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Culture Hub “Ca l’Antiga” launches its first Newsletter in order to reach followers that are not using regularly social networks – i.e. in Facebook –and keep you informed about our activities.

Ca l’Antiga was inaugurated in June 2014. In these early days of 2015 we would like to THANK YOU all of you that have shown deep interest in our activities. We WELCOME all new comers. We would like to THANK all artists that have participated. We would like to THANK people and institutions, private and public, which have supported and encouraged Ca l’Antiga. Deep THANKS to all of you, FRIENDS, and happy 2015.

Ca l'Antiga

Culture Hub

Ca l’Antiga was born on 21st June 2014. Ideally we would like to show how rich is this little paradise named ‘El Maresme’: its nature, art and culture. In the past 6 months, activities have been scheduled in order to make neighbours and visitors more familiar with prominent and selected artists and their work. Although fully Mediterranean, we are open to other cultures to discover and share new horizons and new ideas.

From its privileged location between the hills and the sea, surrounded by pine trees and vineyards, Ca l'Antiga is both traditional and ‘début du siècle’, rural and urban, open to the valley and the Mediterranean sea.

Ca l’Antiga invites artists to show their works in such a way that easier understanding is possible and fruitful. Painters, sculptors, musicians, photographs, actors, singers, dancers, writers, cinema and theatre people are invited and become our hosts for a while and friends for a long.

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Mariàngels Pérez Latorre

2014: Ca l'Antiga's debut

Inaugurated on June, 21st 2014, the longest day in the year and the shortest night, Ca l’Antigat’s debut as been followed by two programmes –“Summer” and “Fall”. Only six months old and what a rich experience!

Invited artists have their roots in this region, precisely, Teià and Masnou. Unconventional and well-known, painter, Gerard Rosés, and sculptor, Miquel Àngel Anadón, have illustrated their own land artistic vision tenderly, energetically and lovely. What a pleasure!

Both the cellar and the garden have been occupied by plain people, ordinary life scenes and well-known landscapes. Confronting static images and bodies to performers, musicians and dancers has been the best complement.

And finally, the visitors: more than 300 people at the opening and big and exclusive attendance to the shows and the exhibition reaching the figure of 1500. We have now more than 500 friends in Facebook and in our web. We hope that you will be in number to love and request this Newsletter.

Estiu 2014

Summer 2014 - El Maresme

More tan 300 people atended the opening of Ca l’Antiga on June, 21st, 2014. Piano concert by Adolf Plà included Monpou and Granados. Mayors of Teià, Josep Botey, and Alella, Andreu Francisco as well and culture member of the city council of Masnou, Jaume Oliveres, welcomed and support Ca l’Antiga recognising its contribution to the cultural life of the three municipalities.

Art exhibition by Gerard Rosés was at the core of the summer programme. Painter and sculptor based in Teià, he describes with powerful colours familiar landscapes and people. Using packaging material he builds sculpted surfaces and concludes its work as oil on canvas.

Music was also well represented by piano player Adolf Plà and Eduard Estivill’s folk band. Poet Juan Antonio Masoliver performed at the sunset. Singers Daniel Lumbreras and Hypatia closed the summer round.

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Tardor 2014

Fall 2014 - El moviment

Movement was the leitmotiv of November’s session. Movement expressed in sculpture, dance and performances.

Exhibition «L’Instant captat» (Captured instant) by sculptor Miquel Àngel Anadón shows how fusion of different movements could share the same body and the same moment, on the other hand, a long movement could be cut in instants captured and displayed separately to form the full development of the movement. Big sculptures decorated the garden and the terraces.

«Cheers» by dancers Olga LLedó and Ariadna Hey celebrating, talking and sharing emotions before being friends and after becoming again strangers in a bar: a violent, free conversation.

«Penélope: the endless movement» by Halkyoni Bouchalaki or the Hellenic Myth in a contemporary translation. Halkyoni gave us an emotive performance in the space of the cellar.

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