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Energy Saving Policies and

Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes


The focus of the webinar is on how to deal with additionality and materiality within Energy Efficiency Obligation (EEO) and Alternative schemes. Both are complex concepts that have been implemented with a variety of solutions by different Member States. Some existing examples will be illustrated by selected speakers and a discussion about the main points will follow.
Topics to be discussed
  • Additionality in the building sector;
  • Additionality in the industrial sector;
  • Additionality in the transport sector;
  • Materiality in EEO and alternative schemes.
10.00 Introduction about ENSPOL project and webinar content
10.15 Application of additionality and materiality among various EEO and alternative measure schemes
11.30 Discussion
12.00 Closure
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More information about the workshop is available at the event’s webpage.

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