Wow!  What a summit this has been.  Thanks so much for joining us.  

It has been so wonderful to hear the heartfelt stories of our summit dads, to get new information about the importance of fathers, and to find out the resources available to support dads.

It was truly an honor for me to connect with these men.  I am so grateful for the work they are doing--and more significantly for the fathers they are. Thank you, gentlemen.  It has been a pleasure.

Did you miss any of the speakers you really wanted to hear?  

Here they are again one last time!

Happy Listening,

Elisabeth Stitt
Joyful Parenting Coaching   
Rick Johnson
Better Dads, Stronger Sons
  • The beginnings of Better Dads 
  • Communicating with boys and the Importance of a positive male role model in a boy's life
  • Advice for Fathers:  Remember, showing up and being present is 80% of the job.
  • Guidelines for raising boys who will become good men
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Dan Medcraft
Brand New Dad
  • Struggles bonding with child as a father
  • Importance of family
  • Collecting and sorting through advice
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Kelly D. Farley
Grieving Dads
  • Kelly's own story of losing not one child, but two
  • How society's portrayal of dads as the "strong" one keeps them from healthy grieving 
  • Dads do grieve and need the same kind of help and support women get
  • How to support someone who recently experienced a loss
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Jay Payleitner
52 Things Kids Need from a Dad
  • You are the perfect dad for your kids!
  • Get a sneak peak from 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad
  • No guilt!  No Dad bashing here! 
  • Stop and catch the fireflies! Make your kids your hobby! Ignore the stickball dents on the garage door! 
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Al Ferguson
Founder of England's Biggest Dad Website
  • A blog that has gone global
  • The way to learn about being a great dad is through other dads
  • The Dad Network: Great connections and great content
  • On being a step father
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Dan Lythcott-Haims
Raise Kids, Don't Just Have Them​
  • People's perceptions of dad as the primary caregiver
  • Compromising
  • Modeling love and adulthood
  • How to be a Father vs. being a partner
  • Setting up a household for creativity and intellectual curiosity
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Dr. Dennis Coates
Teenage Brains
  • The teenage brain and the science behind it
  • Importance of exercising critical thinking skills
  • Protecting the teenage brain​
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Julian Redwood
Keys to Being a Successful Dad​
  • Be an engaged dad so mom doesn't end up carrying the full burden
  • Effective communication as a way to keep connected to your spouse and on the same parenting page
  • Forming your relationship with your child by stepping into your role as dad--even when you feel insecure 
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Nathan Timmel
Connect More Than Correct​
  • Going from never wanting to be a dad to being 100% clear that he was ready to fully embracing his role.
  • Using good communication to have honest conversations that really help each person express his or her needs.
  • Being the "Softie" in the house 
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Michael Gurian
Nature, Nurture and Culture
  • His own journey towards fatherhood away from the challenges of his own childhood.
  • Nurturing the nature of the child we have by being attuned as an individual and putting our own ego aside.
  • Different parenting styles between moms and dads
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Sheldon Barrocks
Intentional Parenting
  • Handling postpartum
  • Giving mom a break
  • Making the most out of quality time with your kids
  • Creating a vision for the entire family as a Father
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Paul Banas
By Dads for Dads​​
  • Being a stay at home father
  • Reasoning behind and what you'll find when you go there
  • Having an active role in creating family
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Joe Kelly
Dads and Daughters
  • A father's relationship with his daughter
  • Concerns about father-daughter relationships
  • Joys of father-daughter relationships
  • Advice for fathers of daughters:  Talk to other dads!
  • Advice for moms:  Leave Dad alone with his daughter and let them work out their relationship on their own.
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Scott Wallace
Being the Best Dad You Can Be​
  • Making fatherhood a priority
  • Fathering the whole child;  Accepting the child you have and appreciating who he is
  • Supporting a child throughout his life
  • Single father: Challenges and Rewards
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Ryan McKelley
The Research is Clear:  Dads Are Essential
  • Father involvement
  • Stereotype of the absent father versus the research
  • Positive outcomes for children from more father involvement
  • Barriers that men face when working towards being a more effective father
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Eric Snow
Watch D.O.G.S.​​
  • How Watch D.O.G.S. came to be
  • What Watch D.O.G.S.  does
  • How to start a similar program to Watch D.O.G.S. at your kids' school
  • Why men and male mentors have such an important role to play in our schools.
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Jason Kreidman
The Journey from Dude to Dads
  • How Dudes To Dads came to be
  • Dudes To Dads Services
  • Difficult concepts for Dads
  • Essential concepts for Dads to understand.
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Brian Clark
The Conscious Father
  • How you can give your kids what your father didn't give you.
  • The importance of being present when you are with your kids even if you cannot be with them as much as you would like. 
  • The need for fathers to find support systems where they can share parenting woes as they go through them.
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Keith M. Jowers
Stay Connected No Matter What 
  • Losing Your Dad at Eleven
  • The Part Time Dad with the Full Time Heart
  • Supporting other dads--in person and online.  
  • Working together for the good of the kids
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Robert "Daddy" Nickell
My Life As A Dad
  • Parenting in Two Rounds:  What maturity and perspective brings, plus the changes in expectations for dad in the last 30 years.  
  • Founding Daddy and Co to support dads in creating that feeling of importance and connection for dads, right from day one.  
  • Themes in My Life As A Dad.s.
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