MARCH IS - Bandaged Bear Appeal - many of us have had our children or know of children who have had to spend time at Westmead Childrens Hospital. The Appeal raises essential funds for purchasing the most technologically advanced medical equipment, conducting vital research and maintaining the total healing environment that the Hospital is renowned for.

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Organising is a task that affects all of us, all of the time. Yet it seems to be one of those tasks that we procrastinate over, constantly. We can ALWAYS find something else to do. Actually this was created in just one of those moments.
One thing I have found easier when it comes to organising is breaking things down into smaller sections. Tackling tasks in 15 minute blocks and the ‘one in one out’ process also work.
Ideally you should be able to locate any item in your office in less than 60 seconds. Can you?
The first point of organising is in the planning. Then prioritise what is important to you. Finally set a date and a reward.
A good place to start is your desk. You will find yourself more productive when sitting down to a clean desk each morning.
Filing is usually what gets on top of most small businesses. Spend some time thinking about how you want your files ordered. Then use labels. When you have your system established there will be no delays in filing and more importantly no paper mountains. The same holds true for your inbox and other files on your computer. If you haven’t had a chance to read that email from 6 months ago you are not going to read it this week either. Delete it (and unsubscribe) and also delete any other old e-books and pdfs that you think you might read. If you need that little piece of info you can always search for it.
Lastly, take a look around your office space. Do you need to move the ironing board to get around the toy box to get to your desk? If so it’s time to rearrange.
Cheers to your efficiency and productivity. 
ENTREPRENEUR REVIEW - Sammy Mahler, personal stylist, shares a little bit about herself and her business -

Business name ​- Little Miss Boo Personal Styling

Website ​​

How did the business originate? I created it on my own, as I have had 28 years in the business

How long have you been in this business? 1.5 years

What do you love about your business? That I get to help women 

Is there anything you dislike? No nothing , how could I as I help women feel good about themselves and fashion is my passion!

Favourite food: Asian

Favourite colour: Navy blue / Saphire blue

Favourite drink: Red wine

Favourite movie: Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Favourite time of the day: Afternoon

Favourite item in your office: My computer

Favourite app on your phone/tablet/computer: Instagram

What book are you reading right now? I'll Drink To That- Life of Personal Stylist Betty Halbriech 

Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? Why? My best friend is great value, my husband and Ben Stiller who has great humour and wit about to laugh

Name 3 things on your bucket list: Travel to Japan, New York and ski Europe

What do you like to do for yourself? Relax with a wine and read, look and learn fashion

Who do you seek advice from? My girlfriends 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business? Be patient!

What is your tip for a work/life balance? Time management

Apple / Android: Android

Beach / Bush: Beach

Sammy is hosting a fundraiser for her chosen charity SAHSSI on 14 March 2015 For more info and tickets at

APP REVIEW - The Facebook Pages App is available for all mobile devices including tablets. The app allows you to do just about everything you would normally do from your desktop.
Posting, sharing and liking can all be completed when you are out and about and syncs to all your devices. It helps you to connect with your audience quickly and is particularly useful if you are admin to multiple pages. 
The separation of personal and business pages not only makes sense, it also works. 
Its free from Google Play Store for android devices and from the Apps store for Apple products.

SMALL BIZ TIPAre you one of those business owners that piles up all your receipts and then at the last minute (your Activity Statement was due yesterday) finally sit down and complete your accounts? If this is something you haven’t outsourced yet, try booking an hour appointment into your calendar each week and meet with yourself to complete.
Google Plus
Google Plus

the Fishbowl - will be hosting its next Networking event at Helensburgh Tradies on March 26 commencing at 9:30am. No need to purchase tickets as this is a FREE event

The Australian Businesswomens Network has a free webinar on Building Habit forming Products based on the book HOOKED by Nir Eyal.

Flying Solo has many free articles but this podcast also offers a FREE book
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