Winter Newsletter for Accessible Prophecy
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Winter Newsletter

Dear friends

Happy New Year!

We’ve been doing a lot of work with our leaders around the world, particularly in training them in coaching, so we’re really excited that from March we’ll have Accessible Prophecy coaches in Holland, Denmark, Australia and the US. You can find out some more information about coaching below. 

Anders Lindegaard is now leading Accessible Prophecy in Denmark and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the team. You can read some more about him below.

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Many blessings,
The Accessible Prophecy Team

Our Latest News

Our coaching huddles are tailored for anyone who desires to grow in the prophetic, deepen their relationship with Jesus, and see the people around them released into hearing God's voice. 
Here is a testimony from our intern Lucy who has been part of a huddle since November:

"I love being part of the Monday morning huddle with Ceri. It's the first time in my Christian walk where I've truly been challenged and stretched in the prophetic. The teaching is powerful and perceptive and I'm able to put into words what before had just been feelings and senses, which makes explaining prophecy to others a lot easier. I feel so encouraged and supported by Ceri who leads the huddle, as well as the three other women who are part of it. I genuinely look forward to Monday mornings now, which is a testimony in itself. If you've ever wanted to go deeper in your own prophetic gift, or if you desire to inspire those around you to grasp a hold of prophecy, then do consider a coaching huddle, I've found it so life giving and equipping."

Ceri is starting a new daytime huddle in the next few months. Email for more details. 


Anders is a graduate from The University of Copenhagen with a Masters of Theology. He and his wife Trine live in Copenhagen with their two children: Esther and Albert. He has been part of Byens Valgmenighed (The City Church) since it was planted in 2008 - a lutheran charismatic church affiliated with the Danish state church. In the church he has a part time position leading the prophetic ministry and from the beginning of 2016 launching ‘røst’ - the Danish branch of Accessible Prophecy. ‘Røst’ is an old Danish but still common word for ‘voice’.

The overall vision for ‘Røst’ is to rise a prophetic culture in the churches in Denmark, so that everybody can hear the true voice of God and through that grow into a deeper relationship with their heavenly father.

Cath's new book, My Sheep Have Ears has recently been published. If you haven't already ordered one, then here are the links:
US site:
UK site:

Here is a small exert from the book:

"One of the things that excites me most about a mature prophetic culture is that it is multipliable: it reproduces itself.
We Learn by watching- by seeing how other people do it. To effectively multiply prophetic ministry we need to do it in such a way so that others can imitate us. We have to give people a framework to climb on. So this means not just doing ministry at the front of church, but being close enough to people so that they can see how it works in our lives on a day-to-day basis. It means inviting people to come and join in with us."

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