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Issue 2, September 2014


A new school year, a new chapter

In anticipation of the European Mobility Week, several European countries are making the final preparations to launch the Traffic Snake Game in schools across Europe. It is the ideal period to kick-off the campaign, with a record of 18 European countries that are going to implement this successful travel to school campaign. Among them, many will play for the first time. Several schools in these countries have already signed up to play the game this September.

In the past months, the campaign materials have been produced in 18 languages, the new website has been launched and a short introductory movie has been made. Travis, our Travelling Traffic Snake, has already visited some of the participating countries and will continue to do so this school year. >>Read more on his blog.

Watch the "How to play?" movie

To show teachers, city representatives and other interested parties how easy the Traffic Snake Game is and how it works in practice, a short movie has been made. In 3 minutes, the video shows the different steps that make up the game. The original video is in English, but subtitles have been provided for 10 languages. >> Watch the movie

Brand new website

To meet the needs of schools and partners, a new website has been launched. The general website allows stakeholders all over Europe to find out what the project is about, which partners are involved and which schools are participating. On the country pages schools and stakeholders can find all the project information in their local language. Each school will have a login on the website, giving them the opportunity to easily measure the impact of the campaign. Each school will also have a public page where they can showcase the results of the campaign.

The web address to reach all these pages is: 

Who is in?

The Traffic Snake Game Network has been established in order to spread and support the good practice across Europe. This Network with National Focal Points in each country will replicate, transfer and expand the uptake of the campaign. Have a look on this map and find out who the national focal points are.

News from... 

Slovenia is one of the countries that is launching the campaign for the first time this school year. About 11 schools have already signed up to play the game in September at the start of European Mobility Week. Other schools will start later in the academic school year. Travis the snake will be travelling to Slovenia in October. 

In Romania, all the schools participating in 2014 will be playing the game during the European Mobility Week. The campaign starts on the 22nd of September and will go on for two weeks. 56 schools will be taking part this month and a total of 7574 children will be playing the game for the first time in Romania. 

In Lithuania, 10 schools will be playing the game in September. 


Join the Traffic Snake Campaign

Cities and schools in the countries listed can contact their National Focal Point for more information on how and when to join the campaign. If the country does not yet have a National Focal Point, organisations and authorities with an interest in joining the network can contact Mobiel 21. Contact details and more information can be found at Contact Mobiel 21 via

You can also follow the campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find us on the CIVITAS FORUM in Casablanca, from the 23rd until the 26th of September.



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