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A special issue on Israel’s interference in Britain’s internal affairs

Dear Members and Recipients,

We recently submitted a motion on Palestine to the Party’s Federal Conference Committee (FCC), signed by 76 members, to be debated at the York conference. Having engaged in a long period of dialogue with the Party hierarchy and having done all it wanted, we were confident that the motion would be accepted, but it was in fact rejected on the grounds of lack of time.

However, we believe that the growing influence of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel (LDFI) within the Party hierarchy has played an important role in this decision. We mention this by way of an introduction to this special issue that discusses the role of that lobby within the UK.

We guarantee you a most informative read. The Newsletter contains six sections where you can click to obtain the information you need. We end with some searching questions about the implications for the Country and the Lib Dem Party, suggesting that both need to come off the fence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Failing that, we shall remain part of the problem, not the solution.

Undercover Al-Jazeera sting produces a smoking gun

If you wish to understand the scandalous way in which Israel interferes in our politics and wreck the career of British politicians who criticise it, we strongly recommend you click here, and also watch the ground-breaking Al-Jazeera documentary.

The most outrageous finding of this investigation was a plot to take down the Deputy Foreign Secretary, Sir Alan Duncan.

Israel’s key objective is to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which has been gaining strength worldwide, and undermine Jeremy Corbyn who has championed it. Al Jazeera gained deep insights into the way it is doing this. Click here for more information.

Distorted news used to defame Baroness Tonge 

Three LDFP members were at a House of Lords meeting on October 25th. The Times and other newspapers disgracefully misreported the event, smearing Tonge and causing her to be unfairly suspended from the Lib Dems. Click here for more information.

Abortive attempt to produce combined LDFP/LDFI motion for the York Conference

When LDFP sought to present its own motion for a second year in succession, the Party leadership pressed it to produce a combined motion with the Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel (LDFI). As explained here, the shot-gun marriage failed and there is to be no motion. But why was it necessary to produce a combined motion?

Redefining the term anti-Semitism

The pro-Israeli lobby has succeeded in getting HMG to endorse a biased definition of anti-Semitism that will result in much legitimate criticism of Israel being unfairly labelled anti-Semitic. Click here for more information.

The international lobby network

Here we show that the British Israel lobby is part of a wider international network centred in Tel Aviv, and that builds on a long history of misleading propaganda going back to the 1940s.

Important questions

What does all this teach us?

We think that the experiences highlighted in this newsletter pose some important questions for ourselves in the UK and for the Lib Dem Party itself. Those questions can be found here.

Thank you for your support.


LDFP exists to fight for the rights of the Palestinian people through the medium of the Liberal Democrat Party. For a full articulation of our position, see here
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