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Welcome to the 53 Million Artists January Challenge!

We're so glad you could join us.

We'll be starting on January 1st but we wanted to give you a little bit of information before we begin. Over 31 days in January we will be asking you to try out our 4 point plan for getting back in touch with your own creativity. We will be asking you to:


1. MAKE TIME - You will commit to making 20 minutes every day to trying out something new. This might seem like a little or a lot but try to do it every day. Even when you feel really busy, carving out time for yourself in the day is really important, and might even help the rest of the day feel a little easier.

2. DO STUFF - We will send you a different creative challenge every day by email, it should be there by the time you wake up. Sometimes it will be right in your comfort zone and sometimes it will feel like a stretch. Try to push yourself to do them all, even if it feels hard or difficult. If you really don't want to do it, try and make the 20 minutes anyway to do something of your choice. It's all about being creative and making time for yourself so feel free to rip up the rule book - but try to do something every day, it will help you to get into the habit.

3. THINK ABOUT IT - When you've finished your 20 minutes (or if you're really pushed for time, save 2 of your 20 minutes for this!) have a think about how it felt for you. Was it easy or challenging? Did you learn anything about yourself? Would you like to do it again? Keep a note of this so you can look back and see how it was.

4. SHARE IT - We think that sharing what you've done is an important part of developing your creativity - even if it's a bit scary! We're not asking you to share what you've created necessarily, it could be just what you thought or felt about it - in fact that's the thing we'd really like you to share. You can just share it with a friend/family member/partner (why not buddy up with someone on the challenge?) or if you'd like to, we would love it if you would share it with us. You can email it to us, or if you're happy to, you can post it to our website at


Still game? We hope so! There's still time to get friends to sign up - just tell them to drop me a line at and we will add them to the list. This is an experiment for us so we would love it if you would give us any feedback, positive or negative once we've got going. It will help us to keep providing interesting and exciting programmes over the next year.

Thanks for taking part. See you on January 1st!

Best wishes,

The 53 Million Artists Team

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