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PNND Co-President Senator Markey and nine other senators sent a letter to President Obama yesterday calling on him cancel 'launch-on-warning', adopt a 'no-first-use' policy, and scale back the excessive nuclear weapons modernization program.

The senators note that during President Obama’s recent visit to Hiroshima, he called on nations that possess nuclear weapons to “have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them.”

However, they highlight that 'More than a quarter-century after the end of the Cold War, the United States still maintains the option of using nuclear weapons first in a conflict. Retaining this option exacerbates mutual fears of surprise attack, putting pressure on other nuclear-armed states to keep their arsenals on high-alert and increasing the risk of unintended war.'
PNND Co-President Ed Markey
The letter from the senators comes just two weeks after the Parliamentary Assembly for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA) adopted the Tbilisi Declaration which includes a call for no-first-use and de-alerting of nuclear weapons.

The Tbilisi Declaration is significant because it is supported by parliamentary delegations from four nuclear-armed States (France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States), all the NATO states and all the former Soviet states. See OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls for nuclear weapons stand-down

The Washington Post reports that President Obama is expected to announce some policy initiatives soon to further advance his Prague vision for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

For more information see U.S. Senators to Obama: Scale back nuclear-use policies

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