Summer 2016

‘Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous’ is the new business norm. However, this somehow doesn’t go deep enough to articulate the tragedies and fear unfolding of late.

The tragic mass shootings in Orlando, the senseless killing of UK MP Jo Cox, increasingly outrageous political utterances from politicians (globally), a referendum on Britain’s relationship with Europe and the UN’s figure of 65 million people (1 in 113 globally) displaced by conflict at the end of last year.

These are indeed great challenges for our times. We live in an era of global civilisation. We are all connected by numerous systems and the challenges of those complex systems.

Weldon Kennedy said it best on Medium “...even when it may seem we are at odds for limited resources or competing to profit the most of the opportunities before us. Through empathy and compassion we can find that together we are greater than our common challenges. Through love, we will quell other’s hate and show them the opportunities created through cooperation.”

The Future Considerations team continue to be involved in conversations at community, government and institution level. In this edition of our newsletter we share with you some of our discoveries. We'd love you to continue journeying with us and invite you to comment on our posts or 
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Illustrated version of the “Reinventing Organizations” book by Frederic Laloux. Take a look...

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Creating Meaningful Work & Workplaces – we are delighted to sponsor this 2 day masterclass, in conjunction with Do What Matters and The Map of Meaning.  Find out more here.
What does Brexit tell us about Politics, Systemic Complexity and Leadership? As the people of the UK enter the polling booths to decide whether the country should remain within the European Union, or leave and go it alone, Future Considerations Associate Pete Hamill gives his opinion on our difficulty to deal with systemic complexity and the need for collective leadership. Read on…

Business professor, Gary Hamel set out an agenda for corporate reform in his book, What Matters Now, including an explicitly spiritual section on values, entitled ‘Reclaiming the Noble’. Whilst Hamel wrote a business book, not a religious book, he came close to an almost biblical call for corporate leaders to repent, which means to turn around and wake up to reality. Future Considerations Associate John Watters enquires - where does spirituality meet leadership?

How can we successfully restructure our organisations to meet 21st century needs?” According to Deloitte’s ‘Human Capital Trends’ report, 92% of HR and Business leaders reported that organisational redesign is their most important priority. Future Considerations Associate Jackie Thoms argues that the majority of organisational restructuring is not fit for purpose. And it’s a waste of time – join the conversation.

One of the reasons why so many organisational change programmes fail could be down to 'meaning' says Future Considerations Fellow Celine McKeown.  She’s not just talking about having a clear articulation of the meaning of the change e.g. its strategic relevance and outcomes, but to how people experience the change meaningfully. Could meaning be an antidote to organisational change fatigue? Explore with us…

So what happens when you bring together leaders involved in two of the most transformational movements in business and organisations? Last month, in partnership with B-Lab UK (who bring UK Certified B Corps together with B Corps from around the world), we hosted an evening to explore this question. Future Considerations Fellow Celine McKeown shares her experience - When Teal meets B Corps: a match made for transformation?

In April this year, Future Considerations moved to Holacracy as our organisational operating system. Holacracy has had some mixed press recently - for example Medium’s decision to drop it. Future Considerations Fellow Mark Young shares his perspective on why we’ve opted for it and what we’re learning early on. Follow our journey…
The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a guiding light for us here at Future Considerations. We believe that they hold the key to so much that can be evolved for the better:  in Leadership, in our Organisations and for Society as a whole. So you can understand our excitement when we were invited to facilitate the Youth Engagement Breakout Session on 25th April at the UKSSD Conference. Future Considerations Fellow Celine McKeown explored the central question “How can we reach and engage young people to play an active role in making the SDG’s a reality in the UK?” Read on…

Is our climate "too big to fail"? If so, Michael Metcalfe suggests, we should do what we did back in 2008 after the global financial crisis: print money to save it. Adopting a "whatever it takes" commitment to economic recovery, Governments issued $250 billion worth of international currency to stem the collapse. Watch this intriguing TED Talk on funding our green future.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our discoveries and we welcome your comments and observations either direct on our blog or email us.
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