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In this update we remind you of the deadline to make your nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We also report on the prestigious Right Livelihood Award (‘Alternative Nobel Peace prize’) being given this week to PNND Council member Tony de Brum (Marshall Islands), and we highlight his request for countries to join the Marshall islands in their nuclear disarmament case in the International Court of Justice.

Who will you nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Have you considered who you would like to nominate for the Nobel Peace prize for 2016? All members of national assemblies (parliaments) are able to make nominations. Perhaps you are interested in nominating a person or organization who/which has taken leadership for nuclear abolition?

Please contact PNND if you would like to discuss potential candidates, or see a sample nomination.

Nominations must be sent by February 1, 2016 by e-mail to or post to The Norwegian Nobel Committee, Henrik Ibsens gate 51, 0255 Oslo, Norway.

Right Livelihood Award to Tony de Brum

The Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony de Brum and the people of the Marshall Islands will today (November 30, 2015) receive the Right Livelihood Award in a ceremony at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. The award, otherwise known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Peace Prize’  is being given for leadership they have taken on the issues of climate change and nuclear disarmament.

The Marshall Islands continues to suffer from the catastrophic trans-generational impact of 67 nuclear weapons tests (detonations) in their islands. And they are now starting to suffer from climate change as high tides are beginning to wash completely over some of their islands. See A ground zero forgotten: The Marshall Islands, once a U.S. nuclear test site, face oblivion again, Washington Post, November 27, 2015).
Tony de Brum, Foreign Minister of the Marshall Islands, speaking at the United Nations about climate change and the Nuclear Zero case in the International Court of Justice
Earlier this month Tony de Brum was awarded the Nuclear Free Future Award, another prestigious award, at a ceremony on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, hosted by PNND Co-President Ed Markey, PNND member Barbara Lee and Representative Jim McGovern.

Nuclear Zero case in the International Court of Justice

The Right Livelihood Award and the Nuclear Free Future award to Tony de Brum recognise the case that the Marshall islands has lodged in the International Court of Justice against the nine nuclear armed States for their failure to implement nuclear disarmament obligations.

The case is proceeding, at the moment, with respect to three of those countries – India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The Marshall Islands has invited other governments to join them in the case – through the right of intervention (see Articles 62 and 63 of the ICJ Statute).

Such interventions will be very helpful to demonstrate to the Court that the failure of the nuclear-armed states to negotiate for nuclear disarmament is a concern of the international community, not just a concern of places like Marshall Islands that have been impacted by nuclear tests.
Please contact PNND for details on how your government could intervene.

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Alyn Ware
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