A summer month of intense action: The first Ulmer “Pflegenkongress” was held - and we were right there in the middle of it - literally! Helene Maucher (Pflegedienstleitung-Sana Hospital Ulm) invited almost 200 care managers from Germany as well as a Chief Nurse from Jacksonville, USA: Mrs. Roberta Christopher.

As an international care network, EfN had the opportunity to forge new relationships and contacts as well as learn about the concept of the "Magnet Hospital". We were also able to offer our translation services for Roberta Christopher and stand beside her at the front of the auditorium ☺ What an opportunity for us!  To conclude this successful Congress, we also featured on local television.


200+ Healthcare managers gather in Ulm.  A wonderful networking opportunity for EfN!

In Ulm we taught the first group of student midwives. The Ulmer Health Academy is housed in a former palace with an ancient library, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The beautiful 17th Century Library at the Ulmer Health Academy - what a place to do your training!

Nursing students from Hamburg and Hanover arrived in Leicester, Manchester and Bristol to complete their practical placements for 4 weeks. It gave us great pleasure to see them in action and offer them our support!


Sabine with Vanessa (a student Nurse from Hamburg). Vanessa did 4 weeks work experience in Bristol. 


August 2015

During this month we began to make preparations for the autumn. The nursing get-together evening in Hamburg was rounded off with a flyer from the Hamburg Nursing Council, which was also distributed throughout our network. The first bookings for our English language courses for 2016 came in which, was a great joy for us. Thus, August was a busy month of organisation for the following year.  A meeting between Sabine and three Chief Nurses was also scheduled for September, in Bristol.
With all these contacts and connections our network continues to grow and prosper!


September 2015

This month was a lovely one - especially for Sabine because it was time for her annual leave! But before she could hit the road there were further teaching trips to Switzerland and Germany.  The first 8 days of the month saw intensive teaching in German and English.
Back in Bristol, we attended the meeting of the Chief Nurses, which was very successful. In addition, we received an invitation from DBfK to deliver a workshop in March 2016 at the Congress of Berlin.  Last but not least - Silke moved to Germany to study nursing education! With tears and good wishes we waved goodbye to our friend! ☹ /  .... But she will continue to fly the flag for EfN from her new home!
While Sabine was in Bella Italia, Steffi, Sarah and Donna held the fort in Bristol. Silke taught  in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and also flew to Carlow / Ireland.
As usual, the EfN network never stands still! 


EfN Graduates in Gelsenkirchen displaying their certificates with pride! Well done! 


October 2015

Another very busy month!
With our new colleague, Sandra Ludolfs, we travelled to Hamburg to teach groups of Nurses and Midwives.
We also held the first meetings for our new project. Together with Sünje P we were welcomed by two clinics in Hamburg for important discussions about our work. We went into these meetings with great excitement and some trepidation... but came out with big smiles! Helene Maucher came from Ulm to Hamburg especially for our presentation, which was very flattering for us.
Then we made our way to the Hamburger Pflegekongress!


Lovely, enthusiastic nurses at the Asklepios Hospital in Hamburg!


Helene came all the way from Ulm for this meeting in Hamburg, which was just fabulous!


Then on to Hannover where we stayed in the North ☺  First we taught more midwives and nurses! The workshops were conducted with huge energy, enthusiasm and fun. That alone would have been enough for this month but we hadn’t even travelled to ENDA yet!
Iris Meyenburg Altwarg (MHH) and the ENDA President invited the entire World to Hannover for the congress! There we were, right in the middle of care scientists and care managers from Asia, US and Europe.  We delivered a workshop on intercultural nursing with our Patroness Prof. Jacqueline Fiklins (Honorary President of ENDA). It was received with a lot of energy and optimism and was a great success.
ENDA also gave us the great opportunity to demonstrate our work as an overseas nurses network.


Prof. Jacqui Filkins (EfN's Patron) and Sabine Torgler deliver a workshop about intercultural Nursing at ENDA (European Nurse Directors Association)


The end of the month saw our second exchange of the year. Colleagues from Bremen and Hamburg came to Manchester to meet Sabine for 2.5 days so they could better understand the concept of working with a Preceptorship Program.  This included visits to the Central Manchester Foundation Trust, South Manchester University Hospital and a Care Home also in Manchester.
After a thorough exchange of ideas – some old, some completely new – Sabine returned to Bristol and the group travelled back to Hamburg and Bremen.

Colleagues from Germany arrived in Manchester to discuss the concept of a Preceptorship program. 


November 2015

This month was packed full of courses, networking and our first involvement in the implementation of a Nursing Council in Germany.
On the 12th November the Hamburg Nursing Council invited Christiane Kallenbach, Prof. Dr. Edith Kellnhauser and Sabine Torgler to talk about the Council.  The Albertinen Academy opened its doors to a great many colleagues from Hamburg and Lower Saxony who all came together to jointly discuss this important issue for the future of nursing in Germany.
The success of this event was enormous and this could be seen clearly during the meeting and the discussions afterwards.
Full of energy we travelled on to Zurich and Aarau to teach German and English to more nurses. These workshops were again very well received with many enthusiastic nurses who were willing to learn English / German and develop their language skills


Dr Edith Kellnhauser with Katrin Blanck-Köster after the important event in Hamburg on 12.11.2015. 


More thoughts and ideas were exchanged between Hamburg and Bristol about working with Sünje Prühlen on the "Expertenkonzept". Our plans were eventually put into print! Thus, it became official.  English for Nurses now has a sister network called Pflege und OrganisationsCulture.


The new logo for this exciting network!


It was also decided that we will teach English for Paediatric Nurses  (including Neonatology), which is very exciting! Luckily we have a great expert in this feild - Sabine Nägele who is a paediatric intensive care nurse from Stuttgart (now a Research Nurse).  She has helped us with her excellent professional advice.
And last but not least – work experience placements were a special highlight for us. Sophie from Hamburg (our last student) did her placement in Bristol. Kaja and Simone did theirs in Leicester.
Students of the Erasmus project now have their own section on our website where they can share their experiences with student nurses who may be planning overseas placements in the future
You can read all about these students' experiences during their 4 weeks in England.  Click the green button below

student nurses' experiences

December 2015

The last month in this colourful, lively & successful year for was anything but quiet.
Additional course bookings have been confirmed for 2016. Meetings were confirmed in January in Hamburg and Berlin. Later, we made the decision that the paediatric nursing & neonatology courses will be a separate branch in 2016. Sabine Nägele / Ex-Overseas Nurse from Bristol (now Stuttgart) will lead this exciting project.
Another new development is that we will deliver individual online modules from 2016 onwards. The first session will be held in January with English for Critical Care.  We will offer 60 minutes sessions and hope that this project will be a great success and continue to develop.
Sabine, Silke and Sandra are already planning their first workshops in January, which includes 4 courses in Germany and Ireland.
And (almost) last but not least - we had had an unexpected discussion with Calcutta (India) via Skype. There is a language centre there that has expressed an interest in cooperating with us in 2016 in what will be another crazy year in this CRAZY world of nursing ☺
And that's about it for our exciting year ☺ ... as briefly as we can… although it quickly became 6 pages!

Dear colleagues, friends and supporters: Care is - and remains - exciting and you never know what to expect the next day - be it on the ward or in our colourful nursing network.
A Happy New Year and our very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016.. from Bristol, Barcelona, ​​Freiburg, Stuttgart and Bremen!
Your EfN Ladies:

Sabine, Sarah, Steffi, Magda, Silke, Katrin, Sandra and Sabine


Sabine & Katrin dressed for the cold in Zurich! - Happy New Year!

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