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The momentum continues to build around the first North American Permaculture Convergence!

We have some exciting programming developments to share with you!



Letter to NAPC participants from Michael Pilarski,

The NAPC’s concurrent sessions are currently set up to be composed of presentations, demonstrations, hands-on workshops and round table discussions. I propose that the some of the round tables become working groups or caucuses that meet a number of times during NAPC.

What is the difference between a round table and a working group?

A round table happens once and a working group meets a number of times. A round table enables information exchange between a number of experienced people, their listeners and group dialogue. For instance, a roundtable on farm-scale agroforestry systems or urban permaculture systems.

A working group tends to be task oriented and the people involved are already involved in, and knowledgeable about, the topic.

number of experienced people, their listeners and group dialogue. For instance, a roundtable on farm-scale agroforestry systems or urban permaculture systems.

A working group tends to be task oriented and the people involved are already involved in, and knowledgeable about, the topic.

Round tables are scheduled during concurrent session times. Working groups can be scheduled at concurrent times, as well as during meal times, early mornings and evenings.

Each working group sets its own agenda, goals, facilitation and meeting schedule at their first get-together. This can be revised if necessary. Anyone can propose a working group. There have to be enough people  interested in a topic to be a go.  More info....

Working groups are already starting to form and discussions will be happening in our Facebook Group.



There are some incredible pre and post-NAPC workshop and tour opportunities! (these have been created independently of NAPC, and we are not organizing or connected to these events, but are infoing you as a courtesy – we think it's great that people will have the opportunity to stack functions when they travel here.) Please click on the title of the event – it will take you to their web site for more information or to register! Some of these may sell out, so inquire soon if interested.


Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard -- Aug. 26, 27, 28 - Harmony Park, Clarks Grove, MN

In this introductory course, learn the vocabulary and tools available to redesign your farm into a diversified, resilient polyculture with tree crops, livestock, fruits and vegetables, and more. We’ll discuss techniques such as Farm-scale Permaculture design, keyline design for water management, staple food crops, alleycropping, silvopasturing, multi-story cropping, and how to put it all together into a sustainable and profitable farming system. Instructed by Mark Shepard.


Patterns and Permaculture: Nature’s Forms for Dynamic Design with Toby Hemenway -- Aug. 27 & 28 - Minneapolis, MN

Pattern is design, and design is the subject of permaculture, Mollison tells us in the Designers’ Manual. Patterns are nature’s way of storing information, resolving conflicts, efficiently using resources, moving materials smoothly, recycling waste, and recognizing and ordering connections and relationships. They are also one of the hardest-to-grasp (and teach) elements of permaculture design.

This two day workshop will cover:

A vocabulary of basic patterns and how they function in both nature and design;

how patterns are formed and how they regulate  and shape energy, material, social, and economic flows;

how patterns are used in indigenous, Western, and other cultures;

Fibonacci and the golden ratio, sacred geometry, and the science and mystery of pattern dynamics;

identifying and choosing the patterns that best suit specific design challenges;

using patterns and creating pattern languages to design physical and social landscapes and technologies.


Embodying Permaculture -- The Art of Teaching the Next Generation - Aug. 27 & 28 -- Harmony Park, Clarks Grove, MN

Permaculture is the art of the lifelong learner. Embodying permaculture is the art of the lifelong educator. Being the change you wish to teach is the most effective way to model permaculture to children. Over this two-day workshop, we will explore skills and practices that can be applied to many aspects of your work as an educator or mentor.


Introduction to Itinerant Permaculture with Rico Zook -- Aug. 27 & 28 -- Minneapolis, MN

Itinerant (adjective): Traveling from place to place, most often related to labour or a trade: itinerant farm worker, itinerant priest.

This short course is a comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of itinerant work and Permaculture’s application in this way. From the ethical foundations to the practical steps for working internationally, this course will cover all the diverse and subtle aspects of doing itinerant work successfully. Today many people want to to help others to live on our planet in a better way. All over the globe, people of the majority world are starting to realize that the industrial model has serious flaws. They are starting to look for better solutions. Many of us in the minority world have the money, time and desire to be of assistance, however, good intentions are not enough. This course will provide you with understandings of the Itinerant landscape, as well as the tools to start moving from intention to reality.


Post NAPC Permaculture Tour of the Driftless Region -- Sept. 1 & 2 -- Harmony Park, Clarks Grove, MN

Join us after the North American Permaculture Convergence for a tour of some of the best of what the upper Midwest has to offer!

Our tour will take us to 3 states as we visit Badgersett Research Farm, Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture, New Forest Farm, and Seed Saver’s Exchange.

The bus will leave the site of the NAPC at 8 am on September 1st and return at 8 pm on September 2nd.


Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching with Jude Hobbs and Andrew Millison -- Sept. 2-8 -- Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture, Fountain City, WI

In this dynamic and interactive course, you will learn significant teaching techniques to communicate Permaculture principles and strategies in a wide variety of settings. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and talents by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities such as lecture, facilitating class discussions, storytelling, utilizing visual aids and hands-on projects. In this setting of active learning, you will experience essential practice by preparing and teaching multiple presentations.


And what would a convergence be without music and art? Some great talent from our movement will show up on stage in the evenings (click on their name for more info about each performer).


Multicultural Showcase, Friday Evening


Deva Presence, In Abundance, Hip Hop in Permaculture, Denver, CO

Eco Hiphop, Mike Wird of the Soul Pros, Denver, CO
78°13′N 15°33′EDJ Set, Sprock3t, Norway 


Land and Sea Showcase, Saturday evening


AnOtheREvolution - Ydine Sandberg, Mike Hobbs, Mitchell Ruggles, Hawaii

Kaahele, Hawaii/NY

Kelly Fragale, NY, NY 

The Hills and Rivers, Pittsburgh, PA  


Open Mic and Talent Showcase, Sunday evening


An event for all participants, simply sign up for your time shot, and share with this audience a song, dance, talent, etc for 10- 15 minutes each!


Weekend Film Series


Ecological Consciousness, Andrew Faust, Friday 9pm

Open Sesame, The Story of Seeds, Sean Kaminsky, Saturday 9pm


THANK YOU to all of the people and organizations who have stepped up to register, become sponsors, or have given sweat equity to make this historical convergence happen!

To help out, take a look at the options below, or 
contact us with any ideas you don't see here!
PURCHASE YOUR TICKET.  Save $50 by registering online before August 15th! Please consider registering right away if you know you are coming, as it helps us give you a better event if we have an early idea of how many may be arriving!  Register Now  If you are still on the fence about registering and have questions, please let us know - contact us in our Facebook group, or by email at

SPREAD THE WORD. We've put together a great set of promotional materials for you, including posters, postcards and facebook memes. The more people that attend, the more potential there is for beneficial connection! Email us if you'd like to be sent web graphics, printed postcards or a print-ready poster file.

BECOME A SPONSOR. Do you want to give your organization high-level exposure to thousands of permies? Do you know of another organization that might? We're looking for a few more sponsors to help cover critical programming costs for the event.

Our generous sponsors thus far include:
Gaia University
Permaculture Credit Union
Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture
Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild
Southwoods Forest Gardens
Moonwise Herbs and Brooms
Kansas Permaculture Institute
Permaculture Institute of North America
Permaculture Institute USA
Permaculture Institute of North East
New Society Publishers
Lee Barnes
Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
Palouse Permaculture
New Forest Farm
Midwest Permaculture
Spirit Mountain Farm
Sponsors receive a number of benefits depending on the level, including exhibition space, placement on our poster, free admission passes, and recognition at our opening and closing ceremonies - take a look at our sponsorship page and fill out the form at the bottom if you'd like to sign up.


Are you doing important volunteer work in your community? Are your limited finances holding you back from being able to attend NAPC? Apply for a scholarship here.

We also have limited worktrade positions still open! Especially needed are videographers and sound people, marketers, Tea Room volunteers, and experienced AV equipment handlers. We have a wonderful team of worktraders to join! 

Do you have AV or sound equipment you're willing to loan us for the weekend? Projectors are extremely expensive to rent - if you have a projector we would be especially grateful if you are willing to bring it! 

Join our public Facebook forum where you can make connections beforehand, make suggestions, start forming working groups and other collaborations! With almost 3000 members, there are many ongoing conversations occurring daily.

For regular updates from the NAPC planning team, like our NAPC fan page on Facebook.

Want to carpool? Join our Facebook Rideshare page!

Link to our twitter account.

Stay tuned for information about train or bus travel, airport shuttles, more programming specifics, our working groups program (exciting!), permaculture performing arts, and much more! 
Thank you for your support of this historic event, and for your daily work to create a better world. Hope to see you in August!
In gratitude and abundance,
The NAPC Core Organizing Team
Copyright © 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence, All rights reserved.

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