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NOVEMBER IS - Lung Health Awareness Month is used to promote lung health and focus on the impact of lung disease in the Australian community. Every day we breathe about 22,000 times so a healthy set of lungs is fundamental to a healthy life. Sometimes the simplest daily action – breathing – is often taken for granted and as symptoms of lung disease tend to creep up slowly and people automatically adjust their daily activities to accommodate or reduce their symptoms rather than getting help. See the Lung Foundation for more info.

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BUSINESS INSIGHTS As business owners / operators we never seen to have enough time to get everything done and then we end up in overwhelm with nothing being achieved. Time management is more than just a buzzword it's an ongoing process for keeping yourself and your business on track for success. It becomes the act of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Unfortunately, until you are aware of how you are spending your time you will not be in a position to implement any time management strategies. So keeping a track of what you do and when you do it is a great place to start - and be honest with yourself. 

Then it's time to set your goals. With these in hand you can plan your day so that the important tasks are getting done. If you look to minimise distractions and never multitask you will reduce the amount of time changing between tasks that drain you of energy and brain power. Finally, learn to say no to projects and tasks that don't give you pleasure - you don't have time for it.

Use these tips to ensure your days run smoothly.  

ENTREPRENEUR REVIEW - This month Wendy Gergos shares some things about herself and her business.

Business name - Flame Fish Designs 

Website Flame Fish Designs

How did the business originate?  By accident 

How long have you been in this business? 7+ years


What do you love about your business?   Creativity. Flexibility. Challenges.


 Is there anything you dislike? Admin. Voicemail.

Favourite food: Anything I haven't cooked!

Favourite colour:  All of them.

Favourite drink: G&T

Favourite movie: Marvel (Superhero) Movies

Favourite time of the day: Dusk

Favourite item in your office: My Mac


Favourite app on your phone/tablet/computer: 7MW - 7 Minute Workout

What book are you reading right now? Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart.

Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? Why?  Dalai Lama, to hear him talk about the big stuff. Super star sportsman Jonathan Thurston to hear him talk about indigenous culture. Mum, I miss her.

Name 3 things on your bucket list:  Swim with Whale Sharks. Visit the Maldives. Snorkel the GBR.

What do you like to do for yourself? Bushwalking

Who do you seek advice from? Husband + Google

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business? Create a lifestyle not a job

What is your tip for a work/life balance? Take care of your mental health. Plan holidays, read a book, give yourself permission to shut down + reboot. Clients will understand you're human, if they don't - they're the wrong customers :) *Remember to celebrate the wins!

Apple / AndroidApple

Beach / Bush: Bush

APP REVIEW - There were many complaints when Facebook moved their message service out of the app and over to Messenger. However, now that there are over 1 billion people using Messenger you can do the following - 

* know when your messages have been delivered and seen
* make voice calls and video calls
* take and send photos and videos instantly
* record voice messages
* start group chats

Messenger is available in Google Play and the Apps Store.

Currently in the US there are also options to transfer money to your contacts in Messenger.
SMALL BIZ TIP - It usually gets to the end of the year and fatigue starts to set in and you know you are in dire need of a holiday. Unfortunately without short breaks during the course of the year you will not be working at your best.

Self care is important for all business owners - not just mums.

Try to ensure that you are exercising regularly and not missing meals because you are too busy to eat. Additionally make sure you are getting enough sleep each night so your brain and body can provide the lifestyle you are working for.

Finally, reward yourself throughout the year - including those pats on the back that inspire you to continue doing what you love.
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