Introducing the airFiber AF-4X Licensed Backhaul Radio

The airFiber® AF-4X is Ubiquiti's first licensed spectrum radio designed for the public safety sector. It meets the growing need of broadband capacity and optimizes use of the 4.9 GHz radio band with its industry-leading spectral efficiency and TDD throughput.

airFiber AF-4X

Designed for the
Public Safety Market

Deploy the high-performance and reliable airFiber AF-4X for municipal applications, including police, fire, and emergency medical services.

FCC/IC and ETSI spectrum coverage of the airFiber AF-4X

Deployment Flexibility

The compact form factor allows the airFiber AF‑4X to be used with the airFiber Slant 45 antennas, AF‑5G30‑S45 and AF-5G34-S45, or instantly upgrade a 5 GHz Rocket® link using the RocketDish™ RD‑5G30/RD-5G34 (conversion kit, AF‑5G‑OMT‑S45, required).

airFiber AF-5G30-S45 and AF-5G34-S45 antennas with RocketDish RD-5G30 and RD-5G34 antennas

Engineered for Performance

Ubiquiti's INVICTUS™ custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture with AES-128 are designed specifically to enhance wireless performance and help secure communication channels.

500+ Mbps throughput, 200+ km range, GPS synchronization, Plug and Play antenna integration, ultra-low latency, $399 MSRP

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