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Good afternoon friends,
I hope you are as well as can be on this contentious, snowy (in Vermont at least) Election Day 2020. I’m here with my too strong coffee under a full-spectrum bulb, comforted by a snoozing cat who is unaffected by it all and am contemplating how best to take care of all the swirling emotions conjured by this time.

See below for information about the two weekly classes I offer, both are free and open to all this week, reply to this email for the Zoom link if you would like to attend. Both classes will be lead with tenderness and sweetness to help you remain calm during this tumultuous time.
Tonight:  Gentle Yoga and Meditation, 4:00-5:00 pm
Tomorrow: Yoga For Focus And Fitness: Strength And Flow, 9:00-10:15 am
One of the reasons this day holds so much power over us is the anticipation of what may or not be civil unrest on a grand scale. The anticipation of violence and the harm it may cause hanging in the air. The lingering effects of which will ripple through the economy and so everything else as we are a nation led by capitalism above all things. We have learned a lot about other people’s pain as well as our own this year. This year is not about us individually but about humanity. How is it that collectively we have not learned how to care for each other?
I have been disheartened at times to hear and see images of people on all sides of the political spectrum turning towards violence of one kind or another, justified by the fires self-righteous anger. I meditate on what it would look like if a majority of people could attend to that, whether theirs or someone else’s. The power of intention is a fierce leader that drives words and deeds. When you settle into your seat of power where do you feel like you can do the best that you can do for the world? What is present? Is it in fear and anger? Or is it love? If you’re not sure that means you haven’t spent enough time making friends with your feelings, the whole school of them, not just the students who always raise their hand or those who are the best at gaining attention.
Tend to the anger and the fear, yours first and others’ second, and follow the path love. Fear and anger are real and true but you are not fear and anger. At the source, the universe is not made of fear and anger, the universe is made of – for lack of a better word – love. Regardless of what happens today, let your spirit rest in the waves of your breath and the continuum of time. Remain in a seat of power not disconnected from the world around you but one that maintains a strength ready to serve in a way that will bring the greatest good. At birth we are all brought into the world with the and causes and conditions that set the stage for who we are today starting from that place of love. 
"May all beings be seen, held kindly, and loved.
May we all one day surrender to the weight of being healed.”
~ Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Power over others has the same flavor regardless of which side you are on. Humanity has met a reckoning in 2020 and by now most of us have learned a lot about who we are as individuals and our place in the world. This year has pulled back the curtain on so much falsehood to show us all of our strengths and weaknesses and that we have had the strength to do what must be done all along. We have a moment now to take that learning out of our own little bubbles to connect with the world, regardless of race, class, color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. The next weeks are going to tell us even more about our humanity as the world watches how the US presidential election unfolds. This is an opportunity to make a shift individually as well as globally. Meet this opportunity for resilience with the strength you never knew you had.

Sending love and light to all, Monica
Gentle Yoga And Meditation
Tuesday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
This gentle class will take place mostly on the floor. Clear your space, grab a cup of tea and gather your props: blocks, strap, pillows, bolsters & blankets. Perfect for opening the body, caring for your nervous system and returning back to the center point. Class will start with a guided meditation and end with an affirmation to hold you after class ends. Open to ages 14+, children under 18 may attend accompanied by a parent or alone by permission of the instructor and parent.
Yoga For Focus And Fitness
Wednesday, 9:00 - 10:15 am
Do you enjoy physical activities such as running, crosscountry skiing, dancing, biking, hiking and rollerblading? This class is suitable for those with an active level of fitness.  The use of props is strongly suggested to safely and comfortably explore the edges of your practice. Class begins and ends with meditation and gentle postures on the floor while the heart of class enjoys a core focused practice with isometric strengthening exercise interwoven with postures of intermediate complexity. At the center of it all is a practice of compassion and acceptance of one's individual experience. Athleticism and previous yoga experience are necessary. 



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