DECEMBER IS - No Gender December - marks a time to make a stand against the gendered marketing of toys to children. All children should be encouraged to learn without limitations based on their gender, free from stereotypes aimed at discouraging equal access to all toys for everybody. Remember that all toys and all media are educational — they teach children how to interact with the world and help them practice the skills they will use in adulthood. Toys should foster the traits you want your child to develop, regardless of gender. All children should have toys that foster nurturance, empathy, and perspective taking like dolls, fine motor skills and spatial skills.

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Starting and running a business costs money and the best way to determine where you stand financially is with a budget.
A budget template includes most costs that the majority of businesses are going to face. But if you know of a particular item that is unique to you and your business – include it in your estimates.
The more detailed your finance statement the better.
Remember when you have completed your budget forecast add 10% to each item. It will ensure that there are no surprises.
If you are using your finance estimates for approaching a bank for funds don’t automatically run to the bank you have your personal finances with. Shop around and seek the best rate.

With your completed finance statement you can assess the changes between the forecasted and actual figures and make the relative changes to your business - on a regular basis.  

ENTREPRENEUR REVIEW - Business coaching is one of the most exciting things you can use to propel your business. This month Karelynne Randall tells us her how and why.

Business name - MBL Consultancy

Website MBL Consultancy

How did the business originate?  MBL Consultancy is dedicated to helping people Move Beyond Limitations and the business began because of me seeking to understand the effect of my personal history. I learned why so many of us replay ‘old-patterns’ of behaviour; often unconsciously and without knowing that these patterns that hold you back from wellbeing, personal growth and professional achievement.
My extensive studies in educational psychology, business communication and the neuro-science of Neuro-linguistic Programming led me to specialise in Personal Development; the #1 asset to business success. I help business leaders and their employees identify their Signature Strengths™; the core-values that ‘drive’ personal wellbeing and professional performance, to help you stand out in the marketplace and profit in business.
‘When problems arise in life and business, 9/10 times the root cause and solution to the problem is to understand how values are formed and how they work.’ Christopher Howard-CEO Rock House Global.

How long have you been in this business? 2016 will be MBL Consultancy’s 6th year in business and I’ve worked alongside amazing mentors, contributing to major achievements in education and business for over thirty years.


What do you love about your business?  I delight in seeing people know how to use their personal strengths for professional success, and achieve what they desire and deserve.


 Is there anything you dislike? The time it’s taken me to realise the value of this saying: ‘There’s no failure… only feedback and it’s what we do with it-that counts.’ Oh, and Admin!

Favourite food: Milk chocolate.

Favourite colour:  Various shades of Pink… each one has a different mood.

Favourite drink: Rekorderlig Cider… Delicious, tangy fruit flavours!

Favourite movie‘Something’s Gotta Give!’ Wicked but true. Jack Nicholson and Dianne Keating.

Favourite time of the dayEvening

Favourite item in your office: My laptop and access to Google… I love learning!


Favourite app on your phone/tablet/computer: Linkedin… brilliant for valuable research and quality business connections.

What book are you reading right now? ‘Childhood Disrupted’ Donna Jackson Nakazawa.
Donna writes about the effect of childhood experiences. I’m interested in her expression and because of my research and study I now know how to help others move beyond being in effect of these ‘old patterns’ of ‘disruptions, interruptions’ and traumas… towards wellbeing and success.

Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? Why?  

  • Frank Lowy OAM - Mr Lowy’s life-stories are is inspirational. He is living testimony to realising his ‘old patterns’ from child-hood trauma that almost cost him his total wellbeing and a living example of how to ‘move beyond limitations’ in life and business.
  • Meryl Streep – An unassuming, yet strongly spoken Three times Academy Award winner who has the acting abilty to transform into the full depth of every character she portrays.
  • Jimmy Fallon – US Comedian and Talk Show Host – he is so incredibly clever and really funny!

Name 3 things on your bucket list: I don’t have a Bucket List and I do have an extensive list of what I’ll be doing on my way to ‘growing up!’

  • Visiting Africa and being close to native Gorillas
  • Staying in the French countryside
  • Visiting New York and touring the New Hampshire district.

What do you like to do for yourself? Create beautiful contemporary art-works from an eclectic array of paints and native Australian paperbark… eat and rest in the sunshine.

Who do you seek advice from? I supremely value the guidance freely shared by incredibly wise and knowledgeable people… Those who’ve done what I want to do and offer me inspiration for my own creation. I am absolutely indebted to those amazing people, men and women, who have mentored me in life and work.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business? Seek guidance from trusted mentors. ‘Go for it’ with all you’ve got and be kind to yourself because it’s ‘testing’, it takes time and effort to become known and trusted… and that will be the ‘test’ of your worth in your business. 

What is your tip for a work/life balance? The Dalia Lama recently spoke of self-compassion and I believe as long as you work hard and be productive you deserve to ‘take quality time out’ to rest, rejuvenate and reframe’… you’ll be amazed at what ideas you get in this state!

Apple / AndroidAndroid

Beach / Bush: Beach

APP REVIEW -  If you are a business that holds workshops or other events, the use of a ticketing system can make life a lot easier. They will collect funds, issue printable and e-tickets, collect email data and even send emails to attendees.

There are many online providers however I have found that Eventbrite is easy to use. It is the best I have seen from a visual standpoint and there is no charges if your event is free. There is however a fee for your charged events. Payment is forwarded to your nominated account within days of your event. 

Eventbrite is accessible online and also has apps available on Google Play and the Apps Store.
SMALL BIZ TIP - Its that time of the year when we feel the pressure to get things completed. You are only half way through the business year!

Prioritise to take time out and remember your 'why' and to review your business planning for 2016. It is when you are relaxed that you will feel your creativity flow and new ideas will come to you.
Google Plus
Google Plus

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