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Illustration collaboration by Filonkly 

November 16, 2014



“Being in a band is always a compromise. Provided that the balance is good, what you lose in compromise, you gain by collaboration.”

-- Mike Rutherford


Two Face

We fell in love with this ongoing artistic collaboration between artist and digital designer Chris Lynn and son Moses (who wanted to dress up as dark matter this Halloween). We emailed Chris and asked him a couple of questions and he kindly agreed to let us feature a few of the resulting bizarrely beautfiul sketches on our blog. We also decided to include his emails because the exchange was as delightful as the work itself. 

Our Latest Collaboration Launched!

When good friend and colleague Gabriel Dance reached out to us a couple of months ago to collaborate on a new digital-first publication The Marshall Project we enthusiastically said yes. Our common goal was simple: to create a design that got out of the way of the content while still delighting with a few ownable features and interactions. To launch a truly readerly experience that paid homage to the days of their namesake Thurgood Marshall but still felt contemporary.

The project was the perfect mix of all the things we love at morel: design + mission-driven journalism + brilliant clients  with a shared passion for making smart and beautiful products. They have an incredibly talented team and it was an honor working with
Andy Rossback, Ivar VongBill Keller and Neil Barsky. In short it was a dream project for us.

Special thanks to Gabriel and his team for letting us be a part of the new adventure, for the many google hangouts and coffees. We can't wait to see how it grows and evolves over the next few months.


Compound Beauty

These maps depicting collaborations between scientists across the globe by data scientist Olivier H. Beauchesne captured our attention a few years back.

Though Beauchesne now works in a different field without access to his original data set, he was interested in revisiting his project and found willing collaborators in
Scimago Labs. The latest set of data visualizations show a vast array of science partnerships the world over and remind us that matter is anything that has mass ...

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