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A quick message from me this week to thank everyone involved in the 14th National Conference for Rural and Remote Allied Health.

Based on the texts and messages I’ve received over the past few days, it seems the 2022 conference has been a huge success, in no small part to our organising and scientific committees, keynote presenters, session chairs, everyone who submitted an abstract and all our conference delegates.

One only needs to glance through the conference proceedings to see so many examples of innovation, capacity building and commitment to improving access to care for rural and remote communities. For our team at SARRAH, it is a fantastic reminder of the calibre of the people we are here to represent and makes us proud to do this work on your behalf.  
I think we can all reassure ourselves that the rural and remote allied health sector is positively teeming with purpose and passion, and even if we are a little light on for people at the moment, due to the ongoing workforce shortages and maldistribution impacting the rural health sector, it is clear we all hold very close to our hearts the need to build and maintain our personal and professional relationships that keep us connected - to each other, and to our purpose - the source of our passion.  

Thank you to everyone for your contributions to this conference, and for your enduring support for SARRAH. 
Travel safe,

If you’re looking for informative and entertaining chat while you cover those miles between country towns on your daily rounds, this is the podcast for you.  Why not be part of it and tell your story?

Do you have any themes/topics that you would like to hear us discuss? People you’d like us to interview?  Please drop us an email to our mailbox at

Listen to earlier episodes here

Australian Cancer Plan webinars
If you’re interested in engaging in the consultation on the Australian Cancer Plan (details in the Submissions section), Cancer Australia hosting interactive Australian Cancer Plan webinars between November 24-30, 2022.
The webinars are free and provide an opportunity for all people affected by cancer, health professionals, and researchers to learn more and provide input on key aspects of the draft Australian Cancer Plan and its digital experience.  For more details and to register for a free webinar, please visit:

The Victorian State Election is being held next Saturday, 26 November.  Health is very clearly a priority for both major political groupings.  There is still a little too much focus on the crisis ends of care and usual foci for announcements. For Victorian members wanting to push for an allied health focus, to complement some of the rural announcements, we’re happy to help. Let us know how we might help in the final days.
NSW goes to the polls in March next year. Health is on the agenda, but we need the debate to be deeper than it has been. Any input from members will be most welcome.
NSW funding opportunity – noting that women make up the large majority of many allied health professions – 90% or more in some cases – NSW based members may be interested in
the NSW Government's $1 million Investing in Women Funding Program. Organisations across metro and regional NSW to apply for funding to develop projects that advance the role, status and contributions of women and girls in our communities.  Details here.

How psychological injury claims have grown rapidly in the healthcare and social assistance industries in NSW
An in-depth study of more than 200,000 workers, supported by three leading Australian universities - the University of Sydney, Monash University, and Curtin University – was launched today as part of the Design for Care consortium - a solutions-focused research project funded by icare (the NSW public insurer).  It has shown that healthcare and social assistance workers are twice as likely to file a workplace compensation claim for psychological injuries, compared to a similar dataset of workers in all non-healthcare industries, including construction, retail and law-enforcement services. The data provides an insight of how psychological injury claims have grown rapidly in the healthcare and social assistance industries in NSW over the past nine years, with nurses, midwives, ambulance officers and social workers revealed as highly impacted jobs.  Workers’ compensation claims for psychological injury are nearly twice as common among Healthcare and Social Assistance (HSA) industry workers in New South Wales (NSW) than workers industries.  Psychological injury claims have grown rapidly in the HSA industry in NSW over the past nine years, most notably since 2015/16. The strongest growth was among Nurses and midwives (150.6% growth), Ambulance officers (138.5%) and social workers (104.1%).
WA Government supporting pharmacy interns to consider regional careers
The WA Government reported that a record number of intern pharmacists will deploy to remote and regional areas under the WA Country Health Service's pharmacy internship program.
Focused on growing the next generation of pharmacists, the program offers university graduates the opportunity to undertake specialist training and development in hospitals and health services around the State. Pharmacy graduates will be able to complete their internships in community retail or hospital settings - marking a significant investment in the ongoing growth and sustainability of the hospital pharmacy workforce.

….and more information on pharmacy….SA Member for Badcoe Jayne Stinson is proposing a parliamentary inquiry into improving timely access to medication for urinary tract infection sufferers. 50 per cent of South Australian women will suffer a painful urinary tract infection (UTI) making it a common women's health complaint. “Currently sufferers must book an appointment with a GP to obtain a script for medication. For many people, this can mean days of pain and discomfort before securing an appointment and effective treatment. For those in country and remote areas, the wait may be much longer.”  This seems like a precursor to SA possibly following the path set by the Queensland Government, and proposed very recently by the NSW Government, to enable Pharmacists to provide care within their scope of practice, that has required a GP appointment.   This is likely to be the big ‘scope of practice’ test nationally over the next few months, with very strong commentary and criticism coming from the AMA in particular.

The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA)
The AMSA has released a report titled: Medical Student Interest in General Practice - Reversing the Trend: Recommendations for Government, Universities and General Practice Colleges. The report follows an AMSA roundtable in October which was attended by medical education, health workforce, medical advocacy and specialty training stakeholders, and Minister for Health and Ageing, Mark Butler and his shadow counterpart, Senator Anne Ruston. The report contains 15 recommendations, with four underpinning themes: increasing funding and support for primary care to teach, improving the quality and quantity of GP placements, shifting away from hospital-centric medical education and improving the perception of GP careers through addressing stigma.

We note this, not only because we need more GPs, but in the hope that at some point in the future a similar level of interest might be shown by senior political leaders in the workforce shortages, maldistribution and pathway gaps face in allied health.  

Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections 

SARRAH is aiming to provide a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport   Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections – which closes today. 

ABS comprehensive review of ANSCO

ABS is undertaking a full review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) to bring it in line with the contemporary labour market. The updated classification will be released in December 2024, in time for use by Census 2026. The ANZSCO is meant to describe all occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets. It is used to describe data for Governments, industry, and businesses to inform and shape educational pathways, skilled migration programs and workforce strategies that equip Australians with skills to get jobs and stay employed.

Clearly, given this, if there are gaps in ANZSCO subsequent policy and funding decisions can be highly problematic for emerging professions, such as Allied Health Assistants – which are not identified specifically in the ANZSCO.

For more information on ANZSCO please read How ANZSCO works. The public consultation schedule provides indicative timeframes for feedback will be sought for each focus area throughout 2023-2024. SARRAH anticipates contributing to
Consultation Round 1 (1 Feb - 28 Apr 2023) – which includes a) Aged care and disability services and b) Welfare and social assistance services plus numerous others
Consultation Round 2 (15 Jun - 6 Sept 2023) – which includes a) Allied health and b) Medical, nursing and other health care services.
Further information is available at Updating ANZSCO. Contact if you would like to subscribe to receive communication on the ANZSCO update.

Consultations Reminders 
Review of the Aged Care Quality Standards- Public consultation closes 25 November 2022.

A new program for in-home aged care – Discussion paper: Due by 25 November 2022
The paper seeks views on key aspects of the new program by 25 November. You can have your say through the online submission process or by calling 1800 318 209. Following closure of the submission process, the Department will hold a reforming in-home aged care update webinar on Wednesday 7 December from 2:00 – 4:00pm AEDT, if you would like to attend, please register here.

Employment White Paper Submissions: Public submissions covering any aspects of the Terms of Reference can be lodged up until midnight 30 November 2022. More information is available here.

Department of Social Services - Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 - Public consultation is open until 11:59 pm AEST, 30 November 2022.
The Strategy provides Australia’s national disability policy framework. It drives action at all levels of government to make Australia an inclusive society that ensures people with disability can fulfil their potential as equal members of the community. To support implementation of the Strategy, governments are seeking feedback on two new guides that aim to help make policies, programs and services more accessible and inclusive for people with disability. 
The Guide to the Guiding Principles will make it easier for governments, businesses and the community to apply the Strategy’s Guiding Principles in their policies, programs and services.

The Guide to Involving People with Disability in Evaluation will make it easier to involve people with disability in evaluating policies, programs and services.

A consultation paper is available and there’s a questionnaire. These are available in Easy Read, Braille, Auslan and a range of languages other than English. There are also alternative ways to make a submission which can be found on

Inquiry into Community Safety, Support Services and Job Opportunities in the Northern Territory - No closing date for submissions is provided, however the report is due by 1 December 2022.
An inquiry into community safety, support services and job opportunities in the Northern Territory by the Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.  If you have any questions about the inquiry or the process of making submissions, please contact the secretariat at

Capability review of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - Public submissions are open until 2 December 2022.
The Commonwealth Government has appointed Mr David Tune AO PSM to conduct the independent review.  The review final report expected to be delivered the first half of 2023. Here are the Terms of reference.    Go to the DSS Consultation Hub to access the public submission process or for more information about the capability review.

Northern Australia's workforce development - Submissions are due by 9 December.
The Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia will inquire into and report on Northern Australia's workforce development -
considering the impediments to building the economic and social infrastructure and workforce needed to support economic development. 

South Australia - Burns Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) for both adult and paediatric servicesThe consultation period is open until Friday 9 December 2022.
released for consultation and feedback.  The SA Chief Medical Officer has invited SARRAH to contribute by providing feedback on the Burns CPC, which is available on the Clinical Prioritisation Criteria website. Input can be provided to SARRAH (to, preferably by the end of November) or directly via

Closing the Gap Review:  Review paper 2: Proposed approach and invitation to engage with the review - Submissions on the review paper are due by 12 December 2022.
The Commission would like your input. Review paper 2 outlines how you can contact us to share your views on our planned approach to assessing progress of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap and how it is being implemented.  To make a submission or brief comment visit You can also email us the Commission at

The Joint Standing Committee (JSC) on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - Submissions closing 16 December 2022
Inquiry into the Capability and Culture of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

Cancer Australia is inviting your feedback on the public consultation for the Australian Cancer Plan (ACP), which sets a 10-year plan to improve outcomes. To improve outcomes, Cancer Australia is calling for coordinated system-wide engagement and inviting comment on a on the strategy, priority areas, objectives and actions in cancer control.  To view the draft Australian Cancer Plan and provide feedback, visit  Public consultation will close on 16 December 2022.

Cancer Australia is also hosting interactive webinars on the Plan between November 24-30, 2022.You can register for a free webinar at

Major review of the Disability Services Act - Consultation on the Disability Services Act is open until 20 December 2022.
The Commonwealth Government has launched the first major review of the Disability Services Act since 1986. The Act governs how the Government provides services for people with disability to improve their independence and participate in community and economic life. The new Act will also provide a basis for continued supports and services outside the NDIS for people living with disability. The new Act will support priorities in Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-31, the national disability policy framework. (See the separate submission process on the Strategy, below). More details are available at DSS Engage.

National Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Strategy - Feedback/input due by 1 February 2023
The National Mental Health Commission is developing a National Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Strategy to address mental health-related stigma and discrimination.   The (Draft) Strategy aims to present a long-term vision, and proposes a range of actions by governments, industry and the community, across sectors and settings, to reduce self-stigma, public stigma and structural stigma and discrimination experienced by people with personal lived experience and their families and support people. The Draft Strategy is available for input and feedback, with input due by 1 February 2023. The Commissioner invites you to provide your feedback via an online survey on proposed actions and/or by uploading a submission. If you have questions, please reach out via email to

The Joint Standing Committee (JSC) on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)Submissions close on 30 June 2023 
Inquiry into and report on general issues around the implementation, performance, governance, administration and expenditure of the NDIS  

The Senate Community Affairs References Committee is inquiring into the extent and nature of poverty in Australia, with a report due by 31 October 2023. The Terms of Reference include – to quote: (c) the impact of poverty on individuals in relation to: (i) employment outcomes, (ii) housing security, (iii) health outcomes, and (iv) education outcomes.  Further detail about the scope of the inquiry is provided in the terms of reference.  Submissions are sought by 3 February 2023.

Services Australia is seeking user research participants for Allied Health Professionals
Are you interested in participating in user research for Services Australia?
The Digital Provider Improvements project in Services Australia is digitising the Medicare provider registrations. In 2019, Services Australia released the digital Medicare registration for Medical Interns. This meant that Medicare subsidised health services can be delivered much faster as registration time reduced from 6 weeks to almost instantaneous. We would like to offer this technology to our next cohort, Allied Health Professionals and are we’d like to talk to you to review our proposed process.

ClinEdAus aims to support high quality clinical placement experiences for allied health students and supervisors through the provision of open access, contemporary, evidence-based clinical education resources that support clinical education across all allied health professions.

Visit the ClinEdAus YouTube channel or visit these pages to see what ClinEdAus has been working on!

Disability Action Week 2022
To mark Disability Action Week 2022, CheckUP are hosting a Queensland Primary Healthcare Network (QPCHN) event on Wednesday 30 November. At the event we all will hear from leaders and advocates in the disability sector discussing current services and programs; accessibility, inclusion, purpose, and the power of working in partnership. 

Tickets: Register via Eventbrite: QPHCN event - Disability Action Week Tickets

Department of Veteran's Affairs - DVA webinar and quick guides for general practices - now available
The following article has been published in DVA Provider News: DVA webinar and quick guides for general practices – now available. If you’re a general practice manager, work in general practice or simply want to improve your understanding of DVA’s health arrangements, DVA online webinar and printable quick guides can help you support your veteran patients.

Yarning to make health decisions together

Finding your way tells the story of a person’s journey, starting at the beginning, but choosing different paths as people walk through country the model’s interconnected circles and tracks create different pathways and are broker points for shared decision making the shared decision-making process is about developing a connection between Aboriginal people and health professionals, and building trust through yarning, safely and respectfully.
To see the resources, please go to

External Grants
AUS: Indigenous Australians' Health Programme - Workforce and Maternity Services
AUS: Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal Community grants
NSW: NSW Women’s Week Grants
TAS: International Womens Day Small Grants
QLD: Rural Economic Development Grants
QLD: Organisation Grants (QLD)
NT:    Health Workforce Scholarship Program
VIC:  Workforce Scholarship Program (HSWP)

Complete Advertising Listing Form and submit it to .

  1. Early Career Podiatrist: Rural Generalist Program - Tamworth/Newcastle
  2. Physiotherapist - Rural Reliever Program - New England - Northwest
  3. Psychologist - Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation
  4. Podiatrist Level 1/2 - Tamworth NSW
  5. Podiatrist for 2023 Rural Generalist Program - NSW Government 
  6. Paediatric Speech Pathologist - Rural Generalist Training Program
  7. Occupational Therapist, NT Health - Alice Springs
  8. Community Physiotherapist - Rural Generalist Training Position
  9. Allied Health Clinical Lead, Various Disciplines - James Cook University
  10. Dietitian - Rural Allied Health & Community Health, Gayndah Health Service, Wide Bay
  11. Occupational Therapist - Community Allied Health and Aged Care, Alice Springs
  12. Senior Occupational Therapist - Dubbo Cerebral Palsy Alliance 
  13. Senior Speech Pathologist - Dubbo Cerebral Palsy Alliance 
  14. Dietitian, East Wimmera Health Services - Campus Base Negotiable
  15. Registered Nurse (Continence Advisor)
  16. Podiatrist - Experienced and Graduate Opportunities
  17. Mental Health Professionals
  18. Community Nurse (RN/EN)
  19. SARRAH Temporary/Casual Employment Register
  20. Community Occupational Therapist - Rural Generalist Training Position
  21. Graduate Opportunities - Allied Health - NWRH
  22. Mount Gambier Physiotherapy Candidate Pool (AHP1/2)
  23. Allied Health Rural Generalist Position - Elephant in the Room Training & Consultancy
  24. Pharmacist - Emerald, QLD
  25. Physiotherapist - Eyre and Far North Local Health Network, Port Lincoln
  26. Occupational Therapist - Desert Therapy, Alice Springs
  27. Speech Pathologist - Well Balanced Care
  28. Occupational Therapist - Emerge Allied Health (St Helens)
  29. Physiotherapist - Corryong Health 
  30. Senior Speech Pathologist - Community Allied Health and Aged Care
  31. Psychologist - Well Balanced Care, Cairns
  32. Occupational Therapist - Well Balanced Care 
  33. Exercise Physiologist - Active Performance
  34. Speech Therapist - Active Performance
  35. Social Worker - Active Performance
  36. Occupational Therapist - Active Performance
  37. Physiotherapist - Active Performance
  38. Physiotherapist - Corryong Health
  39. Occupational Therapist - Dundaloo Health Services
  40. Psychologist or Accredited Clinical Social Worker - Dundaloo Health Services
  41. Clinical Educator (Allied Health) - Southern Queensland Rural Health - Charleville
  42. Speech Pathologist Rural Generalist - Mt Isa QLD
  43. Physiotherapist - Nhulunbuy NT - Arneham Physiotherapy Services
  44. Speech Pathologist - Health Workforce QLD
  45. Clinical Psychologist - Health Workforce QLD
  46. Physiotherapist - Health Workforce QLD
  47. Occupational Therapist - Health Workforce QLD
  48. Physiotherapist - Optimum Recruitment

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