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Summer 2015 Newsletter

English for Nurses encourage Hands-on teaching: CPR at the Army Hospital in Westerstede

Dear colleagues, friends & supporters of our colourful, national and international nursing world.
It's that time again - our newsletter is hot off the press!

English for Nurses Ltd. is now in it's third year (Our 2nd birthday was at the end March ☺). As nurses, lecturers, network operators and mentors, our professional world is changing so quickly and taking such surprising turns that sometimes all we can do is sit back and admire it all with a cup of herbal tea and a piece of chocolate. All of this is only possible through your continuing support, faith and confidence in the work that we do.  Therefore, we would like to begin this newsletter with a heart-felt “Thank you!”
We began the year with bundles of positive energy, which resulted in a super start to 2015!  We invite you to take a few minutes to read about all the highlights from the first six months of this wonderful year. 

Ready? Okay… let’s go for it!  ☺


January to March 2015

The year had just started and off we went straight into our EfN network.  January saw our last meeting with the Karlsruher Midwives (DHV).  Together we discussed, developed and evaluated 6 modules.  It was sad to say “goodbye” but a reunion has already been planned.  Elsewhere, Silke travelled to Ireland where she taught a group of Finnish and Dutch students who were participating in a European exchange program.
Sabine was invited by the BBC to give an interview about the current situation for overseas nurses in the UK (please see the links below).   With the sisterhood in Coburg we are now networked with 9 DRK sororities.  We also began to discuss the first ideas for a brand new Expert Concept for Germany with our colleague SP from Hamburg - this project is intended to support the work of international nurses who come to Germany.

EfN travel to Carlow, Ireland to teach this enthusiastic group!

Listen to Sabine on BBC London
Listen to Sabine on BBC Midlands

During these first few weeks it became very clear that there was nothing more important than maintaining a colourful national and international nurses network.  It gave us all great happiness to see Steffi become a mother again with a second beautiful daughter.  Magda also made the decision to move back to Catalonia ☹ / ☺ - she will support EfN from Spain.
In February we began to focus on other workshops. Firstly, we travelled to Bremen, Germany, where we wrote an additional course (number 3) for German for Nurses.  We also had the opportunity to meet the nursing director of a hospital in Gelsenkirchen who gave us great encouragement in the work we are doing.  We were able to attend a a meeting of the new Superior of the Bremen sisterhood.   Together with the PR manager of the HB-DRC sisterhood we have decided to participate in a competition for the expert-care concept, which was announced at the federal level.  We have to win…..of course! ☺


5th - 6th March: Graduates of "English for Nurses" from Varel, Lower Saxony, soon to travel to Leicester for 4 weeks experience on an English ward.

There was also an exciting meeting with the Albertinen Academy in Hamburg. This educational institution has announced their support for the Expert Concept for the successful immigration of international nurses to Germany.  In addition to all this we continued with teaching, writing new courses, network development and expert concept work. It goes without saying that countless cups of herbal tea and chocolate were consumed…to prevent hypoglycemia course! Finally, we all had a farewell curry with Magda, which ended with tears in our eyes!


The EfN Team: Silke, Sarah, Sabine & Steffi enjoy a farewell curry with Magda (centre) who has now moved back to Spain and will continue to support EFN from there.

Our professional partners from the Netherlands and Ireland have already booked us for 2016, which was wonderful news. The first courses for midwives took place in Frankfurt, Bochum and Berlin: all with huge energy, laughter and many discussions in English. The DHV is considering whether it would be possible to turn our workshop handouts into a teaching book for the German midwifery schools.  An initial sample of the modules has been sent.  To be able to read our work as a book (in combination with hands-on language workshops) would be absolutely wonderful ☺!
The final preparations were made for the second exchange with our partner in Hamburg.  This will culminate with a 4 day program in Bristol, UK.   Silke held our third independent hospital workshop in Hamburg - with 22 participants - which was the largest to-date.  The DRC sisterhood in Hamburg has again been a tremendous supporter of our work. 


April to June 2015

Sabine and Sarah flew to the Military Hospital in Westerstede to teach 17 BW nurses and paramedics. English for International Disaster Nursing had already been successfully taught there in 2014 and has now become an integral part of their training program.  With our usual energy and heaps of fun we were able to discuss international operations with theses nurses.  In November of this year we will hold the second course in Westerstede.
Back home in the UK the professionals from Hamburg arrived on 12.04.  10 mentors and Project Management (HH) had a great opportunity to get a real taste of British nursing culture.  This included a visit to our university (UWE), a public hospital and a hospice.  After many positive experiences we said goodbye to this group on 17.04. 

Nursing mentors from Hamburg at the UWE campus in April of this year


(above) EfN's Sarah in action at the army hospital in Westerstede. Sabine & Sarah spent two days discussing trauma and emergency medicine with very enthusiastic professionals (below) who have worked in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Syria, USA and many other countries.


Other courses took place in Germany. This month we received the news that in July we will find out if we have been successful in the nursing competition… now we just have to wait! ☺ / ☹
A private hospital chain in England is going to assist us with our intake of students.  Later this year, in December, we will be very proud to be able to welcome 17(!) students from Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Berlin.  Projects like these are always very close to our heart because the students will have a great opportunity to actively participate in the world of care here in Great Britain.
During this period the Expert Concept also received the finishing touches and in June another meeting in Hamburg was scheduled to finalise all the details. Furthermore, we were delighted to add two new partners to our network: Gelsenkirchen & Lisbon / Portugal.  Looking at our “EfN Map” we are now proud to be teaching in:

➢ UK
➢ Germany
➢ Switzerland
➢ Netherlands
➢ Ireland
➢ Austria
➢ Portugal
.... And have developed additional networks with:

➢ Spain
➢ Italy
➢ Poland
Our care world continues to grows and grow, which is just fantastic!


click here to see our courses & workshops

In April we received an invitation to the first nursing conference in Ulm.  The PD of the Ulm University Hospital-HM has invited us and it is with great pleasure that we will fly there in July.  In May Katrin and Sabine flew to Zurich to teach German for Nurses to a group of international nurses.  Six different nations were represented there.  There will be additional courses in the second half of 2015.

A truly international nursing world: Nurses from Bosnia and India, working in Zurich, taught by Sabine & Katrin from English for Nurses. 

Silke also travelled to Wiesbaden to work with our new partners and teach a large group of Nurses.  Back home, in Bristol, we continued to discuss the development of online modules and we still feel that they could be a valuable addition to our work.  We will proceed with this project during the summer.
The Hamburg Nursing Council & Dr. Edith Kellnhauser have invited us to a discussion about the Nursing Council on 12.11.2015.  We actively support the plans for the implementation of the Nursing Council in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


 Meet an International Nurse: 

Edith Kellnhauser, RN, BA, MSEd., PhD studied nursing in Germany, UK and USA, and worked  for many years in these countries, as well as in Egypt. In the USA she obtained her academic qualification for doing her doctorate in Germany and consequently taught nursing at the university. Now retired, she is a member of the commission which is currently implementing the first State Board of Nursing in Germany, and an ardent reader of our newsletter.

Module 1 of English for Midwives was introduced to 22 midwives in Berlin. This group of midwives are the successors of the Karlsruher Ladies who were taught by us last year. 

We also received great news from Manchester that in June 15 Portuguese colleagues will begin work at the University Hospital. We will be part of the introduction program again. Within just one year we will have taught 55 overseas nurses from this private hospital chain alone. 
And last but not least for May: Magda and Sarah have set sail into marriage with their partners – Congratulations ladies!  ☺
In June, alongside the workshops in Germany and Holland, we also took part in a reunion with the Bristol-Hamburg group of 2013 to __ ☺.  This was a great event for us.  Silke travelled to Zwolle / Holland  while Sabine taught in Hamburg and Berlin… while Sarah was on her Honeymoon ☺


Silke's group  proudly display their English for Nurses certificates at the International Language Inn, Zwolle, Netherlands


New for 2016:  Plans for "English for Paediatric Nurses" here at the Children's Hospital in Altona

Our two partners from Zurich have asked for bookings for 2016 and the Kantonsspital in Aarau will support us in two workshops for Nurses and Midwives in November of this year.  In Hamburg, the expert meeting was held in partnership with the Albertinen Academy.  The outcome was very pleasing.  From 2016 the individual modules for this project will be introduced at the federal level.  Our colleagues from Zurich have also expressed an interest in this project, which is brilliant news since we would very much like to operate there too.   The prospect of further international projects continues to gather momentum.
So dear readers that was the first half 2015! ☺ ☺ ☺
Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your continued support of our English for Nurses network!
As Nurses we are united!
Your EfN team


the Bristol-based EfN team: Steffi, Sabine, Silke & Sarah

The German-based EfN team : Heidrun & Katrin in Bremen
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