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St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club Minutes - May 12, 2021
Attendance:  Scott,  Barb, Diane, Bill, Sandy, Brian, Sue, Wade, Paul ,Mark, Eleanor, Roger, Roland, Dagmar, Bob, Helen, Roger
Regrets:  Al, Natalie
Guests:  Sue Storie, Rick Storie, Ethel Dela Penotiere 

Welcome - President Scott @ 5:30 pm

Presentation: Toastmasters and Rotary 

Diane introduced Sue, Scott and Lauren and their topic, The Alliance Between Toastmasters and Rotary..
  • The Alliance:   Rotary and Toastmasters created an alliance
  • 9 online projects
  • Rotary Club Central- Rotarians may access projects  
  • My Rotary on www.
  • Click on Learning and Reference;   drop down menu will appear;   choose Learning Centre
  • Screen is full of choices.   Click on View beside Professional Development
  • Scroll down to find the 9 Toastmaster Projects;   look for 9 BROWN
  • 3 projects:  develop a speech, deliver a speech, give an inspirational speech
  • Toastmasters love giving feedback for speeches
  • Toastmasters Getting Started (2 minutes long explaining platform, basics of program (pathways)
  • Deliver a Speech:  a 4 minute talk about yourself  (the Icebreaker)
  • Project 1:  Develop a Speech:  introduction, outline, competencies (organize and streamline thoughts), assess your skills before and after you give speech;  videos and worksheets can be downloaded;   organization is really important
  • Evaluation Resource:   form is provided (3 page form)- comments and rating of various aspects
  • Project 2:   Deliver a Speech- learning about how important it is to use eye contact to engage audience, how to use body language
  • Project 3:   Inspirational Speech- very valuable to help present/ promote our passion projects and sell tickets; 
  • Talbot Trail Toastmasters Club:   club in St. Thomas (usually meets in Elgin Mall) but online now. Thursdays at 7 p.m.
Passport Club meets 1st Wednesday at 7 p.m. (online);  
  • Learn how to improve a few habits at a time
  • Sue’s email is
  • She invites anyone who would like to get involved in Toastmasters to contact her
  • Dagmar accepted the challenge to complete one project via Sue’s coaching
  • “Come to Toastmasters”.
Bill C thanked Sue for her  presentation and for clarifying this Alliance.

Financial Report - Helen
Members wanting Happy Buck cards can send $20 to Helen by e-transfer or drop off a cheque.

Social Activity

Committee Updates
Hospice- Diane
  • Diane reported that the Committee for Hospice is meeting May 13th at 4:30 p.m.
  • Our club is hoping to donate $50,000 to Elgin Hospice;   $10,000 from this year and $10,000 for each of next four years.
Diane made a motion that STRCRC supports this $50,000 plan.   Any donations from Rotarians would offset what our Club is raising.
Roland seconded this motion. 
Motion PASSED.
  • Scott suggested we  all consider donating individually;   He has information about Capital Gains.
Nice to say that 100% of our Club is supportive of this Donation towards Elgin Hospice.
Option for donations to be made in confidence;  numbers recorded but do not have to report names of donors.
  • Naming Opportunities: - Carrie is happy to work with us
  • Family Room:  - this naming opportunities has already been taken by someone who donated but there are other options
  • More information to be reported next week
  • Our Board has approved our club’s support.

Fundraising - Paul 

International - Mark F

Local Community Service - Sandy
Wildflowers Report:   Bill and Diane met with Jane on Monday.   Slight change to parking;  On West Side of property they have rented an additional field for parking for overflow;  We will need to figure that out for how to deal with 2 lots;  opening on June 4th;  We have no jurisdiction re:  road- if people choose to park on the road, we can’t prevent that.  We are not to direct people to park at Central Elgin Lot;  if they do, they do, but we can not tell them to park there.  6-8 volunteers needed for each 2 hour shift.   Bill will post sign up schedule next week.
  1. Horton Street Market:  
Ann will sanitize the money.  Sandy will provide two jars for donations- one at entrance and one at entrance to building.
Sandy has created a table display of our many projects.  Diane will get STRCRC brochures to Sandy for people to take.
Vests are good to wear to help keep the people traffic flow the right way.   Bill will check Roadhouse cupboards to get Vests and Brochures to use.  Buckets out this week.
  1. Tree Planting:
Wade in process for getting invoice for trees by May 31st.  District is giving us extension to June 7th.  Can 2-3 of us go to Kettle Creek to get photo showing we are “ready to plant” as soon as Lockdown finishes.  Can we put our Tree Planting on a Sunday (tentatively June 6th afternoon)- stay tuned.
  1. Inn out of the Cold:-  our final meal from the Roadhouse being delivered this Sunday (Mark will deliver).  
   Mark and Paul are paying for the 8th and final meal. 
  1. 12-18 Youth Program:   Toastmasters is putting this on for Leadership/ Public Speaking- contact Sue Storie for more information. 

Rotary Youth Exchange - Al G

Administration - Bill C  

Polio Update/Challenge

Member News

Extra Info

Upcoming Events 

Members had Happy Bucks.   Happy Birthday Mark!

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: 
Al Gardiner

Minutes taken by: 
Sue Bandeen 
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