Lady of the Glen's third Newsletter contains information on Russelsheim attendance and Bunnahbhain being sold out
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Sending out the Bunnahabhain has been delayed due to the Commonwealth Games taking precedence with suppliers. I should hopefully be in a position where I can dispatch the advance orders in the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, for those of you who did not purchase an advance order I regret to inform you that the Bunnanhabhain sold out in advance of the release date so you can no longer purchase direct from

Distributors from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan were very keen to secure stock based on the swathe of strong independent reviews and from their own sampling. benefitted from the independent reviews too with advance orders from all over the UK, France and the United States. Thank you to all the independent reviewers again for taking the time to review the Whisky and I’m really glad you all enjoyed it.

Russelsheim Whiskymesse and Lady of the Glen’s Bunnahabhain sold out!

This September I will be joining Celtic Events at Whiskymesse in Russelsheim. It’s an event I’m really looking forward to for so many reasons; it will be my first Whisky event outside the UK where I will get the opportunity to meet German whisky fans and hopefully some Lady of the Glen fans. It will also be an opportunity for me to meet Andy McNeill of Celtic Events in person, my first distributor and the man who really kicked started Hannah Whisky Merchants ltd into the export market. I’m learning German in preparation for this…

Also in September I’ve been asked to give a talk at Thrive for Business at the Royal Scot’s Club. I will be discussing how I started, the challenges and highlights to date. If anyone has any advice on giving a presentation I will be all ears as I’ve not given a presentation since the shaky Prince’s Trust pitch (although that went well see here).

The newest blog post is about Auctioning Whisky, so please give it a read if you’re interested in learning about the fascinating world of modern Whisky auctioneering and getting some tips with guidance on what else to read too.

In order to build on the recent success the website will be getting updated. This will be to encourage direct web sales and make the web site friendlier for mobile phone users. I’m also looking at the next couple of releases for Lady of the Glen which will be due a few months after the Bunnahbhain is finally released, so stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

That’s all for this month’s update but if you want to contact me, please send an email or tweet me @LotGWhisky.

Alles Gute,



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