OCTOBER IS - Mental Health Month -  is to promote social and emotional wellbeing to the community, encouraging people to maximise their health potential, enhancing the coping capacity of communities, families, individuals and increasing mental health recovery.

Following on from the many requests I have had in relation to Social Media for small business I will be holding a hands on workshop later this month. This will be more of an introduction to get your Social Media up and running - effectively. You can find the link below. I hope you can make it!

Hope you enjoy this issue of ba.sically business


86400. Each day your bank gives you $86400 to spend and at the end of each day the balance is reduced to zero.

We all get it - you, me, Prime Ministers and celebrities. No one gets more and no one gets less but each of us spends it differently.

Do you spend wisely or are you finding that you have been wasteful?

Time – the only asset you can’t save.

The trick, and it’s not a trick, is to use your time efficiently and this is only achieved by using a plan that revolves around your goals. It is through understanding and knowing your goals (personal and business) that you can determine the best use of your time. If you are unsure ask yourself – 'Is this the best use of my time – Right Now?'
If the answer is yes then you will end each day knowing you have spent wisely. If the answer is No it may be time to reassess the best way to get to a yes.

This could be achieved through outsourcing, delaying or deleting the tasks altogether. It’s through managing your schedule and prioritising what is important that will allow you to spend each dollar, resourcefully. 

ENTREPRENEUR REVIEW - this month we are learning more about Jenna Fletcher and her flo Girl Movement.

Business name - flo Girls

Website flo Girls 

How did the business originate?  Whilst full-time Primary School Teaching (and a result of my studies in Psychology, Health Coaching & Holistic Life Coaching) I realised that today's upcoming generation of women need more focus on their personal development; in particular their self-worth (lacking in the current education system). I saw girls (from a very young age) seeking (and in many cases 'relying on') external validation for their worth. It was at this point that I declined all future job offers and began doing what I'm here to do... inspire and empower girls [pre-teen, teen and young women] to live in ultimate self-worth, living in flo [Freeing their mind, Loving their body, Opening their soul] - loving, nurturing and expressing their authentic self.

How long have you been in this business? I have been working with girls for 2.5 years now (but "The flo Philosophy" was created/founded in 2011).


What do you love about your business?  

I love seeing girls walk away from my sessions and workshops full of positivity; radiating self-love and inspired to live empowered lives! 
WHY I'm doing this: I want girls to live each day being independently content, radiantly healthy and authentically unique - loving who they are and expressing that to the world (staying real). In today's society, I believe girls need a positive role model and mentor 'outside' the family unit; providing inspiration, guidance, motivation and support. I get no better satisfaction than knowing I have shifted a girl's perception of herself and given them a newfound view on life - and seeing them truly flourish (being the best version of themselves they can be).
I'm here to: be an inspirational role model and mentor for girls, create a global movement, and redefine "beautiful"... revolutionising the ways girls live in this world. 


Is there anything you dislike? I dislike the fact that I don't have "flo Boys" running. I'm constantly asked, "I don't have daughters I only have sons, why don't you work with boys?". I'm choosing to put my entire focus and energy on girls (as this is my expertise, and passion), but would love for the male version of me to come along and do the boy version.

Favourite food: Pink lady apples, ooh and yogurt/berries/nuts (...I just love food actually!)

Favourite colour:  Purple/Green (flo colours - purple representing individual & independent, green representing healthy & natural)

Favourite drink: Chai tea (home-brewed on the stove with oat milk, with the top frothed)

Favourite movieThe Notebook (a hopeless romantic at heart)

Favourite time of the daySunset (to then get my jammies on and snuggle in for the night)

Favourite item in your officePurple and green pens (I go nuts in OfficeWorks)


Favourite app on your phone/tablet/computer: I'm actually not up with apps (I had to get my phone just now to see if I even had any!)... and found one - 'Shazam' (love listening to station 101.7 and occasionally Shazam the song to then find it later)

What book are you reading right now? "Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism" by Natasha Walter

Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? Why?  

1) Dianne Keaton - favourite actress (to sing and dance with her to "You Don't Own Me"! hehe)
2) Lorna Jane - my current inspiration (for a chat about how she built her movement)
3) Kai - my young Niece/Goddaughter who lives in USA (don't see her near enough)

Name 3 things on your bucket list: 1) skydive [achieved] 2) travel all seven continents solo [achieved] 3) fall in love with 'My Man' - wherever he is and whenever he comes along

What do you like to do for yourself? Ooh tricky question... too many things! I look after myself by exercising (staying fit and healthy) and having "me time" whenever I can (being home alone or taking a getaway to my Mum's home down the coast). 

Who do you seek advice from? Mum for life advice, Dad for business guidance, and my soul sisters for girl support.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business? Follow your passion(s) and do what comes as a natural expression of 'you'. And ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" (is it a genuine reason or simply a money-making business strategy). 

What is your tip for a work/life balance? Don't view your work as "work"... live your passion and make it your 'life'. (I feel the ultimate goal is to love what you do so much that you simply live and breathe it, and therefore don't need to distinguish between when you're "working" and "not working".) 

And in terms of 'balance'... schedule your weekly calendar to include the life areas you want to live (making health, relaxation, socialising, family time, and whatever else you find enjoyable, as much as a priority as business).

Apple / AndroidApple

Beach / BushBeach 

If you have a girl in your life aged 8-25, they would benefit immensely from a mentor like Jenna.

APP REVIEW -  After reading quite a few reviews on Trello, I decided to give it a go. I was looking for something that would include all areas of my life and could contain different projects and all the action steps. 

Trello is very visual, you can use different colours for the boards and the tasks can be easily seen - and marked when completed.

I have found that it has taken me a few attempts to get the feel of this app but once I got it working its been great.

Trello is FREE and available in the Apple Store as well as Google Play and online. It also syncs across all devices. There is a paid version available.

Give it a try and see how your project management looks.
SMALL BIZ TIP - Getting online is just the first step, once you are there it is necessary to keep your profiles up to date.  
Every few months review each profile to determine if the information recorded needs to be improved. You will find that there have been events and milestones that can be added (or removed) that gives a fresh spark to your details.

It may even be as simple as rewording your About text or changing your profile or cover pictures.
Google Plus
Google Plus

the Fishbowl - will be hosting its next Networking event at Helensburgh Tradies on 22 October commencing at 7pm. Tickets available here

bas.ically social is hosting a hands on workshop on Introduction to Social Media for Small Business. Get more info here

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