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   No. 8 - May/June, 2015

Dear friends and colleagues,

Summer is already here and with it, our Summer newsletter. When the academic year is coming to a close, we are all thinking of holidays already, in dear need of a well-deserved rest, but it is also the perfect time to make an evaluation, or even self-evaluation, of the year behind.

I would specially like to express my gratitude to all the members of the new Comissió d’Internacionalització, who have accepted working with me in this exciting field:  Cristina Andreu, Marina Casals, Francesc Díaz, Albert Font, Jordi Jaria, Maria Jiménez, Allan Mackie, Lluís Marqués, Albert Mas, Roger Miralles, Josep Pallarés, Victoria Porras, Esther Puig, Josep Manel Ricart, Antonio Russo, F. Xavier Rius and Xavier Vilanova; I would’t like to forget the substitute members of this commission.

From the internationalization perspective, it has been a very intense year. For me, personally, my first year as vice-rector has made me aware of how much URV is already doing in this field. I have learnt a lot and feel that there is still a lot to be done, but that we are advancing at a very good speed. In this past year, we have:
  • worked together with the Centers to produce their own internationalization plan linked to the University’s Strategic Internationalization Plan (and this phase is almost finished!)
  • attended the main conferences on internationalization (APAIE, EAIE, NAFSA..) so to make the URV more visible all over the world.
  •  the software Moveon at the International Center, which allows for the management of mobility to be a much more reliable and qualitative process.
  • received many international visitors, so it has been made clear the enormous amount of international relations that each of you has on a professional basis.
  • successfully held the International Staff Week.  
  • started collaborating with the International Student Identity Card and now produce our own URV-ISIC, both for staff and students.
  • been able to establish this periodical newsletter in English (hoping that you like it!).And many more things that would be impossible to enumerate in a short text.
I wouldn’t like to finish this text, without making a special mention to the great team that conforms the URV’s International Center: Fina, Susana, Julia, Alexandra, Marisol, Marta, Núria, Yolanda, Gio, Roc, Rebeca, Joan Gabriel, and their coordinator, Marina;  they are an important part of the group of people that make international relations work so nicely in our university.

And the best of all this is that we are already thinking of the future and of all the good things that still need to be done! So next academic year will surely be intense and exciting as well and we will keep you posted on everything taking place.

But for now, let me just wish you a very happy holidays and we will be back with the newsletter in the coming academic year 2015-2016!


Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana   

Vice-Rector for Internationalisation 

>> Trends 2015: the changing context of European higher education, issued by the European University Association.

>> The URV offered some training sessions in Cultural Shock for outgoing mobility students.

>> The Comission for Internationalisation has renewed its members.

>> Tarragona Region of Knowledge Office promoted European projects for R&D by two remarkable events around H2020: Marie Curie actions and Gender, intellectual property,project management and legal aspects
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The URV takes 80th position in the “Times Higher Education” ranking of the top 100 universities under the age of 50
The 100 under 50 ranking, which is compiled by the journal "Times Higher Education", has placed the URV in 80th position in its list of the top 100 universities in the world under the age of 50. It is the second year running that the URV features in the top 100 of this ranking, which has been conducted since 2012.
Full Text
Roundtable seminar among Spain and Ireland: ‘Lessons from the Crisis’
Analysing the measures taken by Ireland since the housing crisis and comparing them with those adopted by Spain. This was the aim of the first international round table "Lessons from the crisis", which was organised and held by the URV's Housing Chair on 8 May.
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The Erasmus National Agency's director visits the URV
On Friday, June 18th, URV received the vist of the Erasmus National Agency (SEPIE in its Spanish acronym: Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación). Its Director, Mr. Pablo Martín González, and its Head of the Higher Education Unit, Mr. José Manuel González Canino, visited URV with the objective to exchange ideas and to know more about our university. They were presented with the Strategic Internationalization Process of our institution and some of its best practices. The fruitful meeting led to a lunch with the Rector and Vice-Rector for Internationalization.
Best practices's exchange in the CICUE meeting
The Committee for Internationalization and Cooperation of the Spanish Universities (CICUE) met on the 12 and 13 May at the University of Oviedo to exchange information, ideas and best practices among Spanish universities about international mobility and developing cooperation. The attendees worked in 2 groups to dicuss about these big topics and they shared their experiences in these fields.
The meeting took place in the Historical building, one of the biggest heritatge of the University of Oviedo. It was a good opportunity to discuss about hot topics of internationalization.
The CEH finds new postgraduate students in China
Doctors Antoni Nomdedeu Rull, executive secretary of the Center for Hispanic Studies and professor of the  Department of Romance Philology at the URV; and Angel Urquizu Cavallé (coordinator of the section of International Business and Language in the Center of Hispanic Studies and director of the Department of Private Law, Litigation and Financial at the URV) visited 5 universities in China and 2 universities in Taiwan from 20 to 30 April 2015.

During this business trip they also visited the Delegate of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Beijing.
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II Social Education International Week
The II Social Education International Week was held on the 24th and 25th of March in the Faculty of Education and Psychology, and was attended by third-year students as well as teachers from the Social Education degree. 
The main events were two monographic workshops conducted by two visiting teachers. The first workshop, entitled Activate: using arts-based tools to Identify and engage community resources and needs, took place on the 24th in the morning, during four hours and was conducted by Professor Kate Sheese from the Graduate Center CUNY (City University of New York). The second workshop, entitled Motivational interview (MI) with youngsters and / or their parents, took place on the 25th, and lasted for four hours too. It was conducted by Professor Caroline Damman, from the University College Odisee, Dilbeek (Belgium).
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The International Center launched its social media accounts
Now you can find us and follow our latest news and information on the social media: Twitter and Facebook. Soon we will be also in LinkedIn and Youtube.
At the end of this newsletter you can find buttons that will lead you to our accounts on theses networks where you can read us and of course we will give you our feedback.
So, let's go and follow us!