Winter - Spring 2016
Ca l'Antiga

Winter – Spring 2016

From 19th March to 24th April 2016

Here, in the Maresme autumn is defined by cold colours: silver, grayish blue and a hardly warm sun. Winter turns instead of warmer colors: Golden, morning and trasmontanos roses, and a Sun which warms up at noon.

At Ca l'Antiga we cannot ignore these changes of light and colors and we want to make them protagonists of our plastic artistic activities. From the alabaster sculpture by Klaus Christ - form, light and transparency - that filled the gallery during the autumn from 30th October to 15th November, now we turn to Paulí Josa way of painting that captures, reflects light and plays with transparencies and has been invited to show it from 19th March to 24th April.

Paulí Josa

Paintings exhibition and installations

Paulí Josa “Jocs de llum”
From 19th March to 24th April 2016

Paulí Josa, closely linked to Premià de Dalt, understantds the light of the Maresme, its vital importance and its ability to define the territory with its character. This feeling has been deeply internalized by Paulí leading him to search for lights all over the world: Mongolia, the Sahara desert or India...

Pauli is a technical, innovative artist, also materialist and at the same time sensitive. He wants us to feel the painting, avoiding a single vision of the work, and to get it proposes parallel or divergent views.

Light inside/outside. Colours and opacities. Displaying with lighting and shadows. Discover one, two or three views of the same work. Light as a mirror, souvenir and metamorphosis.

The exhibition Ca l’Antiga proposes is a journey through various paths, between light and darkness, transparencies, opacities, and special effects.



From 19th March to 24th April 2016

Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00 – Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00

Opening: Saturday 19th March at 18:30
Performances: lighting of the room and the works change every half-hour

Trobades literàries

Literary events

“Vinyoli: poet and translator of poets”
Saturday 2nd April at 18:30

In April, Ca l'Antiga participates in Teià 2016 Cultural week, and therefore there will be literature at Ca l'Antiga.

We present a little-known facet of Joan Vinyoli: translator. Vinyoli revealed during his life Friedrich Hölderlin and Rainer Maria Rilke, among other authors. Well known is the influence of Rilke on Vinyoli whose reflection, "poetry is not feelings, but experiences something" oriented him in his work. They are also known his translations of Rilke, but his relationship with the poetry of Hölderlin remains quite unknown. Vinyoli admired him and wrote about him – "other reality made just with hunches, wishes and longing from a world different from ours, that is what lives in Hölderlin poetry".

The literary meeting will allow us to know and enjoy poetry in different languages, from Vinyoli, Hölderlin and Rilke, arising directly from the hand of the poet and translator of poets.



Lecture of poems of Joan Vinyoli, Friedrich Hölderlin and Rainer Maria Rilke.

Presentation of the book of Friedric Hölderlin poems collecting Vinyoli’s versions of 26 poems carried out in 1940 and 1941, discovered recently but never published until 2015.

Saturday 2nd April at 18:30

Tobias Christ (coeditor) and Francesc Gelonch (poet)

Part de mi


“Part de mi”
Saturday 9th April at 19:00

Come to Ca l’Antiga to enjoy the brief piece "Part de mi", written and directed by Elisenda Guiu with Cristina Solà and Joan Bentallé.
Synopsis: What happen when somebody talks with his/her mind and and doesn't like the answer?
After the performance the author and actors will shared with the assistance their opinion on the phenomenon of “Micro-theatre”. A glass of wine will be offered by Ca l’Antiga and the Celler Serra Sant Mateu of Teià.



Brief piece "Part de mi" written and directed by Elisenda Guiu with Cristina Solà and Joan Bentallé.

Saturday 9th April at 19:00
Free entrance

Klaus Christ

Alabaster and coil sculptures

Klaus Christ “Light and transparence”
Del 30 de octubre al 15 de noviembre de 2015

Ca l’Antiga invited past autumn a sculptor who is in love with El Maresme to the point he moved here to work and create artwork with marble, alabaster, coil, wood. He also intends to pass his passion as sculptor and as art amateur.

Klaus Christ loves stones and lets them to guide him in order to find the intimate shapes, the transparencies; after all, the spirit of the chosen stone.

The exhibition – basically alabaster and coil work – has been a glamourous show : – Strength and Finesse – Opacity and Transparency – Shapes and Spirituality.

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Amor i misticisme

Concert and dance

Galina Escobar, Mireia Zantop, Norma Ros “Love and mysticism”
Thursday 5th Novembre 2015

The event, based on a selection of music, voice and dance of medieval Mediterranean cultures, performed by Galina Escobar, arch viola, Mireia Zantop, percussion and dance and Norma Ros, voice and dance, was full of elegance and gorgeous. Framed in between alabaster sculptures the work of the three ladies was close to the title: “Amor i misticisme” (Love and mysticism).

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Tap music

Tito Busquets “Steel drums”
Friday 13th November 2015

Tito Busquests is a unique specialist of Caribbean steels drums music. His performance was indeed agreat opportunity to approach this melodic instrument born in Caribbean: Steel drums made with recycled oil barrels. Songs and rhythms were accompanied with an exhibition of several instruments and a projection of images from Trinidad and Tobago, their origin country.

Tallers d’escultura a Ca l’Antiga

Sculpture ateliers at Ca l’Antiga

On 23rd - 24th January and 20th - 21st February 2016

Sculpture ateliers by Klaus Christ are based on practice: you have a stone to transform and better if you let the stone guide your hands and your soul. Observe; look at, touch and work on the stone until its own soul come out. Klaus Ateliers are an amazing experience that doesn’t need previous learning or practice. Sculpture considered as a mean for deep reflexion.

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Tallers d’escultura a Ca l’Antiga

Next sculpture atelier at Ca l’Antiga

On 19th and 20th March 2016

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