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St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club Minutes - December 15, 2021
Attendance:  :Bill, Diane, Kathy, Al, Helen, Anne, Sue, Scott, Wade, Bob, Paul, Sandy, Roland, Eleanor, Dagmar, Mark, Anne.

Welcome -President Paul @ 5:30 pm
Paul reported that he did not have a copy of last years AGM report to review.  

AGM call to order

Financial Report - Helen
Helen  reviewed the balances of  the operations, Bingo, and Project accounts.  She reported that we have made a profit of $6108.24 this year.  That is up $5800.00 from last year.  

Mark made a motion to accept this report and it was seconded by Anne.  The motion was passed by the members. 

Helen made a motion to appoint  Scott and Paul to continue as reviewers for the financial report for the next Rotary fiscal year (2021-22).    Roland seconded the motion and it was passed by the members.  

Paul asked the club members if anyone wanted to make amends to the bylaws.  No changes were requested.  

Nominations for the Board
Al reviewed nominations for the Board:
President - Al  (elected)
Vice President - Roland (elected)
President Elect - Dagmar (elected)
Treasurer - Helen (Elected)
Secretary - Kathy (Elected)
Past President - Paul

Administration - Bill
Hospice- Diane
Community Anne/Sandy
Youth Services- Sue
International - Mark
Fundraising - Al to approach Bob Ward
Social Media - Sue
Wade - IT and to train others to broaden our skill base
Youth protection officer and counsellor - not yet named.

Any other business for AGM  - None stated

Motion put forward by Paul to adjourn the AGM - Approved.

Inn out of Cold update
Scott put forward a motion to continue to provide meals from the Roadhouse for the next three months and then re evaluate the Covid situation for the new year.  This motion was seconded by Mark and passed by the members.  Paul will set up the meals with the Roadhouse.  

Currently the Salvation Army and Food providers network are providing meals for the homeless people who have Covid and are isolating at the old Wellington Street School.  Members of the club discussed supporting each of these agencies including the Nameless equally rather than picking one over the other.

Helen put forward a motion for the club to provide $500.00 feach to the Nameless, Food Providers Network and the Salvation Army for food.  Scott seconded the motion and it was passed by the members.  Sue volunteered to take the cheque to the Nameless, Roland will take it to the Salvation Army and Sandy to the Food Providers Network.  

Christmas lights
Scott advised the club that he has purchased Christmas lights for next year.

Al reported that the dictionaries have arrived and need to be paid for in American funds.  Mark will work on the labels and Natalie and her daughter are going to put the labels on the books.   Next year Sandy would like to look into the environmental piece and help to set it up.  

Dues for membership
Helen reminded the club that dues for membership are required before the end of the year.  

Fish Fry
Helen reported that the tentative date for the Fish Fry next year is May 7 at  St. Anne's Centre.  A 50% deposit for the hall and kitchen is required which is $500.00 and a 50% deposit for the 2 bar people which is $125.00.  That is a total of $625.00 deposit.  Helen is going to check if the deposit is refundable,  The Knights of Columbus are going to do the frying.  The price will be $15.00 a plate.

Helen made a motion to give St. Anne's Centre the deposit of $625.00 (50% of the cost) for the May 7 fish fry. (subject to it being a refundable deposit).  Paul seconded the motion and it was passed by members.  

Art and Wine night
Sue reminded everyone to review the link for the Art and Wine night and to dress for the night.  The link for the night is not the usual Zoom link.   Make sure you click on the Zoom link sent by Sue.  Bill is going to resend the link this week for all to review.  Try to be on time and bring your favorite beverage/family/ friends.  

April guest speakers
Bill reminded Kathy and Anne that they need to set up speakers for April.  Topic is Maternal and child health.  

Members had Happy Bucks!

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by 
Kathy Court

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