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St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club Minutes - November 24, 2021
Attendance:  :  Anne, Bill, Diane, Al, Scott, Kathy, Sandy, Paul, Mark, Brian, Sue, Eleanor, Wade, Dagmar, Helen
Regrets:  Natalie, 

Welcome -President Paul @ 5:30 pm

Financial Report - Helen
Helen - Financials- 
A motion was put forward by Helen to increase our donation for Christmas Care and Elgin Shoppe OLG for an additional $400.00 to make it $800.00.  Scott seconded this motion.  This was a Board only motion as the amount was under $500.00
A motion was also put forward by Helen to donate an additional $700.00 to the existing $500.00 for Christmas care apples.   Scott seconded the motion.  The motion was put forward to the club and passed.  

Committee Updates
Hospice- Diane

 Diane- The Hospice event on Oct. 27th went very well.  There was lots of good publicity and they are starting to collect names for volunteers for the hospice.  Let Diane know if you would like to volunteer as there will be some training.  
  We generated $2000.00 from Wildflowers for the Hospice and the proceeds from the Art and Wine fundraiser in Dec will also go to Hospice.  

Fundraising - Paul 

Jackpot Bingo- Eleanor
Eleanor reported that Bingo shifts are all being filled. 

International - Mark F

Local Community Service - Sandy

Follow up on two motions passed last night at the Board meeting.  
Two requests have been made two the club that were not in the budget:
A) Neil from Family and Children's services is looking to support 52 teens  this year by teaching them to make a homemade hot soup in a cooking class and putting it in a thermos.  The request was for funding for either the thermos's or to fund gift cards for the ingredients.  The gift cards would be from Giant Tiger and would be punched so they could only be used for food or clothing.  
A motion was made by Diane that we buy 52 $20.00 gift cards from Giant Tiger for the teens for a total of $1040.00.  The motion was seconded by Helen.   The motion was put to the club and passed.  
B) Lindsey Rice from the YWCA requested help from the Rotary club again this year to help them fund their Christmas wish list.  
Diane put forward a motion that the club provide $2000.00 towards the YWCA's Christmas wish list.  Al seconded the motion.  This motion was put to the club and passed.  
Sandy- Community Service- wanted to thank everyone who helped at Wildflowers Market and to all the club members who are all involved in Community service.  .  Ann has agreed to co chair this committee with Sandy for the upcoming year.  The Art wine and dine is moving ahead.  All paintings are being photographed at Eleanor's.  
Dictionaries- have doubled in price.  The club will need an additional $1600.00 over the cost of the $2000.00 from the District Grant for the dictionaries and environmental program.  
A motion was put forward by Al to spend an additional $1600.00  over the cost of the $2000.00 District Grant for the dictionaries and the environmental program.  This motion was seconded by Scott. The motion was put forward to the club and passed.  
Sandy is going to arrange Marigold seeds from a seed company and she reported that she is able to get a discount and they will print Rotary on the seed packages.  

Kathy asked the club to consider donating some money to Chester St. Group home for care packages for Christmas.  The club was interested in pursuing this and Kathy will call the group home to get some idea of what items would be useful gifts for the residents.  She is also going to find out how many residents and how many men and women.  

Scott- Meeting on Saturday  at 12:00 pm to decorate the splashpad at Pinafore Park.  Bring extension cords and ladders if you have them.  

Wildflowers- Bill

Wildflowers-the club has been invited to return next year.  This year was a resounding success and over $13,000 was raised for all of our Rotary projects.  
Horton Street Market- Sandy

Rotary Youth Exchange - Al G

 Al- Youth- training continues for Hannah Kennedy our new Rotary exchange student.  She is getting her paperwork done.  She was out at Wildflowers and has been invited to help pack apples.  Al and Diane are trying to recoup the $1250.00 from the London Foundation money from the East Coast Fish Fry.  Diane to investigate

Social Media - Sue B.

Administration - Bill C  

1) Bill - Recap from Board meeting last night.  Bill stated that the results of the survey suggest that we need to continue to have a combination of zoom meetings and possibly a hybrid meeting once a month.  Covid numbers are going up again so it seems like Zoom is the safest bet for the foreseeable future.  

 Al- President Elect - is planning his new Board
Paul - Past president, Dagmar, President elect, Helen- Treasurer, Kathy- Secretary, Committee chairs are not finalized yet nor is the vice presidency.   If you think you want to be part of the Presidential team let Al know.  There will be a vote on the new board at the AGM.  
Polio Update/Challenge
Polio challenge- best year yet.  

Member News

Extra Info

Upcoming Events

Members had Happy Bucks!

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.
Board Meeting          November 23, 2021     Paul's Office

Present:  Bill, Al, Diane, Paul, Kathy, Helen, Scott
Apologies:  Sandy
Bill -  Club Survey results
Six people not ready to come back to in person meetings and based on increasing covid numbers in the community need to keep Zoom meetings for foreseeable future and maybe a hybrid meeting once a month.  Al suggested the Atrium for hybrid meeting.  Paul and Al will check out the technology sometime in Jan.  Al suggested that we ask Wade train a few other members in how to use tech.  Cost to use the Atrium is $56 per meeting.  
Wildflowers- A successful season draws to a close.  Bill reported that the club has been invited to return next year to once again help out with the parking.  A celebration of life for a young girl tragically killed in an accident will occur this Friday at Wildflowers and the club has been asked to help out with parking.  Jane is to give a donation to the club for assisting.  
Brian has made a bequest to the Rotary Foundation.  Helen suggested that a few people go to his house for a small presentation which could be videoed and then posted on the Rotary page on :Facebook.  Diane, Scott, Helen and Paul volunteered.  Details to be confirmed.  
Hannah Kennedy is the  Rotary Youth Exchange student moving forward.  Al reported that she has completed most of the paperwork which is a feat in itself.  Al attended the YEO and is working on getting host families protection for students as well as engaging outbound students in service activities which can count towards community hours.  Hannah should be reporting to the club once a month via Zoom once she is on her exchange.  She is expected to participate in our meetings and to record something that we are able to play back. 

Diane is to contact the president of the Rotary Foundation in London to get some money owing to the club from the East Coast Kitchen Party which will be applied to the youth exchange.  She is going to get back to Al and Helen.  
Dictionaries - more expensive this year.  Al, Paul and Helen met and decided that they would like to continue with this project.  They would like to use some of the Bingo money to make up the increase in cost.  Sandy had made a suggestion about a Marigold project which would meet the requirements for the environmental piece for the District Grant.  She will obtain seeds and planting materials and Al will make sure it all gets delivered to the schools.  
A motion was put forward by Al to spend an additional $1600.00 over the cost of the $2000.00 District grant for the dictionaries and environmental program.  This motion was seconded by Scott and was passed by the Board.  It will be presented to the club tomorrow night.  
Al  Role as President elect
Helen is to continue as Treasurer , Kathy as secretary, Diane as Hospice chair, Sandy and Anne as community services co chairs,   Bill possibly as Admin chair, Dagmar as upcoming president elect,  Still need someone for Vice President and Fundraising Chair.  Scott agreed to work with Mark on the International Committee.  Helen suggested that Dagmar work with Al to get a feel for the role.  Possibly Scott Van Haren as YPO (Youth protection officer)
Diane - reported for Sandy for Community Service.  Art Auction Christmas social Dec. 22.  Sue Bandeen is to run the Zoom technology for the night.  There are 9 pieces of Art and 5 gift baskets  to auction.  Eleanor is to get professional pictures of the Art and Al Hughson is going to auction off the art.  All proceeds to go to the Hospice.  
New Business
YWCA-  Lindsey Rice has asked the club to assist again this year towards funding their wish list .  Diane reported that she does not have time to shop for the items this year .  
Diane put forward a motion that the club provide $2000.00 towards YWCA Christmas wish list.  Al seconded the motion.  The Board will present this to the club tomorrow.
Family and Children's services. 
They are hoping to teach 52 teens how to make a home made soup from fresh ingredients.  They are looking for donations for either Thermos's or money to buy ingredients for the soup.  
A motion was put forward by Diane that the club purchase 52 $20 gift cards from Giant Tiger for Teens.  These would be punched so they could only be used for food or clothing.  Motion was seconded by Helen.   
Diane reported that the last hospice meeting and presentation on Nov. 9 was a great success and it got a lot of good press.  The Hospice is starting a list of potential volunteers.  So far there has been 82 donations from Rotarians for the hospice.  A total of over $10,000 from the two markets and the money that will be generated from the Christmas Art Auction.   The club commitment is $10,000 every year for Hospice.  Helen reported that we will have $30,000 ready to move to Hospice by the end of June.  
Helen- reviewed the four accounts on the balance sheet.  
Bingo has started three days a week at lunch time.   Volunteers will then have some extra responsibilities.  
A motion was put forward by Helen to increase the donation for Christmas Care and Elgin Shoppe OLG by an additional $400.00 to make a total of $800.00 donation.  This motion was seconded by Scott.  This is a Board only motion as the amount is under $500.  
Another motion was put forward by Helen to donate an additional $700.00 to the existing $500.00 for Christmas Care apples.  Scott seconded the motion.  This will be put forward to the club tomorrow.  
Inn out of the Cold- Helen reported that there is  $174.00 left to spend on additional equipment for the Inn.  Paul is to figure out what else is needed and Helen will write the cheque.  
Polio Plus Challenge - We have a record donation from the club of $2300.00 + Scott is donating $1500.00

Paul adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by: 
Al Gardiner

Minutes taken by: 
Kathy Wilson (Court) 

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