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October 2014                                   David F. Heatwole Art and Creativity eNewsletter
This is kind of a lengthy e-newsletter but I assure you it is interesting and there are many colorful pictures. If you think of someone that might be interested in what I am doing please pass the newsletter on or contact me to contact them!  I cannot do what i am doing without involvement of other people.
GAMES ON!  Get a piece of my art for free!
If you are a fan of my work now is your chance to get the piece above for free!  The contest rules are on my facebook page  but to give you a quick run down all you have to do is post yourself holding a sign that says "I love David Heatwole Art!" in some fun and creative location or manner and then post that photo on my page,  That is all!  Then I vote on the best.  Deadline is November 19th one day before my birthday and I will announce the winner on Nov 20th!
I'm the AIR (Artist in Residence) at the Discovery Museum
I am in my second month at the Discovery Museum in Winchester, VA as the Artist-In-Residence.  My time there so far has been very fun, productive and interesting to say the least.  I have met some very talented people of all ages and look forward to who will come through my studio doors next time i am there.  The hands on aspect to the museum is a huge draw and the wave of future museums for sure.  I see the children having a blast at the different stations and wanting to run to the next floor to see what discoveries it holds.  Even if you do not have children it is a great place to visit and try new things.  Last month I worked with participants to make works of art using upcycled plastic bottle lids tying back to my past Masterpiece Art Kit projects.  This month I am working with participants on making art out of rubbings and developing rubbing plates.  I am still trying to figure out what i will be doing next month.
As many of you may have read either in site or from me directly maybe even from the recent article in the Journal, I am pushing for more murals in Martinsburg.  Along with the murals would be informational plaques about the artist and details about the mural.
  There would be a QR code on each plaque that people can scan with their phone which would take them to more information on a website about each mural.  This website is  Below is a photo of the layout of the first plaque to be installed soon.
It is my goal to become the first United States Arts Ambassador.  I have specific goals, mission and vision for such a position.  One of these goals is to establish Arts Ambassadors with offices in each state or region.  Read more about it in my National Vision.  To establish this is going to cost a lot of money and I am willing to put my money into it to start the process.  Will you help?  Read how you can by just purchasing a specific work of art.  More about this below but first swallow your wheaties and watch this video.  If it makes you laugh PLEASE pass it on.
To fund the campaign, as well as to fund all the projects I am working on, I am selling personalized million dollar "Reality Checks."  Sales are starting and I am very thankful for the individuals that have helped me kick off the campaign.  Without their $50 per art check contribution I wouldn't have the start up funds to do what is needed to keep the campaign growing.  Four checks are soon on their way to Vietnam thanks to an American fan and supporter abroad.  Where in the world will the rest go. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED TO 30,000 and as soon as they are all sold I believe they will go up in value, as I will have successfully raised the money needed to make a huge splash on the national market. TO GET YOUR "Reality Check."   CLICK HERE.
A couple more million dollar "Reality Checks" ready to be delivered
Finding the Way Africa is an organization dedicated to helping displaced people in Uganda rebuild their communities and lives.  They are a small organization doing HUGE things on a minuscule budget.  The director (Jennifer Crawford) and I met just after I met my wife.  The two of them have been friends for decades and share a lot of the same interests.  Jennie and I share some same interests as well and have talked quite a bit about what she is doing over there in Uganda.  I have a desire to help her greatly from my humble home in Martinsburg, WV, USA and that is a little tricky being that I have 5 kids and a whole lot of other stuff going on.  She knows about my Umbrella Offering program and thought it would be good to have some of the youth, from the areas where her organization works, get involved in making a work of art.  And so they did.  Their contribution to the ongoing art program started by volunteering youth and supporters in Bridgewater, VA years ago has finally made this project go International.  I am very grateful and am humbled.  Their one panel has inspired me to put together a team of artists to go to Uganda to work on a collaborative project with the children in these two communities.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE UMBRELLA OFFERING at  The photo on the right is the final panel with Jennifer Crawford and myself at my home in Martinsburg.  She brought the panel from Uganda to my doorstep a few weeks ago and now she is back in Africa doing the work God has planted in her heart.  GO JENNIE!
Watch this great video about The Flowering of a Dream 2000
If you cannot wait until the next eNewsletter to find out what is happening with me, my art and my crazy ideas, feel free to like me on Facebook.  The link is below.  Also, if you really want to be in the know, then get involved.  I have little projects and big projects and I am sure I can find something you can do at whatever level you want to give.  From painting a box to picking up trash, from helping to make a connection between two people, to doing a sit in at a special photo shoot.  Oh yes the fun we can have!  What do you want to do?!?  Time to go paint!  Below is what I am working on.  Thanks for reading!
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