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Summer 2016 Newsletter

#LoveOurEUStaff: Following the Referendum result, EU staff show followers on Twitter how vital they are for the NHS.  EfN is proud to support overseas nurses working in the UK.

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters of our network,
It’s time for a quick update from the colourful world of international care.  Much has happened in the last 7 months and this newsletter will give you a quick insight into our work.  Thank you for taking the time to hear all our news – we appreciate it! 

Ready? Okay, let's go...

January 2016

This month, we taught the last module (5/5) of ‘English for Midwives’ in Berlin.  16 lovely and enthusiastic midwives from all over Germany have been meeting with Sabine every 10 weeks, for the last 10 months, to discuss midwifery in English.
At the end of January, we set off to Berlin with Dr. Sünje Prühlen from HH.  The task was to introduce our ‘Expertenkonzept’ or ‘Expert Concept’ to Martina Henke, the Nursing CEO from Sanaklinike. We had the opportunity to present the work of our new subsidiary network Pflege- und OrganisationsCulture. The presentation was a great success!
We are now getting greater exposure for our Concept work and the interest that is being shown is a confirmation that there is a clear need for our expertise in this area.
Last but by no means least – the first student from Germany (MHH) came to Manchester to pursue a 4-week placement as part of the Erasmus+ program.  This gave us great joy.  The student exchange program is something we are all very passionate about!

You can always read about the experience of some our students on our website or by clicking the button below.


click to read: our student nurses' experiences

The lovely Berlin Midwives, who attended our Module-based course in January.


Pflege- und OrganisationsCulture - our subsidiary network. 


Sünje und Sabine, happy after meeting the Chief Nurse at the SANA- Clinic.

CLICK TO LISTEN: Sabine interviewed about NHS language standards with Jackie Smith, Chief Executive of the NMC, on BBC Radio 5 Live.

February 2016

The best news this month was that Magda became a mother! ☺  A new baby girl is bringing new life, love, colour, craziness…and plenty of sleeplessness to her days and nights.  Many Many congratulations to Magda, our cardiac nurse.
In other news, Silke’s PowerPoint Presentation was sent to the Jungen Pflege AG / DBfK in Berlin. In March she will partner with a large healthcare trust from England to give a presentation about the culture of Care in Britain.
We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the HQ-Sana in Ismaningen.  Sabine was invited by Martina Henke to speak to leaders from the Sana-school about English for Nurses and the Expert-Concept. ☺

Midwives from Hamburg at the BZG on 11/02/2016.  The was the first course at the BZG and there will be many more!

March 2016

This month was full of action and excitement!
First stop was Berlin.  Silke and representatives from NHS Cumbria were guests at DBfK.  It was a brilliant workshop with plenty of stimulating discussion and a great opportunity for networking. 
ENDA also published their flyer for the next ENDA Congress in 2017.  This time Croatia will be the host country and we will be right there too! ☺
There was an exciting and encouraging meeting in Hamburg.  Pflege- und OrganisationsCulture met with Doris Röckendorf. (Health Authority Hamburg) with a view to implement this project in Hamburg’s nursing schools. 
Another highlight was to see students from Hamburg complete their practical placements in Leicester.
Midwifery modules were taught in Munich and Nuremberg.  20 more Midwives from the German Midwifery Association are now learning English with us. The first module – “Kick-Off” went very well.
…our last stop was Zwolle, The Netherlands, at the ILI.  We were invited by Margriet Leest to teach our course “English for Nurses” to teachers and nurses from the city. 

Graduates of "English for Nurses" at the ILI, Zwolle, The Netherlands


Senior EfN Lecturer Silke with staff from NHS Cumbria in Berlin


Silke holds the attention of the audience in Berlin with her presentation about the culture of care in Britain.

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April 2016

Sarah and Sabine made their regular trip to the Military Hospital in Westerstede to teach 20 participants.  This course is a fusion of the nursing and medical fields.  It has also been confirmed that EfN will take over the teaching of Medical-English courses at the BW Hospital in Westerstede.  This means that Westerstede will now act as a training centre at a federal level.  This will be a huge and exciting opportunity for us!
Silke travelled to the Hirslanden clinics in Zurich.  Our partnership with the clinics will continue in 2017.

Learning CPR terminology: 20 soldiers attended 'English for International Disaster Nursing' in Westerstede in April. The group consisted of paramedics, nurses, physicians assistants and a radiographer.


The enthusiastic group of students at the Hirslanden clinic in Zurich. Lots of hard work and concentration, but plenty of fun too!

We were also able to engage in a skype conference with the board of the Italian Care Association in Rome with a view to beginning a new working partnership with them.  Our role would be teaching every-day English, in addition to medical and nursing terminology.  The curriculum would cover about 40 or 50 hours of teaching by EfN. 


English for Nurses has a thriving Facebook page.  If you would like to come and join our community, come take a look!

English for Nurses on Facebook

You can also check us out on Twitter where we post the latest news and updates from our network.  


May 2016

We met with Gabriele Bledsoe and senior nursing staff from the Medical School (MHH) in Cumbria / North England to discuss the Erasmus programme.
Our new partners, NHS Cumbria, have helped us enormously in this wonderful project.  We were particularly delighted to be able to include our patroness Jacqueline Filkins in these talks. ☺

EfN & staff from NHS Cumbria come together to discuss placements for the Erasmus Students for 2016/17. We were amazed by the fantastic work this trust does for rural nursing and its challenges. 

click here to read more about the German nurses gaining fantastic experience working in Cumbria, UK.

This month also saw a trip to Berlin where we were invited by the Sana Congress to participate in the 1st Nursing Management Congress at the Sana Kliniken.

Sabine Brase from the SANA-Hospital group and Sabine (from EfN) at the SANA Nursing Management Congress on 12.05.2016


Martina Henke (Head of Nursing at SANA AG) and Dr. Philippi (CEO of SANA AG)

Steffi flew to Bad Oeynhausen to the Heart and Diabetes Centre to teach ‘English for Nurses’.  The course was a great success, full of enthusiasm and fun.

Steffi flying the flags for EfN at the 'Herz- und Diabetes Zentrum' 30/05/2016


We also taught a group of overseas nurses in Kent, England.  This was a terrific experience for us and we are always pleased to have a new partner in the UK. ☺

lovely overseas nurses from Spain, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria at Medway NHS Hospital/Kent.  Also pictured are Laurel and Kelly - the Education Lead Nurses, who are doing a great job in supporting our international colleagues. 

The largest Red Cross Sisterhood in Munich (we are partnered with 14 DRD sisterhoods) booked us for our BRAND NEW course ‘English for Paediatric Nurses’, which was very well received in Munich.
Sabine and Katrin taught ‘German for Nurses’ to a super group of enthusiastic nurses at elderly care centres in Zurich.

Nurses from Tibet, India, Croatia, Portugal, South-America, Kosovo, Ukraine, & Albania  come together for "Deutsch for Pflegende"

This month we were delighted to take our first bookings for 2017…. Yessss!

June 2016

The Bavarian Midwives Association has confirmed that our partnership will continue with Module-based courses in 2017.  The German Confederation of Midwives has booked us for next year too. 
Silke taught EFN in Zurich and in Darmstadt. Silke - You rocked there and represented the world of nursing!
We also took the decision to fly to Barcelona ICN in 2017.  We will submit our Abstract in October of this year and hope for a ‘Yes’ from the ICN Committee.
The Triemli Hospital of Zurich and one other acute care clinic has asked us to prepare new courses for them.  Thus, we continue to write new courses! ☺
We began to offer online modules in ‘English for Paediatric Care’.  One highlight was teaching a Finnish Nurse who has been working on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and wanted extra language support.
The placements for travel to Bristol via the Erasmus program are now fully booked.  Many thanks to our Partners from Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover and Bonn for making it possible for 10 experts in Nursing to come in late August.  We have already compiled a full and exciting programme for them!
Despite the political upheaval in the UK this month (the EU referendum), we have not lost our enthusiasm and energy for our European network and partnerships.  In fact, we are finding quite the opposite and EfN was proud to support the Remain campaign.  We are very much PRO Europe!  ☺

As overseas nurses, we know how important the free movement of European healthcare professionals is for the NHS and hope that a close relationship is maintained despite the referendum result. 


Graduates @ the "Agaplesion Elisabethstift", proudly display their certificates.

Did you know we now offer online module courses to enable our students to learn at home with direct one-to-one teaching ?

"Learning @ home" : click to read about our special online modules

July 2016

We are pleased to say we have received an invitation for the Sana Congress in Rummelsberg in 2017.  EfN will also be heading back to Ulm for the local Sana Congress that same year.
EfN has also been booked by a care group in England, which means we will become part of the training programme for overseas Nurses who are employed by this group.
We are now on the committee board for ENDA and will help with the organisation of the Congress in Croatia in 2017. ☺
Pflege-und OrganisationsCulture has received an invitation from Springer Verlagto to talk at the Hamburg Pflegekongress in November.  This will give us an opportunity to introduce our expert concept to professionals in Northern Germany.
The Mother Superior of the DRC-sisterhood in Bremen spoke about EfN at the Superiors Conference in Berlin. 
The first bookings for ‘German for Care Workers’ have been confirmed for Hamburg in 2017.
Prof. Edith Kellnhauser is due to visit us in Bristol in August - and we are delighted! ☺
In mid-July Sabine & Katrin returned to Munich for the 3rd module of EFM and German for Nurses.

 A brilliant group who were taught 'English for Miwives - Module 3' in Munich.

So, there you have it – all our news from the first half of the year ... as briefly as was possible… although it still seems to have run to a few pages!
As you can see, dear colleagues, friends and supporters.. Care work is always exciting and you never know what will happen from one day to the next, whether that is on the ward or in our international network.
Thank you for your continuing support,
The EfN Ladies 

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