Icinga Bulletin - 08/2015
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Icinga Camp Portland 2015

If you haven't already heard, team Icinga is heading over to Portland for our second Icinga Camp in the United States. We can't wait to be there and there will be a lot to show at this time. At this time we'll have an early version of 2.4 and our core developers will take the chance to show you the brand new API.
In addition to that Icinga Web 2 will be ready for production cause we plan to have it ready in early October. We'll have a couple of Icinga team members over there and there will be a couple of other speakers as well. Directly attached to PuppetConf this is the perfect opportunity to meet up with other community members.

The call for proposals is still open until the end of August but with James Fryman (StackStorm) and Eric Zounes (PuppetLabs) we have our first confirmed speakers in the lineup. But best of all, it's your chance to visit the PuppetLabs HQ in the heart of Portland and to connect with other Icinga users and developers in the community. Space is limited, so register now!

Thanks so much to PuppetLabs for sharing their community space with us. We would also like to thank you our current sponsors StackStorm and PagerDuty to help us running that event. If you are interested in sponsoring IcingaCamp Portland, please check out our sponsorship opportunities.

We're looking forward to see you!

Icinga Camp Details

10 Oct 2015 10:00 am

308 SW 2nd Ave
Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 
97204 United States

What about 2016

We are in an early planing stage for 2016, but we it is for sure that we'll have couple of Icinga Camps next year. One Camp is fixed right now and will take place in Berlin at March 1st 2016. Signup and don't miss any updates on that.

Icinga Partners and Services

Helping our users to find qualified service providers in their area and supporting companies to base their business on Icinga is one of our strategic focuses for the upcoming years. Because of this we’ve spent the last weeks talking to many of our users, team-members, potential partners, and Icinga friends to come up with a model that is transparent, useful, easy to handle, and creates value for everyone involved and today we announce our new Icinga Partner Program.

We are especially happy that all the service providers we talked to and who helped us shape the program also decided to enrol and support our effort from the beginning: With Gridshield in Costa Rica, Inuits in Belgium, NETWAYS in Germany, Shadow-Soft in the US, and OlinData in the Netherlands, Singapore and India, we can cover most parts of the world starting today.

We will work together with them to spread the word about Icinga and offer official Icinga training, support, and professional services to the Icinga community. Find out more about those services provided by our partners here.

You cand find the full announcement on our blog.

The Icinga API is close

One of our most important goals for Icinga 2 was to expose all the data through an unified API. There are hundreds of add ons out there which use existing interfaces like the database, livestatus or just parse the status.dat, which we still support in the Icinga 2 combat feature.

But this is not enough and therefore we decided to create a new API to expose status- and configuration information. With our new REST based API you have direct and of course secured access to Icinga 2 and can use it to query host- and service-states, send commands or configure your complete monitoring environment.

And cause static configuration is sometimes not enough in our dynamic time, you can do that in during runtime. Yes, you got it right, there is no restart necessary to add, remove or modify specific monitoring objects.

The example below will give you an idea what Icinga will bring for "Christmas":

Create a new host

$ curl -u icinga:icinga -k -s 'https://localhost:5665/v1/hosts/' -X PUT -d '{ "templates": [ "generic-host" ], "attrs": { "address": "", "vars.os" : "Linux" } }'
{"results":[{"code":200.0,"status":"Object was created."}]}

List host attributes

$ curl -u icinga:icinga -k -s 'https://localhost:5665/v1/hosts/' -X GET

Modify host attributes

$ curl -u icinga:icinga -k -s 'https://localhost:5665/v1/hosts/' -X POST -d '{ "attrs": { "address": "", "vars.os" : "Windows" } }'
{"results":[{"code":200.0,"name":"","status":"Attributes updated.","type":"Host"}]}

Reschedule a check

$ curl -u icinga:icinga -k -s 'https://localhost:5665/v1/actions/reschedule-check?type=Host&' -X POST
{"results":[{"code":200.0,"status":"Successfully rescheduled check for"}]}

Delete created host

$ curl -u icinga:icinga -k -s 'https://localhost:5665/v1/hosts/' -X DELETE
{"results":[{"code":200.0,"name":"","status":"Object was deleted.","type":"Host"}]}

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