Issue 5, April 2016


We are ready for the next TSG edition in 19 countries!

This spring many schools will play the TSG game again, in our 19 member countries. Have a look at this map to see which schools are participating.


School can play online via Smartboard
Schools that have a smartboard (also known as a digiboard) connected to the internet, can complete their results directly online. Instead of children raising their hands during the campaign, each child clicks is asked to click the travel mode they used on the smartboard. The size of the dots change when results are entered and this is relative to the number of trips taken by each mode.  >> More info

Gamification of TSG
TSG 2.0 also includes a gamification scoring concept, attractive to children and teachers. This is visible on the school page as a cityscape header. The more sustainable trips completed, the cleaner your city will become during the course of the campaign. The image below shows what the city would look like after two campaign days. Trees are already emerging but it’s not that nice yet, is it? The more sustainable modes are filled in, the more beautiful the city will become. Do you want to see the end result? Just play the game! You will be amazed to see how much a city can change by using more sustainable modes.

The numbers tell the tale
Evidence has shown that the TSG campaign successfully increases sustainable transport modes and reduces CO2 emissions. The EU savings during the first year of the campaign reached 765.361 kilometres of car trips and 123 tonnes of CO2. The amount of sustainable trips increased from 62% before the campaign to 82% during the campaign. Three weeks after the end of the campaign this figure reached 79%, showing a higher number of sustainable trips compared to the base level. >>Read more Also this year, all participating schools will collect travel data before, during and after the campaign. More results of the past school year for each of the 19 countries can be found in the detailed evaluation report.

CO2 calculator
The diagram in the upper-right corner of the TSG-website displays the CO2 savings made by TSG, based on the trips that changed from single car use to a sustainable mode. The CO2 value at the bottom shows the tonnes of CO2 saved, and above it there is the equivalent number of tree saplings that would need to be planted to offset the saved amount of CO2. The tree at the top shows progress towards the CO2 savings target, leaves turn to green indicate the progress towards the target saving.

Spotlight on... Bulgaria
The teachers and the children from the Dragoman primary school “Hristo Botev” are preparing themselves to play the TSG in spring 2016. At the invitation of the Director, Travis the travelling snake visited the school to explain how to play his game. Travis handed out fluorescent vests to all 127 participating children. This school is playing the Deluxe version of the campaign with activities such as save cycling demonstrations and a quiz about sustainable mobility.

More information and photographs can be found on the website of the Bulgarian NFP: CSDCS.

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