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St Thomas Railway City Rotary Annual General Meeting Club Minutes - December 11, 2019
Attendance: Helen C, Al G, Curtis R, Paul N, Ann L, Mark F, Roger C, Sue B, Bill C, Eleanor R, Barb C, Brian G
Regrets: Diane C, Scott C, Natalie R, Wade C, Sandy W

Guests: N/A
Welcome - Bill C 

Review and Approval AGM Minutes from 2018
- questions and follow up discussion occurred re: Natalie Redman being the official secretary, with Sue Bandeen being the alternate. This needs to be noted and revised in the 2018 AGM Minutes.

Motion: Paul Nicli moved that we accept the 2018 AGM Minutes as revised per above. Barb Cockburn seconded. Motion carried

Financial Report - Helen Campbell
- Helen shared the Financial Report dated Nov. 27/ 19 as circulated by N. Redman with the Trainwhistle.  As of June 30th, 2019 we had a profit of $7795.05.  The biggest change in the Financial Reporting is that we have set up 3 accounts.  On the Balance Sheet, there is a OLG Bingo Account an Operations Account and a Projects Account for the funds to track in/out.  Attached to the Financial Report, is a letter of Financial Review, completed by S. Carrie and P. Nicli on Nov. 27, 2019.  A copy of this is available in the Google Drive.
- Questions included use of RYE budget to help pay for Anna plus potentially 5 students to attend May 8th weekend for RYLA (Leadership for Tomorrow’s Leaders) in London.  We have sponsorships also available.   Sue will confirm the number of registrants and therefore money needed and send a proposal to the STRCRC Board in the New Year regarding the payment for this Youth Services Registration.

Motion:  B. Grebow moved that we approve the Financial Review for July 1 2018-June 30, 2019. R. Campbell seconded.   Motion Carried.

Motion:  H. Campbell moved that we appoint P. Nicli and S. Carrie to review the July 1 2019- June 30, 2020 Financial Report.  C. Rohl seconded.   Motion Carried.

By-Law Updates
- Helen reviewed the key points/ changes made in Draft #3 of our STRCRC By-Laws as updated by the Admin. Committee.  These were sent by email to the membership on Nov. 25/19.   Basically, the core ideas of our original By-Laws were kept, but word tweaking was completed using the RI’s Council on Legislation. Draft #3 indicates with red which changes were made.   Small changes were made around the AGM; Youth Services were added; Dues were increased to $125/ 6 months.  This was decided by the Board in June 2019.  Dues are billed June 25th and Dec. 25th

Motion:  P. Nicli moved that the Revised By-Laws (Draft #3) be accepted. C. Rohl seconded.   Motion Carried.

2020-2021 Slate of Officers - Bill Chantler
- Bill made a call for Nominations from the floor for the 2020-21 Slate of Officers for the following positions on our Board:
President: Scott Carried indicated he is willing to continue for a second year.
President Elect: Paul Nicli is willing to consider filling this role (Pending).
Vice President: Al Gardiner is willing to fill this role.
Treasurer - Helen Campbell will continue her role
Secretary: Natalie Redman is willing to continue in this role.   Sue Bandeen will be the Alternate when Natalie is absent.  Natalie will be the lead on the Train Whistle.  Sue will continue communication with Social Media.
Past President:  Wade Coombs is willing to fill this role.
Committee Chairs:  to be confirmed in September – Currently we have:
Youth Services - Al Gardiner
Admin. – Bill Chantler
Foundation - Mark Fagan
Projects - Sandy Westaway
Fundraising - Paul Nicli

Motion:  M. Fagan moved that we accept the acclaimed STRCRC Board’s Slate of Officers. R. Campbell seconded.    Motion Carried.
Motion:  A. Gardiner moved that the AGM be closed.  S. Bandeen seconded.   Motion carried.

Sue thanked everyone who put their names forward.  She stated that with this strong leadership, we can promote the club and go on a membership drive in the New Year.

Respectfully submitted by:
Natalie Redman

AGM Minutes taken by: 
Sue Bandeen
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