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Communication and community and culture. We think about ‘em. Tons. We’re endlessly curious about what works and what doesn’t, what’s easy and what’s hard, what we’re doing well and what we’re screwing up. But you know, we're sort of tired of talking amongst ourselves. We'd really like some new perspectives. Perspectives from people like, oh, I don't know . . . you maybe? 

Read our featured article this month to find out more about our plans and check out the sidebar over yonder for our new Question of the Month feature. There may or may not be prizes involved ;-)

Communication Builds Community

by Kelly Bawden

It’s mid-September. After a summer that sometimes felt like we were living on the surface of the sun, cool grey days are popping up in the Portlandia forecast with increasing frequency, signaling to one and all that it’s probably safe to haul the box fan out to the garage, and to grab the space heater while you’re out there. I’ve spent my entire life either in school or working in schools, so the rumbling return of those yellow busses down my street always makes my heart flutter a bit with the excitement (and apprehension) of the start of something new . . .

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On-Site Photo of the Month

Sujata, our newest school psych, took this photo on her first Hello There trip to Yakima. Such beauty!

So many ways to communicate with staff, so little time . . . 

What's your preferred mode of communication within district?


  • 📧email?
  • ☎️ phone? 
  • 📝sticky notes?
  • 📬snail mail?
  • 🚀sky writer?
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Next month, we'll share what others said (and post a new question, too)!
We kicked off the new school year in typical Hello style, with a fun orientation night and our annual fondue event.

One of our highlights of the summer was sitting down with Becca Eisenberg for a new podcast on using cooking to work on speech-language goals.

Starting your staff evaluation schedule for the year? Here's a few things to think about before you get started.

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