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Monica DiGiovanni

My Wild Beat
Let It Flow With Zen Inspired Practices to Build Connection
Zazen Meditation, Kōan Practice, & Blindfolded Movement Meditation

We spend a lot of time thinking and caring for the much love and attention do you offer your mind? Take two hours to calm the reflective mental confusion of the holiday rush and return to a clearer, more connected state of being.

(Part of the Embodied yoga studio Sacred Sunday series)

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Zazen or seated meditation 
"The thing about breath is that it's always happening in the present moment. When you are able to be with the breathing in and the breathing out, you are in the present moment. Of course, when you're in the present moment, then you don't do things mindlessly. You know what you're doing when you're doing it. This helps us to live a more compassionate life and a more beneficial life and one that doesn't get us into a lot of trouble."
~ Zenkei Blanche Hartman
Kōan or Kong-An
"The great surprise that comes with deepening insight is that the self is not something in and of itself; rather, we create the felt sense of it moment to moment."
~ Joseph Goldstein
Blindfolded Movement Meditation
"The atoms and molecules that form us are shaped, held together, by flows of energy.
The molecules wiring each cell vibrate every thousandth of a second, each molecule resonating with its own unique pitch within the overall chemistries of the body.
It is the energy and beat of the heart that coordinates this vast cellular chorus."
~ Paul Pearsall
Sunday, December 9, 1:00-3:00
Register through Embodied

Explore the differences between “brain” and “mind” as you dive into prājna, or inner wisdom, to discover the answers within. In the first half of class, the Japanese Zen disciplines of zazen or seated meditation and kōan practice offer you an opportunity to contemplate a paradoxical parable as you gain a deeper understand of yourself and the world. What appears might surprise you. In the second half of class, experience the creative freedom and liberation of flow in the whole of your being through movement meditation. Choose between being blindfolded, or simply having eyes closed, for movement meditation that will untangle discursive thoughts and ingrained physical behaviors manifest in your body as tension. Release into a state of seamless connection with the universe.

The beginning of class will include brief instruction on how to sit comfortably for longer meditation periods. For those 
uncomfortable sitting on the floor, chairs will be provided.
Email Monica with questions.
Core and Upper Body Strength Basics for Yoga Continues!
Register for four more classes
November - December

Bethany Church, Montpelier
Wednesdays, November 28 - December 19
Main Street, Bethan Church, Montpelier
Cost: $52
Returning participant discount: $48

Email Monica with questions or to register

Great for beginners or intermediate practitioners wanting to gain a deeper understanding. This series offers a chance to experience better body awareness while building strength and integrity in a supportive environment. Topics will cover:
  • Pelvic and shoulder girdle anatomy
  • Proper adjustments necessary for individual bodies within specific poses (asana)
  • An in depth exploration of movement focused on hips and shoulders to begin retraining somatic memory and movement
  • The relationship between core integrity and proper breathing practices (pranayama)
Experience stability and ease like never before in asana such as downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) and plank (phalakasana) as well as more mobility and balance in standing poses such as warrior poses (virabhadrasana), triangle (trikonasana) and extended side angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana).Class is open to anyone with at least six months of practice or more.
Fall 2018 Weekly Classes!
Yoga for 50+

Hosted by
Montpelier Senior Activity Center
See their website for cost and registration details

Yoga for Focus and Fitness
Wednesdays, 1:30-2:45 pm

Fridays, 1:30-2:30 pm
Do you enjoy physical activities such as running, crosscountry skiing, dancing, biking, hiking and rollerblading? This intermediate class is suitable for anyone with an active life. 

Gentle/Moderate Yoga
Fridays, 2:45-4:00 pm

Stretch, decompress and clear mental space with this Friday afternoon class designed to ease you into the weekend. Students are guided to find harmony between breath and movement and to be present moment to moment. 
Weekly Drop-in Classes

Hosted by Embodied
Drop-in cost: $16 / $12

Core and Upper Body Yoga Fusion
Thursdays, 3:20-4:20 pm

Bodies are a complex series of relationships that can sometimes loose the connections necessary to function as an integrated system. Rebalancing the relationship between the pelvic and shoulder girdles will stabilize the spinal column and protect the spinal cord. This whole body stabilization will harmonize the diaphragm and pelvic floor to support healthy breathing patterns including pranayama. Experience safe, nourishing movement while creating the strength you need to support a deeply satisfying asana practice. 
Vitality Yoga
Fridays, 12:00-1:00 pm

We are in the body we are born with for the long haul, including all the accumulated experiences along the way. The beginning of class will peacefully ease in to the place where you are right now, establishing a whole-body union. Followed by gently intensifying, gliding moments, practice will deepen, building strength and flexibility with a clear mind. Pose variations will be given for those recovering from injury or on the newer edge of intermediate asana exploration. Open the channels of free-flowing energy for a renewed sense of your vital Self on the path of life. 
Private Classes with Monica
Monica offers one-on-one classes in your home or a quiet, private, sunny studio in a convenient downtown Montpelier location.
She has a first-hand experience combining yoga, meditation, an anti-inflammatory diet and other wholistic healing modalities perfect for managing and healing autoimmune conditions. She holds a deeply compassionate, empathic approach for the well-being of her clients.

Email with questions or to set up a time.
Cost: sliding scale $50-100 / hr.

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