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Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

It's that time again - another newsletter from English for Nurses. We now have our weekly News Flash column on our Facebook link so we have aimed to keep this newsletter short… well, as short a possible!

Before we begin we would like to again express our thanks for taking a few a minutes of your time to read through this newsletter.  In doing so you help us continue to expand the reach of our business to the national and international nursing worlds.

January 2014:

Firstly, to Senftenberg and the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU). There we had the great opportunity to present our 3 courses: English for Nurses, English for Student Nurses and Learning and Research in Nursing - an Introduction in English. We taught 27 students in the first semester of their study program 'Care -'. We were delighted with the very positive feedback we received and sincerely hope that further partnerships can be established with other interested universities.

Preparations for a very busy February also took place. 6 courses will be taught in 8 days. The handouts (almost a hundred ) have gone to press – and, of course,  chocolate and shortbread have been purchased for our German and Swiss colleagues!

The Dutch colleagues from Raalte / NL have booked us for two of our courses - English for Care Assistants and English for Nurses- both to be taught in March. More courses will be held in August and December of this year.

The Nursing Federation from Zagreb has also asked us to hold a workshop. This makes us very happy – we have sent a proposal back to Zagreb.

The number of Facebook 'friends' of English for Nurses has reached the 200 mark! This means that this year, every month about 20 new nurses have decided to follow us via social media

February 2014:

We knew a very exciting month would be in store for us. Our course English for Intensive Care has been completed. The final version is written and the agenda for the course will now be sent to the Bad Oeynhausen Heart and Diabetes Centre for a course in May. 30 nurses are due to be taught in 2 days. Furthermore, we have already written our presentation for the 'Young Pflegekongress' from DBfK, Berlin, in March. The presentation, which will be sent to Berlin next month, will include a report on the British Health system.

We also travelled to Zurich, Bremen and Hamburg to teach English for Nurses and English for Midwives

For the first time we held an independent hospital workshop in Hamburg where we were supported by the DRK Sisterhood of Hamburg. The course was fully booked and because of this great demand there are 2 more planned for November of this year

Back in Bristol we also discussed how we could best continue to support our Overseas Nurses colleagues in England. There will also be an important meeting with a former Chief Nurse (Nursing Director) of a university hospital.

March 2014: 

This month, in England, we taught 30 Overseas Nurses from Spain and Portugal. The feedback from these workshops was so positive that the director of nursing has decided to acquire our services for the next 2-3 years. This means that we are now an important part of their 'Adaptation Program for Overseas Nurses for the UK'.   We are proud to still have the courage and determination to try and further our contact with NHS hospitals that recruit internationally.

We have accepted the first bookings for 2015! A hospital in Zurich would like to work with us.  This is fabulous news!

The DRK-Sisterhood of Westfalen e.V have booked us for the autumn of this year. This will be the sixth sisterhood in Germany that to work with us.

The Congress in Berlin took place where we presented to about 700 nurses – which was, of course, exciting as well as a little daunting.  For 35 minutes we talked about the British Chamber of Care, union work & the NHS and, of course, about our work within the English for Nurses network. The presentation was concluded with a lively discussion about ongoing issues within nursing in Germany. The President of the German Care Council, Andreas Westerfellhaus congratulated us for an excellent presentation and thanked us for our active support for the self-management of care.

After Berlin we traveled on to Holland where English for Care Assistants and English for Nurses were taught.  Further projects for 2014/2015 will be discussed.  A student exchange program with the College of Groningen is also a strong possibility. All the courses that we have written so far are to be implemented in a course at the 'Language Centre for Professionals' in Zwolle in 2015. The Centre will enter into further partnerships with regional clinics that will be able to book us as guest lecturers. This kind of arrangement is very new territory for us and our motto is “Why not!” ☺ We are very excited about this new project and are looking forward to the adventure.

At the end of the month we were invited to a staff meeting at the Bundeswehr (Army) hospital in Westerstede. The local chairman and the Director of Nursing gave us a great opportunity to present our work on duty of care, medical services and medicine. In October, we will teach 17 soldiers our new course English for International Conflict Nursing with specific reference to the international deployment duties of the Bundeswehr.

The Albertinen Academy of Hamburg have requested a course entitled Learning and Research in Nursing – and Introduction in English’.  The course will be taught alongside our practical courses in the 2015 training program.

April 2014:

25 Overseas Nurses were taught near Birmingham. Colleagues from Spain and Portugal joined us.

The second independent hospital workshop in Zurich took place at the in-house training center of a hospital in the city.

While we were in Switzerland we also had the opportunity to participate in an interesting meeting of a cantonal hospital. This hospital has an interest in English for Nurses, but also in our new course German for Caregivers for acute care hospitals This project will be presented later this year for the first time. 40 international nurses who are already working in Zurich will be able to benefit from this course, which is presented in the German language. This project gives us the chance to reach more international nurses with a different language and to be able to support them in their work. Four nurses from three countries have written this course!

English for Midwives - Module 2 is presented in Karlsruhe at The German Confederation of Midwives. It is the first section of our multi-module course. Module 3, 4, 5, 6 will be presented in the second half in 2014.

We skyped with ENDA and were able to join in with the preparations for an international congress on Care Management. 8 nursing directors from 6 different countries participated in this meeting.... and we were right in the middle!

This month we also received an invitation from a British director of nursing to attend an event for International Nurses Day on12th May. We were able to introduce our work at a large 600-bed hospital.

May 2014:

At Bad Oeynhausen we presented our new course English for Intensive Care. 30 nurses were taught in 2 days.  The feedback was again very good, so this hospital plans to use English for Nurses again in 2015

We also spent time developing our plans for the project with our partner in Hamburg for 2015.  The proposal is to invite eight mentors to return to Bristol in the springtime.  We will also support nurses who will travel to Manchester to gain valuable work experience. We are approaching this project with great energy and enthusiasm since intercultural care is a cause that is very close to our hearts.

We have been invited to visit the School of Nursing of the MHH. On 17/10 we will hold our first independent workshop in Hannover. The school management is very excited about our courses and are helping us to find further work in the area.

The two students from Hamburg have started their practical experience in Manchester. There they will participate four weeks on the ward - a great project for valuable work and life experience.

A clinic in Hamburg invited us to discuss a program for in-house training for the Autumn of 2014. We are extremely happy that another clinic has approached us.

In England we were contacted by the first university hospital so far!  A collaboration is due to take place from July to support 36 Overseas Nurses from Romania and Portugal in learning the English nursing language. This is our third partner within the health care system in the UK.

AND finally the last update for this month - we have a new member in the EFN-family: Heidrun Pundt from Bremen has joined us, which is brilliant news for us! Welcome Heidrun!

June 2014: 

At the beginning of this month two new courses for German for Carers (= Deutsch für Pflegende) were written.  With great trepidation the handouts have been  sent ... ☺. These courses will be taught in November in Zurich.

2 universities in Germany are interested in using our courses English for Midwives in their curriculum. If this goes ahead we will be linked with 4 universities.

English for Nurses was taught in Berlin and Offenbach, and English for Midwives at the Berlin Confederation of Midwives. The collaboration will also continue into 2015!

13 Overseas Nurses were taught in the Midlands in England. The majority of the group came from Romania. The feedback was excellent again, so much so that we can now look forward to teaching 150 Overseas Nurses by the end of July.

The Federal Association of Health Care Management (Berlin) has supported us and asked for a contribution for a piece they want to publish in their magazine. The President Peter Bechtel has been a great help to us with a huge network of care managers.

There is also another new member of the EfN family! : Katrin Steinsiek of Bremen is now part of our team. Katrin, we are really happy to have you!

The Hamburg acute care clinic (new customer) have confirmed a date for November this year. The course will be a combination of English for Nurses, English for Emergency Care and English for Midwives.

We are also incredibly pleased that another meeting with a nursing director in Bristol has been agreed.

So… these are the first 6 months of our work within 'English for Nurses'. Meanwhile, we have also received requests from hospitals about available teaching positions. Everything continues to be very exciting in this development stage, which has yielded a huge amount of growth for us a business.

To be able to work as a communications company whilst also remaining actively involved in care is rather unusual in this industry.  We think that this balance might be what makes our work and our jobs so special. For one thing, it never gets boring and gives us strength and energy for all our projects in the nursing world. We are able to write new courses and meet interesting people from the nursing and care sector while also bringing our own experiences from daily life on the ward to all that we do.

We are grateful to all of you who continue to support us and are a part of the very colourful and varied English for Nurses network.

One final thought from us:

We are Nurses, body and soul.  If we carry our 'Uniforms' with us then we are always there for our patients. We love the exchange of practice with practice and that's why we say: Yes, we are proud to be nurses!

Your EfN team: Sabine Torgler, Sarah Davies, Silke Westphal, Steffi Monoghan, Magda Coll Clavera and Chewbacca… the dog.

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